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How Much Do Movers Cost in Fort Lauderdale

Asking, “How much do movers cost in Fort Lauderdale?” is a bit like asking how much a pizza costs in Fort Lauderdale. There’s the cost for the medium cheese (about $13), the cost for the large cheese (about $15), and then there’s the cost for the extra cheese, ham, pepperoni, sausage, onions, green peppers, black olives, ham, and more extra cheese. You can do the math on that one. The good thing is, just like pizza, you can find something that fits your style and taste with the right local Fort Lauderdale mover.

It’s much the same when you’re moving. There’s the cost for the basic move, and then there’s the cost for the extras. These can include packing services, furniture disassembly, and reassembly, extra moving insurance, moving supplies and boxes, express delivery, charges for specialty items, labor, and elevator and stair fees, to name a few.

But aside from the extras, there are the variables. Depending on the company you choose, you may be charged by the weight of your haul, the distance of your move, or the number of workers your job will require. So …….

How Much Do Movers Cost in Fort Lauderdale?

 If you want the medium with cheese, expect to spend about $700 to $1000 for a move in Fort Lauderdale. Depending on the services you need, the average rate per hour for a local move is between $100 and $200.

Ease of Access 

However, if you’re moving on up, as into a high rise apartment, (such as in Sunrise Harbor or Las Olas,) there will most likely be a fee for the movers to navigate the stairs, or if the path to your home is too narrow to accommodate the moving trucks. If the path between the place where the moving truck can park and where the boxes need to be delivered is lengthy, you may be required to pay a “long carry” fee. A unit that is difficult to access can add an extra $200 – $500 to the cost.

Moving Insurance

 Keep in mind that most moving companies provide basic liability insurance in the estimate which covers 60 cents per pound. (MacDonald’s cheeseburgers haven’t cost 59 cents since the 1960s, to put things into perspective). If you have a couch that’s equally as old, you might just about break even. If you’ve got a flat-screen TV on the truck, you may want to look into full coverage options.

To better understand how moving insurance works, check out

Optional Tipping

The tip on tipping movers? According to proper tipping etiquette, a moving job that is carried out professionally and meets your expectations calls for a tip of 10% to 20%, especially for local movers. If the job is under $500, or if the workers have gone above and beyond—let’s say it’s a particularly hot and humid Fort Lauderdale summer day—giving closer to 20% is appreciated and generous.

Time of the Year

Want another tip? Move in the cooler months (November to March) when the kids are in school. Aim for a weekday in the middle of the month. Moving in Fort Lauderdale will be cheaper, and you’ll have more options when it comes to moving companies and scheduling.

Moving Company Prices

If your mamma told you that you better shop around, she’s sure hit it on the nose when it comes to local moving companies. With a price range between $700 to 1000 dollars for a move in Fort Lauderdale, the total you pay will depend on the company and the services you choose. To get a better idea of the answer, “How much do local movers cost in Fort Lauderdale?” call your local movers for estimates.

Getting an Estimate with Moving Squad

 Whether its pizza or moving, the best businesses have the most options, the highest quality service, and the lowest prices. As full-service movers, we provide end to end service from moving experts customized to fit the needs and budgets of our customers. Here’s what our menu looks like:

Local Moving

Our most basic package, local moving will get you:

  • Licensed and insured movers with over 50 years of experience standing by you from the beginning to the end of your move.
  • A personal account manager, and a customized moving plan
  • High-quality service at low prices
  • Disassembly of furniture
  • Wrapping items, protecting electronics like TV’s with special boxes

Extras include:


Moving Squad prides itself on standing by our customers, and we certainly wouldn’t abandon you during the hardest part. Our packing services provide:

  • All the packing materials delivered to your house
  • A crew strong enough to do the heavy lifting, yet sensitive enough not to damage your most treasured belongings
  • Blanket wrapping of your furniture
  • Supreme, large, regular, and small sizes packages available (In other words, we pack as much or as little as you want us to).


 If you’re looking for storage, look no further than Moving Squad.  Our storage services provide:

  • Clean, spacious and climate-controlled
  • Available for short or long-term storage
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • State of the Art facilities

Express Pack 

With the beauty of a speedy delivery and the brains of Moving Squad, our Express pack offers increased efficiency and safety for home and condominium moves at affordable prices. Our patented Express Pack System includes:

  • Expert professionals who will move you in record time without causing damage to your home, hallways, or elevators
  • Same day service
  • Furniture blanket wrap

Now that you’ve picked your services, call our professionals and ask us, “How much do movers cost in Fort Lauderdale?” so we can give you our free estimate. You tell us your budget and your needs and we’ll come back with a ballpark figure. We’re upfront with our costs and we never hide service fees from our customers. Let us know your moving needs and we’ll adjust accordingly.

And if your needs include a little ‘pull’ from a respected South Florida moving company, we can help get you through the hassles of building restrictions, homeowner’s association fees, and strict moving requirements. We know the building laws, the traffic codes, and the transportation guidelines to get you into your new home seamlessly.

 So, how much do movers cost in Fort Lauderdale? At Moving Squad the answer may surprise you. Request our free rate quote or download our app today, and we’ll give you a price that fits your budget.

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