Moving to Palm Beach County Florida

Moving to Palm Beach County Florida

Moving To Palm Beach County Florida

Thinking of moving to Palm Beach? There are so many wonderful places to live in the state of Florida and Palm Beach County is certainly one of the best places to consider. The county is directly north of Broward County, stretching from Florida’s Atlantic coast into the state’s rural center.

As at 2017, the population of the county was estimated at 1,471,150. It remains one of the most populous and best counties to live in the state, having attained the position of Florida’s wealthiest county in 2004.

Moreover, if you are moving to Palm Beach, there are so many reasons you may want to make the county your new home. In this post, we will look at some of the most interesting things that make Palm Beach a great place to live:

Interesting Places

One of the best things about Palm Beach is the fact that residents can always have somewhere to go at all times of the year. There is an abundance of excellent outdoor adventures you can embark on at any time of the year. There are currently 26 public beach parks in Palm Beach County, giving residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy several miles of untouched Atlantic coastline with sparkling blue water and golden sand.

Furthermore, the golf courses are also very attractive. Designed by some of the greatest architects in the game, the courses rank among the very best in the whole of Florida, which is why Palm Beach is considered the golf capital of the Sunshine State.

Asides from the beaches and golf courses, there are so many other interesting places in Palm Beach. The county has an amazing ecosystem and there are serious efforts to preserve nature here. There are dedicated animal sanctuaries and untouched nature preserves in the Palm Beach County. Some of these places will astonish you, and you will also have the opportunity to play as you explore nature. The county offers you the life many travel far to experience.


Events to Attend

Palm Beach County is never in lack of events residents and visitors can enjoy. It maintains an atmosphere of celebration year-round as there are several fairs and festivals that deliver amazing experiences. The Honda Classic is one of the most notable ones, drawing tens of thousands of individuals from all over the world to the PGA National Resort & Spa, where top golfers compete.

In addition, the stadiums in Jupiter and West Palm Beach are also always busy between February and March as the Houston Astros, Washington Nationals, Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals visit for their spring training. The world top riders spend 12 weeks from January to April in the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, during the Winter Equestrian Festival, an event you will enjoy so much.

Asides from sports, there are lots of other interesting events you can attend at different times of the year. The 17 days South Florida Fair is the favorite event for most locals as it heralds the New Year with daily parades, carnival games and live music.

The Sweet Corn Fiesta is another interesting family-friendly festival that celebrates the home grown crop with so many events and music. Flavor Palm Beach in September is an event that will let you appreciate the menus of Palm Beach. It is always fun in Palm Beach County when you know the right places to go.


Shopping and Dining

Shopping and dining are among the few extra things that can convince you about moving to Palm Beach. Residents of the county have no need of going anywhere to shop for the best things in life. You will find almost all you need in the shopping district.

From the latest fashion pieces to antique collections, you will get everything you need. The shopping districts of Worth Avenue and Antique Row are renowned places where you can get incredibly valuable apparel from top designers and other valuable items you want.

What’s more, while shopping is something you will definitely enjoy in Palm Beach, the dining experience will be amazing too. There are charming cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent culinary experience anytime you want. The different restaurants also try to cater for everyone’s appetite at different times of the day.

Some of the very best brunch spots in the whole of South Florida can be found along Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach. Downtown Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue is another great place to be if you want excellent dining by the beach. The night life is also wonderful in the county.


Family Friendly Areas

Palm Beach County Florida is a good place to raise a family. Some of the highly-rated family-friendly neighborhoods include Boca Raton, Wellington, Jupiter Farms, Grandview Heights, Jupiter, Highland Beach, Limestone Creek, and Palm Beach Gardens. From the most important things like schools to extra-curricular family-friendly activities, there are so many things for a family in the county.

Also, the county has the eleventh-largest school system in the country with 185 schools. There are also several private elementary and high schools in the county. There are currently 7 colleges and universities in the county including Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Nova Southeastern University, Lynn University, South University, Keiser University, and Palm Beach State College.

In terms of family-friendly activities, the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium is a great place to be for educational exhibits. The numerous public beaches are also excellent places to visit for family fun time. A family visit to Lion Country Safari, Florida’s only drive-through zoo, will also give everyone an excellent fun experience.

Moving to Palm Beach County is an excellent idea for so many reasons. The county has some excellent neighborhoods you can call home. It is also a great place to work and raise a happy family. Once you settle in the right area and know your way around the county, life can be so fun in this popular Florida county.  


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