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Moving Services In West Palm Beach That Can’t Be Beat

When sea turtles and Vanilla Ice both qualify as neighbors, you must be in West Palm Beach, Florida. From the wildlife at Rocco’s Tacos, to the wildlife at the Palm Beach Zoo or simply to the lifestyles of the rich and famous (i.e Mr. Ice), most agree, West Palm can’t be beat. Neither can its moving services. With the Moving Squad in town, moving services in West Palm Beach are just as unbeatable as the city itself.

Sea turtles in West Palm Beach have it easy. They don’t have to worry about moving their belongings to a new home. For the people of West Palm Beach, it’s a little more complicated. They have to worry about finding and hiring reputable moving companies, keeping costs low, and getting their belongings moved from one place to another as quickly as possible. At Moving Squad we’ll keep your lifting light and your wallet heavy. Here’s a little bit about Moving Squad and how to make sure Palm Beach won’t be beat in any category.


Moving Services In West Palm Beach That Can’t Be Beat

Want proof that Moving Squad can’t be beat? Just read our customer reviews. We didn’t earn the title of South Florida’s Most Trusted Moving Company for nothing. Our reputation is built on trust because every customer relationship we enter into is built on trust as well. Once you know you’re working with a moving service in West Palm Beach that you can trust, it’s a job half done for you, and one just started for us.

The Moving Squad Free Estimate

At the Moving Squad, we know the importance of a good first impression. At Moving Squad, our first impression is our free estimate. That’s why we make sure it’s as honest and as transparent as possible.

In our fifty years of experience, we’ve seen well-planned moves and poorly planned moves, and we know how badly a poorly planned can turn out. When moves are hastily made, contracts are hastily read, and when contracts are hastily read, a lot of fine print can be overlooked. When the fine print is overlooked, that can mean a lot of unexpected costs for you at the end of the move.

In our estimation, we think these money traps are bad all the way around. That’s why our estimations help our customers to avoid falling into them. With Moving Squad, we never make you sign a contract immediately. We offer our free estimates instead to give you time to think it through.

After we’ve had a chance to evaluate your move, we give you a detailed breakdown of all your expenses. You approve of our services before we move your belongings. It’s as simple as that. No fine print and no hidden fees, just a plain honest estimate. At Moving Squad, that’s how we put our best foot forward.

And our customer service doesn’t end with the first impression. We stand behind you during every part of your move from packing to transport to unpacking. Here’s a little more about how we like to do business.

The Moving Squad’s Local Moves

There’s nothing we like to hear from our customers more than the big sigh of relief they breathe once they realize they have South Florida’s most reliable moving company behind them. When we say we have everything taken care of, that also applies to the building restrictions, housing association fees, and strict moving requirements. If you don’t want the hassle, we can speak the lingo. Leave it to us to make your transition to your new building as smooth as silk.

However, our reputation is not built on dealing with the HOA alone.  There are more challenges the Moving Squad can help you face. Whether you’re moving into, out of or around West Palm Beach, our local moves offer:

  • Reliable, uniformed movers
  • Licensed and insured movers
  • Cost-effective, professional moving services
  • Over fifty years of experience

The Moving Squad’s Packing Services

Moving Squad packing services makes local moves so easy, it would have the West Palm Beach sea turtles wishing they could hire us. We can move you in, out, or around West Palm Beach with you doing as much or little of the heavy lifting as you need.  With the best of care and greatest of speed, Moving Squad can have your belongings packed according to your needs while staying well within your budget. Our packing services include:

  • Affordable pricing options
  • All the packing and moving materials delivered to your home
  • Blanket wrapping for all your furniture
  • Careful handling of your belongings
  • Efficiency that cuts down on time and expenses
  • All the heavy lifting

The Moving’s Squad’s Express Packs

Even the Roxy Rooftop Bar regulars agree, Moving Squad really knows how to boogie. Our Express Pack System was designed to increase efficiency and safety for condominium and homeowners while keeping customer cost to a minimum. With our Express Pack System, our professional movers will have you boogying into your new place faster than you can say, “Bust a move.” Here’s how it works:

  1. Quickly and neatly pack your items into an express pack in your home.
  2. Seal your belonging inside for added security
  3. We’ll transport your items safely onto our truck without causing damage to your floors, walls, or elevators.
  4. You’ll be in moved into your new house in record-breaking time.

Getting Started

If you’re looking for movers in West Palm Beach, the Moving Squad would love to make your acquaintance. Once you have an idea of what your budget is, start by filling out our online form. Once we have the information, we’ll give you a ballpark price. For a more accurate quote, download our free moving app. That will let you send us videos and pictures of your items to our dedicated professionals so they can get a better idea of what you and they can really expect. Afterward, you’ll get an itemized breakdown of your expenses and services. You let us know what you need, and we’ll adjust accordingly. No hidden fees or fine print guaranteed.

A city that can’t be beat deserves nothing less than a moving service in West Palm Beach that can’t be beat.  When it comes to movers in West Palm Beach the Moving Squad is nearly invincible. Has West Palm Beach met its moving company match? Request our free rate quote to find out.

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