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Kendale Lakes Movers with a Stellar Staff

Miami needs no introduction. It’s got glamour, glitz, white sandy beaches, amazing dining, and all that other stuff that doesn’t need to be introduced. Kendale Lakes, on the other hand, might need a bit of introduction. Basically, Kendale Lakes is a suburb of Miami- Dade County. That means the people there have access to all of the Miami Je nais se quoi, but they also have a low-key relaxed neighborhood to kick back in. As Kendale Lakes movers, we think there’s no place like Kendale Lakes.

Kendale Lakes may not have the glitz of Miami, but it does have its own special vibe. There’s the 70’s retro the charm of old row houses, the beautiful natural parks, and of course the beautiful people. And here, at Moving Squad, we like to think we have some pretty beautiful people on our staff. When the people of Kendall Lakes work with Moving Squad, our stellar staff works its hardest to make it easy for our customers. Here’s just a little bit about a Kendale Lake Moving company and its dedicated staff.

Kendale Lakes Moving Company with a Staff of Champions

Once upon a time, over fifty years ago to be specific, we had the vision to start a moving company. And not just any moving company. The most trusted moving in South Florida. We built our reputation on well-trained staff, upfront pricing, and the pledge to stand by our customers from the beginnings to the ends of their moves. How do we do it? Let us count the ways.

  1. Licensed and Insured Movers

Not everyone who wants to start a moving company can get a license. A moving company needs to prove that they operate up to high standards to earn its wings, including meeting the DOT and FMCA requirements. Our license shows that our Kendale Lakes moving company has a professional, organized, and capable staff that lives up to the highest of standards.

  1. Reliable Uniformed Movers

At Moving Squad, our reliable, uniformed movers are the pride of our company. Dedicated to South Florida and Kendale Lakes, our movers have the know-how (and muscle) to do the heavy lifting, the equipment to get the trucks packed, and the shortest South Florida routes to get your belongings to your destination efficiently.

And while they may look big and scary, our movers are actually quite friendly and knowledgable. They’ll answer all your questions, give advice when needed, and be happy to keep you updated throughout your move.

  1. Packing Services

Somewhere along the line, it occurred to us that packing was not exactly a  relaxing activity for our customers. That’s why we decided to become experts at it.  Our packers can safely pack your belongings in a short amount of time so you can take a load off.  We’ll provide all of the materials and bring them to you, blanket wrap your furniture and load, transport, and unload your belongings with the greatest of care. Let us pack as much or as little as you like; we’ll tailor our services according to your budget and timeline.

  1. Personal Account Manager

With our movers,  so, well, busy moving,  we wanted you to have someone behind the scenes to keep it coordinated. At Moving Squad, we assign all of our customers a personal account manager to help them customize their moving plans with services that cater to their specific needs. Our prices are also pretty competitive. Just wait til you request our free rate quote (see below).

  1. Storage Services

What more could you want from a moving company than a personal account manager, packing services, and a licensed insured reliable team? How about storage services?  Moving Squad knows that finding storage can be a big task when you’re moving, but at Moving Squad, we’ve got you covered. Our clean, spacious, climate-controlled units provide both long- term and short-term storage with 24/7 monitoring at an affordable price.

  1. Express Pack

Talk about a speedy delivery! Only at Moving Squad can you find our patented express pack system engineered to get you into your new residence overnight. Designed for house and condo moves, our express pack system works to provide same day service, 24/7. Pack your belongings into the express packs we bring to your home, seal your belongings inside for extra security, and we’ll safely transport your items without harming your and furniture.

  1. A Kendale Lakes Moving Company with Benefits

As South Florida’s most recognized moving company, we do have a bit of cred with building management. If your move poses challenges, such as homeowner’s fees and building restrictions, let us take care of it. Count on us to ensure a smooth transition into your new home.

  1. Free Rate Quotes

Remember that moving company that started out once upon a time (over fifty years ago) dedicated to becoming the most trusted South Florida Moving Company? Well, one of the ways that it set out to do that was by offering free rate quotes to its customers. In our experience, Moving Squad had seen some quickly signed contracts that resulted in customers paying for services that weren’t part of their original package. Our free rate quotes were designed to prevent our customers from falling into those common money traps.

At Moving Squad, we never make our customers sign a contract immediately. We encourage you to budget for your move. Once you have an idea of what your move requires, give us some information about it and we’ll give you a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay.  For a closer estimate, download our app mobile app and we’ll give you a more detailed breakdown. We’re upfront about our costs and we don’t hide any fees from our customers. You tell us your budget and we adjust accordingly.

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