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Which Hallandale Beach Moving Company Has the Most Experience?

Serenity now? Yes, please. That’s the cry of the been there, done with that Miamians seeking escape from the city that doesn’t sleep, even if its residents are trying to. No longer the city overshadowed by its glitzier and glammier siblings, Hallandale Beach is emerging as the real estate hot spot in Southern Florida, thanks to its high-end amenities, luxury shopping venues, fine dining and well, serenity. Luckily, there’s a moving company in Hallandale Beach that makes the moving process as serene as it gets.

Hallandale Moving Company with a Truckload of Experience

If experience is the best teacher, the Moving Squad team has been well educated. In our over 50 years of working in South Florida, we’ve been recognized for our outstanding track record of hiring and retaining only the most knowledgable employees. When you work with us, you work with vets. Here’s some info on a Hallandale Beach moving company with a truckload of experience.

Movers with the Moves

Our movers are the magic behind the move. From the packing to the loading to the transport to the constant communication, they’re the rocks in the foundation They’re the ones that do the problem solving, the heavy lifting, and the handling with care, not only with delicate objects but also with difficult situations. At Moving Squad, we don’t think these skills can be acquired overnight. And we certainly wouldn’t want to put a first-time mover to the test on your dime.

When we hire our movers, experience is necessary. We can’t afford to take a chance on an inexperienced mover, because you can’t afford to take a chance on your move. You have our assurance that all our movers are professional, and you’ll feel that assurance as soon as a Moving Squad professional comes to your door. That’s what we call serenity now.

For more information on finding the right movers, check out bankrate.com.

Sales Reps with Great Reps

While our movers make the magic, our sales representatives make the rate quotes. The rate quotes are the way we ensure our customers don’t overpay for their moves. Moving Squad wouldn’t be the most trustworthy moving company in Hallandale Beach if we didn’t have our friendly knowledgeable team of sales reps handling our free estimates.

When our sales reps draw up our free rate quotes, they aren’t only doing the math. They’re customizing a plan that fits your specific needs and budget. At Moving Squad, we’ve had the fortune of retaining a team of loyal sales reps who share our dedication to providing individualized customer service at transparent affordable prices.

Our experienced sales reps understand that signing a contract is your decision, not ours. Their job is to give you the information to make an informed decision. They’ll never push you into signing a contract immediately. Instead, they’ll provide you with a free moving quote so you have time to think your decision through.

Here’s how our rate quotes work. Customers begin by filling out a form online with basic information about their moves. Our sales reps will come up with a ballpark estimate. For a more accurate quote, you can download with our free app which will allow you to take videos and all other kinds of fun stuff. Then you’ll get a breakdown of your expenses. You tell us your moving needs and budget and our experienced sales reps will adjust accordingly. We don’t move your belongings until you approve of our services.

Check out thespruce.com for tips on budgeting for your move.

Account Reps that Take Account

If you’re noticing a gap between the moving process and the free rate quotes, rest assured, our experienced account reps are filling it. Once the moving plan has been established, someone has to make sure that it goes according to the moving plan. That’s what our account reps do.

Everyone who works with Moving Squad gets a Personal Account Representative. They’re the ones who make sure the operation is running smoothly. They keep a list of all the services and any special notes on your specific move, (handling details, etc.)  and they make sure the movers are apprised. There is no worry, issue, or question that your account representative will not address. You can count on this person for constant updates, reassurance and getting the job done in a timely fashion.

Now we pose the question: Would you want to be the unfortunate customer who gets assigned the new (inexperienced), personal account manager? Certainly not. If Moving Squad doesn’t have complete confidence in our account managers, we can’t expect you to have complete confidence about your move. At Moving Squad, you’ll never be assigned an inexperienced account manager, because you won’t find one at our company.  Moving Squad only hires experienced employees, so you get the best moving experience possible.

The Experienced Experience

Now that we’ve told you how much we value experience, we’ll tell you what that experience gets you. Firstly, it gets you a Hallandale Beach moving company that handles every aspect of your move from beginning to end. That includes everything from the planning, to the packing, to the transport, to the unpacking, and even to the storage services. You can count on our team of experts to do the job with professionalism, dedication, and know-how that comes with years of practice.

Next, our experience gets you a Hallandale Beach moving company that’s familiar with the challenges that come with South Florida living, including homeowner association fees, building restrictions, strict moving requirements, and other issues that come with the So Flo territory. If you’ve got no time for those things, don’t bother making it. Our staff will work with the building management and get you through them with the VIP treatment you deserve.

Finally, our experience gets you a team that understands how hard the moving process can be. And we do everything we can to make it easy. When you work with us, you’re working with passionate professionals with the equipment, skill, and reliability to get you’re move done right. If you’re looking for serenity now, request our free rate quote today.  We’re the only moving company in Hallandale Beach with the experience you can rely on to get your move done right.

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