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Move with Ease To and From Miami with Moving Squad

Local Moves with Moving Squad of Miami

Whether you are moving to or away from Miami, Moving Squad is here for you!

We are a statewide moving company that specializes in Floridian moves. From household to corporate relocations, our team of highly skilled professionals will personalize each service to suit your needs.

  • Our local moving services are reliable, convenient, and cost-efficient. You won’t have to worry about scheduling issues when you move with our dedicated and experienced team of moving professionals. 
  • Our team is fully capable of handling all the heavy lifting for you. We will pack and store your belongings to keep them safe and prepare them for your move.
  • Our services have been developed to make sure that all your belongings reach your new location safely and securely. You can trust us to take good care of your belongings.

For half a century now, Moving Squad has successfully relocated people all over Florida. The members of our Miami team have been handpicked and trained to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. All members know how to pack and store all types of belongings. You can trust us to respect your possessions.

When you choose Moving Squad, we will work with you to determine the price of the services you paid for. We aim to be as accurate as possible — even with our free quotes. All of this is to make the process as convenient for you.

Moving Squad is a professional, efficient, and effective local moving company. You can count on us for a safe and hassle-free move in or out of Miami.

What’s in Miami?

Miami has earned its reputation as one of the most international cities in the United States. The city is home to several Americans and foreign nationals. The city’s eclectic culture is a testament to its role as a melting pot of America.

Many people choose to move to Miami for its balance. Despite the languid heat that is reminiscent of summer days, it has high-energy that is comparable to more metropolitan cities. When people move to Miami, they get the best of both worlds — the luxury of beachside living with the convenience of urban infrastructure.

Here are some of the incentives of moving to Miami:

  • The city’s large expat population has created a diverse multilingual community.
  • The is no income, inheritance and estate taxes.
  • Great culturally diverse food and entertainment scene.
  • The art scene is thriving; expect to see visually stunning and thought-provoking artwork wherever you go in the city.

With these perks, it’s easy to understand why people are drawn to Miami. Furthermore, the state’s agreeable rental market makes it an attractive option to young professionals.

  • 1-bedroom apartment outside the center of the city: $1,000+
  • 1-bedroom apartment within the central business district: $1,300+

Moving Checklist: What Do You Need to Know

For most, moving is an exciting event because it indicates a fresh start. However, it can be a stressful activity when you lack the appropriate preparations. As a professional moving company, Moving Squad of Miami can help you move with ease.

  • Hiring professional movers will make your move faster and easier. Before you choose a company, determine your budget and what services you need. 
  • In the days leading to your move, make a list of all the belongings you’ll be taking to your new location. 
  • When your moving day arrives, be sure that you are available should the movers have any pertinent questions about your items.
  • Schedule the delivery date to coincide with your free day. You will need to be present at the location to receive your belongings. 

Advantages to Using a Local Moving Company

When you hire a designated relocation company to assist in your statewide moving adventure, you hire a team of movers in Miami, Florida who promise to be there for you through thick and thin. It’s not enough to hire just any moving professional from any of the moving companies in Miami for your local move. Instead, you need a team of movers who offer top moving company services at affordable moving services prices. Our Moving Squad movers will help you plan and execute your move seamlessly, which means less stress for you.

We’re not just a Miami moving company, as we all work and live here. That innate level of familiarity with the community is invaluable when it comes to moving here from somewhere else or even if you’re moving locally. For instance, we know where to go and where not to go when we’re looking to avoid potential traffic problems. We know when it’s about to rain – as it does here often – and what to do about that before your items are damaged. A Miami moving company whose team is local can add these and other forms of value to your experience based on that irreplaceable and intangible local knowledge. 

Types of Moving Services

When you work with the Moving Squad movers, you have access to two types of services.

Household Moving Services: Our household moving services are designed to offer house moving services from home, apartments, or high rises. Services include packing services for moving and moving and storage. Our movers can help tailor services to fit your unique needs. Keep in mind that all house moving services come with a free moving quote and access to our online moving calculator.

Corporate Moving Services: Our corporate moving services are best for people who need Miami moving services for their company. Our moving professionals will evaluate your needs and make a customized plan to meet them. These services come at affordable moving services prices and corporate customers can use our moving estimates online calculator to plan them in advance.

The Relocation Company of Choice

When you need to hire a Miami moving team, give us a call. We’re one of the best moving companies in Miami and we offer free moving quotes and a convenient moving calculator. Use our moving estimates online calculator to get started now!

Why Moving Squad?

Moving Squad is South Florida’s most recognized and trusted local moving company. We offer cost-effective and professional moving services throughout the Broward, West Palm-Beach and Miami-Dade counties.

Over 50 years of moving experience
Reliable Uniformed Movers
Licensed and Insured Movers
Quality Service at Affordable Prices
Local & Statewide Moving Services

Every Miami moving company depends on its reputation in order to obtain new business and of course to earn repeat business. Our team fully understands what it takes to be known as some of the best local movers in Miami, and everyone who for with us fully buys into the notion that every item we transport should be treated as our own. That’s how we can continue to grow and thrive for multiple generations in our local market, where any day could see a different Miami moving company come and go. Longevity matters in this industry as much as it does in any other.

As you completely understand, there’s no time to waste if you’re going to be moving soon. You can check a lot of things and potential stresses off of your list if you work with us, a moving company in Miami that will get right to work on helping you organize this aspect of your experience. Contact us today to get this exciting process started.

Download our App Today!

We want to make your move simple and efficient, which is why we recommend our South Florida moving and storage app. With this application, you will be able to get many benefits, including an even more accurate South Florida moving quote.

With the Moving Squad moving app, you can take pictures and videos of your inventory items. Additionally, you can order boxes, and access moving tools to help make your move a smooth one.

It’s a great way to get a more accurate in-home estimate without anyone needing to come to your house. This saves time and money. You can take the video and pictures any time you want, and can request packing supplies through the app as well.

Of course, if you want a personal touch or if you have any questions regarding using the app, please call us at (888) 597-7823. We are always available to help walk you through the process if that gives you more peace of mind. In other words: we have a solution for you, however, you want to approach your move!

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