10 Things to Know Before Moving to Broward County, Florida

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Broward County, Florida

Making Broward County Your Next Home

Do you get excited about sunshine? Is cultural diversity high on your priority list? And does easy access to the beach sound like your idea of paradise? Moving to Broward County, Florida, might just be your next adventure! But before you get too thrilled, let’s first go over some essential things to know before moving to Broward County, Florida.

1. A Wide Range of Cultures

Broward County is well-known for its vibrant cultural diversity, about 32% of the population is Hispanic or Latino and about 30% is Black or African American. Think Caribbean festivals, think Latin American cuisines, think weekend cultural markets. Broward County offers a world of experiences. From eating at international restaurants to attending multicultural events at community centers. Moving to Broward County, Florida, will open the doors to various cultures, traditions, and backgrounds. 

2. Expect Beaches for Days When Relocating to Broward

Moving to Broward County means being spoiled with options when it comes to beaches. From the quieter beaches, such as Hollywood Beach, to the more bustling ones, like Fort Lauderdale Beach. For the true locals, there’s Dania Beach. It is a more secluded beach, compared to other touristic ones. Fan of picnicking? Make sure you find your way to the Dania Beach Ocean Park!

Beautiful and calm beach in Sunrise, located in Broward County, Florida.

3. Moving to Broward County is Foodie Heaven

Do you enjoy exploring new cuisines? Moving to Broward County is every food lover’s dream! Walking down the streets, you’re greeted by aromas that make your mouth water. Big on fresh seafood? Broward County has got you covered. You’ll find the freshest catches at stunning waterfront restaurants, such as Coconuts or Blue Moon Fish Co.

4. Educational Excellence

Broward County is home to a selection of top-tier schools, with Pompano Beach High School being one of them. Moving to Broward County as a family? No need to stress about finding the best schools as there is an array of both public and private schools that meet your needs. Moreover, there are also colleges and universities in Broward County, such as Nova Southeastern University, making it ideal for students and academics.

5. Moving to Broward County Is Not Just About Sun and Sand

Of course, the beaches and sunshine are a huge selling point for moving to Broward County. But did you know that there is way more? There are some amazing parks, museums, and a lively arts scene. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is just one example of the region’s commitment to cultural enrichment.

6. Prepare for Hurricanes If Relocating to Broward

Moving to Broward County means moving to a rainforest climate. Sunny days all year round, right? We hate to break it to you, but rainforest climate comes with its set of challenges. One of which is the hurricane season. It stretches from June to November. During these months, Broward County is at risk for some powerful tropical storms and hurricanes. From intense rainfall to strong winds and even, occasionally, flooding. Therefore, it is important to stay informed. Local news and weather channels, as well as the National Hurricane Center’s website, provide up-to-date information about approaching storms.

7. Transportation

Getting around Broward County is really easy! There is an amazing public transportation system, including buses and commuter rail services. Going on a holiday some place far, far away? No worries! There are two major airports: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Miami International Airport.

8. Affordable Living Compared to Neighboring Counties

While living in South Florida can cost you an arm and a leg, Broward County offers a more balanced real estate market. Whether you want to buy or rent, you’ll find that living in Broward County is more affordable compared to counties nearby. According to RentCafe, as of July 2023, the average 2-bedroom apartment in Broward County is $2,370/month with an average size of 926 sq. ft. Whereas an average 2-bedroom apartment in Miami-Dade county is $2,436/month with an average size of 911 sq. ft. This makes moving to Broward County an attractive option.

9. Community Events Year-Round

Whether it’s the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show or the annual Las Olas Art Fair, Broward County is full of exciting community events that keep you busy in the weekends.

10. A Welcoming LGBTQ+ Scene

Broward County is proud of its inclusive community. There are numerous LGBTQ+ friendly establishments and events throughout the year. This makes Broward County a welcoming place for all.

Ready to Make the Move to Broward County, Florida?

Now that you know more, we wonder… does moving to Broward County seem like an easy decision to you? We think so! But moving can be challenging, and that’s where we come in.


At Moving Squad, we understand that moving can be difficult and stressful. Our team is here to make sure that your move to South Florida is smooth and hassle-free. Whether you’re moving within Florida or coming from another state, we’ve got your back. Do you want to know how to plan a smooth move to South Florida? Read all about it in our blog!


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