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10 Clever Moving Hacks

The idea of having a new home can be exciting until it is finally time to move. If you’ve never had the pleasure or budget for professional moving services, then it is easy to understand why you dread moving. From packing to organizing your things and hiring a moving company, there are so many processes to handle. To get through the entire process without losing your mind, you need adequate planning. You can also make use of some clever moving hacks for the best experience. Here, we will summarize ten of the most important ones:


1. Purge Your Stuff

Most people have more stuff than they need. It is likely that there are lots of items in your home that you don’t need anymore. They are only occupying space in your home without being useful. Your moving time could be the best time to get rid of such items. Go through all your stuff and put aside anything you feel does not belong in your home again. You can donate such items or have them properly disposed of. When you purge your stuff before moving houses, your moving will be easier and your new home will be less cluttered.


2. Pack a First Day Basket

The day you will move will not be like any other day. It is unlikely that you will have the time and strength to start unpacking and setting things up the very day you move. It is important, therefore, that you save yourself the stress by packing a first-day box. You can include such things as disposable plates, cups, and cutlery. A first-night box with your pajamas, toiletries and anything you will need early the next morning is a good idea too.


3. Label Boxes Wisely

It is important that you know the content of each box you pack and the room they will go to. To do this, you need to pack carefully and ensure that only items that will be in one room are packed in the same box. You should also indicate the rooms the boxes belong to by labeling them or using colored packing tape. You can also label boxes by writing the content of each box by the side. This will make unpacking very easy.


4. Move Clothes in Garbage Bags

There is no need to get your clothes out of the hangers and pack in boxes. The processes of packing them up, unpacking, and hanging them in your new wardrobe can be stressful and time-consuming. A simple moving hack that will save you the troubles is to keep the clothes in their hangers and move them in bunches in garbage bags. This is easy and cost-effective.


5. Pack Your Plates Vertically

Breakable plates need to be packed carefully if you want them to survive the journey to your new place. You will have to pack them vertically. If you have foam disposable plates, they can help to protect the plates further if you put them in-between plates in the stack before packing them all up. You can also use clothing and linen to protect other fragile items and label them fragile for careful handling.


6. Plastic Wrap Your Drawers with Everything Inside

Some contents of your dresser drawers do not have to be removed and packed separately. They will be just fine inside the drawers but you need to ensure that the drawers do not slide open by using plastic wraps to keep them shut. When you do it the right way, they will not spill their contents even when the moving truck jostles them about.


7. Put Plastic Wrap on Toiletries under the Lid

You may think that the lids of bottles are really tight and will prevent them from spilling. This is not always the case during transit. To eliminate the chances of your toiletries leaking during the move and ruining your boxes, put a piece of plastic wrap over the opening of each bottle and screw on the cap tightly.


8. Put Hardware in Plastic Bags

When you disassemble your furniture, it is important that you put all the screws and hardware in a plastic bag. Do this separately for all the pieces of furniture that need to be taken apart for moving. It is also important that you label the bags and tape them to the furniture they belong to. This will make reassembling easy.


9. Fill Up Pots and Pans with Kitchen Items

A lot of your kitchen items can go into the pots and pans to manage space. Such little things as spices containers and dish towels can conveniently fit into the pots and pans and save you some space in the box. Your cutlery can also go into the pots. Close each packed pot and use a rubber band to keep the cover tight.


10. Take Pictures of Electronics before Disassembly

Unless you are very knowledgeable with connecting your electronic devices like TV and desktop computers, it is important that you take a picture of the back with your phone or camera. Ensure that you capture how the cables are connected before you disconnect them and pack up the devices. This way, you will know exactly where each wire goes. This will help make the set-up process easier in your own home.

There you have it! Above are some clever moving hacks to make the entire moving process easy and stress-free. Moving can be a very tough experience when you don’t approach it the right way. However, if you can adopt the moving hacks discussed here, you should be able to make the process hassle-free. These moving hacks will help you achieve a stress-free and enjoyable moving experience.


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