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Boca Raton Movers at the Top of Their Game

Moving and packing involve a lot of stressful and overwhelming tasks. Not every individual has the time, energy, and resources to move their items and belongings all by themselves. Also, lifting heavy items can cause injuries, backaches, and joint pains. Additionally, the security and safety of your belongings matter as well. For your peace of mind and the safety of your belongings, you need a Boca Raton mover at the top of their game. Like us.

Moving Squad of South Florida LLC is a licensed and insured moving company. We are experts in short- and long-distance moves from Boca Raton. Our services include Local Moving, Storage & Packing, Express Packing, and so forth. Our trusted experts provide adequate security and protection for all clients’ items and belongings. We have a minimal record for damaged or lost items. This is why we are one of the most reliable Boca Raton movers.


How Can Boca Raton Movers Protect Your Items and Belongings during a Move?

During any move, the safety and security of your items are essential. The last thing you want is a damage or scratch to your valuable piece of furniture. This is why you should always hire reputable Boca Raton movers at the top of their game. These movers have detailed processes and several years of moving experience. They can protect your items confidently, during any move. They also take special care of your belongings to prevent damages. Here are some ways that the moving company can protect your items and belongings during the move.


Moving Supplies

For professional movers, the safety of your items, office equipment, and belongings remains a top priority. An excellent way through which the mover protects your belongings is by providing moving supplies. These include moving boxes, shrink wraps, tape, foil, furniture pads, stretch wraps, blanket, and so forth. These moving supplies will help in protecting all your belongings, including the delicate items ones, against scratches, cracks, breaks, dust, and dirt.


Detailed Inventory

Also, the moving company takes a detailed inventory of all your items and belongings. For record purposes, the mover prepares a spreadsheet with the quantity and description of your belongings. Pictures of your valuables are taken as well. This may look like extra work to you. However, taking a detailed inventory makes the move easier and simpler. With this, you can easily identify any missing or lost item.


Right Moving Boxes

However, the size of the moving boxes matters in every move, depending on the item to be packed. Stuffing small and fragile items into a big box is not ideal. Such items can easily break under the weight of larger, heavier belongings. Hence, in case you are moving both small and large items, getting boxes of various sizes is essential.

Fortunately, professional movers in Boca Raton ensure that the right boxes are used for every move. The mover provides boxes of different sizes. These expert movers pack small and fragile items in separate smaller boxes. Also, they pack bigger and heavier items using larger boxes. This will ensure that items are completely safe and secure during the move.



What’s more, when moving fragile and breakable items, you need padding. Especially if there is space left in the moving box, padding becomes necessary. If not, your fragile and delicate items can toss around in the box during the move. Thus, causing them to crack or break.

Professional Boca Raton movers provide items such as furniture pads, foam peanuts, and bubble wraps. These are often used to pad and protect breakable and delicate items. Also, plain newsprint, paper, or tissue are used to pack plates, platters, bowls, and other dishes. These padding items will provide the adequate cushioning you need to prevent your delicate items from getting damaged.


Insurance Coverage

Moving, especially long-distance moves, can be risky. Even the most careful and experienced movers can encounter accidents. Hence, the state and federal laws require Boca Raton movers to have a minimum of valuation protection. The insurance coverage protects your valuables during the move, either partially or fully.

Furthermore, professional moving companies in Boca Raton offer two types of insurance coverage to clients on out-of-state and long-distance moves. These include:

  • Basic or Released Value Coverage
  • Full-value protection.

The type of insurance coverage offered by the mover depends on the valuation of your belongings being moved. This will help provide adequate coverage for any belongings that are lost or damaged during the move. With a professional moving company that provides insurance coverage, you can be assured that irrespective of what happens during the move, you are covered to an extent.

However, valuation protection often varies between one state and the other. Notwithstanding the mover’s extent of liability, it is always an incredible idea to purchase additional moving insurance coverage during your move. You can purchase the moving insurance from a third-party insurance provider.


There you have it! Above are some of the ways through which Boca Raton movers protect your items and belongings. Whether you are moving over a short or long distance, it is essential to hire Boca Raton movers at the top of their game. These professional movers take special care and provide adequate security for all your items and belongings during the move.


Hire Moving Squad for Your Move Today!

Are you moving over a short distance or out-of-state, to or from Boca Raton, FL? Contact us today at Moving Squad of South Florida LLC to get an accurate moving estimate. We offer highly affordable, well-detailed, and reliable services. Our trusted experts will provide adequate protection and security for your belongings. We will deliver every item and belonging to your destination in excellent condition. With us, you are guaranteed to get outstanding moving services that will surpass your expectations.

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