Which Moving Company in Margate is the Best Deal? Moving Squad

Which Moving Company in Margate is the Best Deal?

You don’t need a reason to move to South Florida, but the Calypso Cove Aquatic Center in Margate, Florida just about sums it up. Three swimming pools (including heated and saltwater), lounge chairs, sun umbrellas, an aquatic playground for the kids, your toes in the water, your head reclined on a bamboo memory foam pillow- it’s a tropical paradise just waiting for your beach/ dad/working on it bod/ to settle at its lovely Margate pool sides. Wish you were here? So do we, and we’re the best moving company in Margate to do it!

Welcome to Margate from your Favorite Margate Movers!

Ok, so while the Calypso Cove Aquatic Center seems like a pretty compelling reason to move to Margate, South Florida, it’s not the only reason! Margate has beautiful scenery (perfect for long walks with significant others), it’s within 25 miles of Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Hollywood Beach, and Boca Raton, and it’s full of fun things for the whole family to do.  At Moving Squad, we know that we probably had you at Calypso Cove, but just in case you need more convincing, our Margate movers are going to give you a few more things to consider. Here are some of our top choices for things to do in and around Margate.


FATVillage is an artsy hangout for locals and travelers. Full of creative souls, coffee shops, galleries, and enough food and beverage options to satisfy the tastes of its largely epicurean crowd, FATVillage is particularly known for its “art walks,” held on the last Saturday of every month.

Oriole Golf Club

If golf is more your cup of “tee,” look no further than the Oriole Golf Club! Our Margate Movers highly recommend this club for its reasonable green fees and its challenging, yet not intimidating pars. Beginner and intermediate friendly, but formidable enough for the A gamers, The Oriole Golf Club putts Margate over the top.

Jump, Jam N Party

Jump up, jam on, and party down at Jump Jam N Party in Margate! Why let the kids go ballistic on the furniture when they can go hog wild at the Jump Jam N Party? Full of inflatables, arcade games, and rock-climbing walls, Jump Jam N Party is sure to satisfy your Wild Thing’s wild side.

Butterfly World

A simply “larvae-lous” adventure, Butterfly World is a natural paradise.  Filled with giant aviaries, a butterfly farm, an insectarium/museum, flowering gardens, and waterfalls, Butterfly World is highly recommended for aspiring lepidopterists of all ages. Stop in at the Magic Cow Ice Cream afterward for heavenly homemade ice cream with an assortment of yummy mix-ins! We highly recommend the Peanut Butter Galaxy (for the protein content, of course).

A Real Deal from a Margate Moving Company

 Whether it be for its outdoor oases, indoor (wreck) rooms, butterflies in the gardens, or Butterfinger mix-ins in the ice cream, Margate is one of the most popular moving destinations in South Florida. And for its excellent customer service, affordable rates, and reliability, Moving Squad just happens to be one of the most popular moving companies in South Florida. Seeing a connection here?

Hey, if you’re planning to move to beautiful Margate, we’re the Margate moving company to do it.  Here’s why Moving Squad is the real deal when it comes to moving in and around South Florida.

Our Free Moving Rate Quotes

In our fifty years in business, Moving Squad has seen what it’s like when bad moving contracts happen to good people.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of Margate moving companies that count on their customers not to read the fine print on the contracts. That’s where the fees and tacked- on services are hidden. That’s also where Moving Squad calls foul play.

Our transparent free rate quotes are designed to eliminate fine print and protect our customers from falling into money traps.

At Moving Squad, we don’t make our clients sign a contract immediately. Instead, we encourage you to plan for your move by drawing up a budget. Once you have an idea of what your move requires, you can fill out our online form and we’ll give you a ballpark estimate.

For a more accurate quote, check out our downloadable app. That will let you show us videos, pictures, and even give us detailed instructions about your belongings.

Either way, you’ll get a dependable rate quote and the time to think your decision through. No rushed contracts, no hidden costs, and no tacked-on service fees. You approve of our fees before we move your belongings. You let us know your needs and budget, and we adjust accordingly.

To get budgeting for your move down to a science, check out “Set Your Moving Budget with this Guide” on spruce.com.

Customized Service Plans

 As a full-service moving company, Moving Squad does it all. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need it all. Moving Squad designs customized service plans based on your individual requirements.

With our expert packing services, you can have us move as much or as little as you like. We bring the materials, provide blanket wrapping of your furniture, and carefully pack your items in a short amount of time. Then we’ll load, transport, and unload your belongings.

And if the need for storage comes up, we’ve got you covered. Our clean and spacious state of the art facility is available for long and short-term storage. We’ll get your storage needs out of the way, so you have one less thing to worry about.

For tips on DIY packing, check out spruce.com again for “A Beginner’s Guide to Packing Your Home for a Household Move.”

But no matter how customized our service plans are, they all have one thing in common. That’s excellent customer service, an honest and affordable rate, and a team of experts to stand behind you through the whole moving process from beginning to end. Call our Margate movers today for a free rate quote, and we’ll see you at the Calypso Cove!

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