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Why flat rate movers quote is a good thing in Davie

Since your imminent local move can be just as overwhelming and challenging as a cross country move, you will want it to be only handled by the best moving companies in Davie. With over three decades of Davie moving experience, Moving Squad of Davie moving company has been through every situation that could possibly arise during your relocation event. Wherever your move takes you, across the street or to a new city, our Florida movers and moving experts treat your move like it is the only assignment they have.

Moving Squad of David puts customer needs first, every time!

If you’ve moved with other local moving companies in Davie before, you’ll appreciate the way our local movers in Davie handle your move. Whereas most residential and house moving companies in Davie give Florida moving clients estimates that based on weight, Moving Squad gives you a flat-rate quote based on the time that it will take to move your items. The last hurdle you need to be stressing about during your relocation is hidden moving costs and unwelcome surprises, and that’s why our transparent moving service makes it a priority to be upfront with our Davie moving clients, always.

Local moving done right

Moving Squad of Davie local movers, also treat each and every one of our clients property with the utmost of respect, afterall it is your entire life that we're packing up and moving. Our expertly trained office supports our movers day in and day out. We can relocate you from Davie to anywhere in the Florida. Our movers are Moving Squad employees that have been licensed and insured to move you and your belongings right. 



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moving squad reviews

Moving Squad Reviews

moving squad reviews 5 /5
I move every 12 months due to work activities. This particular time they were on time, prompt, attentive, respectful and efficient. I can rate their service 5 stars and recommend them to my friends and family. Honestly a great service from cheap moving companies like them! Thank you. Moving Squad