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Trusted Local Movers in Coral Gables

There are many beautiful cities in America, but only Coral Gables holds the actual title. Dubbed the City Beautiful, Coral Gables is where ivy-covered mansions abound, palm trees line the boulevards, and the local landmarks are known just as much for their history as they are for their luxury. Such a beautiful city deserves a moving company it can trust. At Moving Squad trust and beauty go hand in hand. As the most trustworthy local movers in Coral Gables, we’re hand in hand with the City Beautiful from the beginning to the end of every move.


Local Movers in Coral Gables that You Can Trust

At Moving Squad, we see the beauty in every moving experience. From our relationships with the families to the way the team works together, to the basic execution, a successful move is something we take pride in.  What’s the secret of our success? The answer is trust. Every relationship we build with our customers begins and ends with trust. When you hire us, you can depend on us to be on your side and at your side all the way through.

How Do You Know You Can Trust Moving Squad?

Moving Squad is licensed and insured, we get fabulous reviews, and we have a track record that would make other companies turn green with envy. But we know that it takes more than that to establish trust with our customers. That’s why we go the extra distance to make sure each customer knows that we’re working towards their best interests before even signing a contract.

Our Free Quotes

When you don’t plan properly for a move, you put yourself at risk. You’re at risk of hiring unprofessional movers who won’t do the job properly, or a hiring a company that will make you sign a contract without looking it over carefully first – only to find out after the move that there were expenses tacked on that you never agreed to.

At Moving Squad, we encourage our customers to create a timeline and a budget before you come to us. Once you give us your information, we can give you a ballpark estimate of what your move is going to cost. For a more accurate quote, you can download our mobile app, available on the App Store or Google Play. After that, you get a detailed breakdown of your expenses, so you know where your dollars are going.

We’re always upfront about our costs, and we never make you sign a contract immediately. Instead, we offer our free rate quotes so you can think it over first. We never hide service fees from our customers, and we won’t touch your belongings without getting your approval of our services first. You let us know your needs and budget and we adjust accordingly.

For information on setting your budget for a move, check out

Our Local Moves

With over 50 years of experience as South Florida’s most trusted local movers, Moving Squad knows Coral Gables well. Not only do we know the quickest routes, but we also know the people- and we’re happy to think of them as part of our family.

As Coral Gables local movers, we make sure that every move gets the special attention it deserves. We assign you a personal account manager, set you up with a customized moving plan, and offer competitive prices so you’ll get the top-quality service at the lowest possible cost. Our local moves include:

Reliable Uniformed Movers: Our movers take pride in what they do. They’ll handle your move with efficiency so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your working with pros.

Expert Packing and Unpacking: Moving Squad’s team of expert packers know how to make the most of space and how to pack items quickly and carefully to save you time, energy, and money.

Blanket Wrapped Furniture Before Removal:

At Moving Squad, we BYOB (as in bring (y) our own blankets). We blanket wrap your furniture before removal to prevent damage to walls, floors, and halls and keep your furniture in excellent condition.

Licensed and Insured Movers:

Getting a moving license is more than an application process. Before a moving company is granted a license, it has to demonstrate that it meets certain standards and regulations. Our license shows that we’re up to standards; our performance shows that we go above and beyond. As Coral Gables local movers, we customize our moves according to your needs and budget.

For information on licensing requirements, check out smallbusiness.

Smooth Transition to Your Home

Homeowners association fees? Strict moving requirements? Building restrictions? Moving Squad has got you taken care of. If you don’t have time to deal with the challenges of relocation, our staff has the experience to get you through it without a hassle.

Express Packs

Think a move can’t happen overnight?  With our Patented Express packs, they can and they do. Our Express Pack system was engineered to save Moving Squad customers money while increasing efficiency and safety of home and condominium moves. We’re available 24/7 with same day service guaranteed. Here’s how it works:


  1. Quickly and neatly pack your belongings in our Express packs at your home.
  2. Seal your belongings inside for extra security.
  3. The Squad will safely and securely transport your items to our trucks without causing damage to walls, floors, and doorways.
  4. You’re in your new home in record time, at a record-setting price.

Packing Services

Kiss the heavy lifting good-bye! At Moving Squad, we stand by our customers throughout the entire moving process. That includes packing and loading the truck. Whether you don’t have the time, or simply the enthusiasm to move, our moving team will get the job done for you.


With our moving services, we can pack as much or as little as you want us to. Our expert moving team will pack your items in a short amount of time to save you money and we tailor our services to fit your timeline and budget. With our packing services, we provide the materials and bring them to you to make the process simple.

A Word from Moving Squad

At Moving Squad, we take pride in our work. That sense of pride comes from knowing that we’ve done our best for our customers. Doing the best for our customers means creating a sense of trust. As Coral Gables local movers, we build all of our client relationships on trust. To start building a relationship with us, contact us today and request our free rate quote.  It could be the start of something beautiful.


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