7 ways to get grocery delivery services to your South Florida home

Shopping for food in South Florida can be fun. Shopping for toilet paper, less so. Coming home after a hard day and realizing you don’t have enough toilet paper in the house to last through the night? Don’t even go there. Judging from the busy SoFlo lifestyle, it seems safe to say that there is not one local who couldn’t benefit from a grocery delivery service in South Florida at some time or another. Fortunately, there are plenty to be found.

South Florida Grocery Delivery

At Moving Squad, we may not deliver your groceries, but we are dedicated to making our South Florida customers’ lives as easy and stress-free and possible. That’s why we’re providing you with some of the local South Florida grocery delivery spots that always come through in a pinch for their customers.

Walmart Grocery Pick Up and Delivery

Whether its dinner on the table or dinner for the cat, Walmart’s staff of personal shoppers delivers. Shop Walmart online anytime, anywhere, or get the app. Just hit ‘em up and choose a delivery time convenient for you. No markups on the food, 100% money-back guarantee.


How about you just hire someone to do your shopping for you? With Wegoshop, you tell them what you need, you tell them where to get it, and they deliver it to you. Just be warned, they do take care of the meat and produce selection, so if particularly picky about your watermelons, you might want to limit your selection.

Fresh Life Organics

Who, but the most die-hard bacon fanatics, wouldn’t love to get a huge box of organic fruits and veggies delivered to his door? Fresh Life Organics is a South Florida grocery delivery service that lets you choose between three box sizes (small, medium and large) and three types of boxes (organic mixed fruit and veggies, organic all veggies, or all organic all fruits) so fruit shopping is as simple as picking and clicking. Your goods are delivered every Tuesday, and you get the option to skip or swap out items on Fridays.


And for those who might prefer a huge box of fried chicken to a huge box of organic fruits and veggies, IVGMOD is the spot. A convenience shop, a smoke shop, and a hot food delivery service rolled into one, IVGMOD is the answer to greasy late-night cravings and early morning hangovers. Here you can get Chinese, quesadillas, fish, chicken, and burgers along with your choice of beer, candy, and ice cream. Excellent customer service and an extensive menu.

Refillable Market

Looking for some incredible bulk? Refillable Market is a package-free shop that lets you shop from your home for bulk bin items and have them delivered once a week. You choose from beans and legumes, grains, rice and pasta, nuts and seeds, snacks, smoothie toppers and oats, or granola. The packaging options are silicone jars and plastic bags. Pour the contents into your own jar and store the bags away. They’ll be picked up on the next delivery.


Food, glorious food delivered to your door? It may have opened way back in 1930, but Publix has certainly come into the millennium with its online South Florida grocery delivery. For everything from wine, to meal kits, to seafood, to greeting cards, and beyond Publix is the go-to when you don’t want to go to the grocery store.

The Fresh Market

Think deliciously, get delivery? An upscale market with an old school vibe, The Fresh Market offers curated goods, easy meals, top quality meat and seafood, fresh produce, baked goods, and all other foods sure to please the epicurean palate. For the agoraphobic gourmet or the stay at home foodies, the Fresh Market delivers in every sense of the word.

A Word from Moving Squad

At Moving Squad, we do whatever it takes to get our customers to their destinations efficiently, affordably, and soundly. Whether that means planning, packing, transportation, or simply recommending a good grocery delivery service, we’re there for you 24/7. You let us know your needs and budget and we’ll customize a plan that works for you. Here are just some of the benefits Moving Squad offers.

Free Rate Quotes

In our fifty years of experience, Moving Squad has learned a lot of the tricks of the moving trade. One of the trickiest we’ve seen is adding hidden fees to contracts. That’s one trick we never pull.

Our free rate quotes are designed to protect our customers from common industry scams. Instead of making you sign a contract immediately, we encourage you to draw up a budget first. Once you have an idea of what your move requires, you let us know. We’ll prepare a reliable estimate and give you time to review it. We never hide service charges from our customers. You let us know your needs and we adjust accordingly. We never move your belongings without your complete approval.

For tips on planning for your move, check out “How to Plan a Move” on mymovingreviews.com.

Packing and Storage Services

If packing and storage are a problem, we say, “Problem solved.” Our expert movers are trained to pack even your most treasured belongings in a short amount of time. We’ll provide all the packing materials and deliver them to your house on moving day. Then we’ll carefully load, transport, and unload your items once they reach your destination.

If that destination happens to be a storage facility, we’re happy to oblige. Our clean, spacious, climate-controlled units are available for long and short term storage. Plus, in keeping with our excellent customer service, it’s our pleasure to tailor your packing and storage services to fit your timeline and budget.

In a nutshell, Moving Squad is the hardworking South Florida moving company dedicated to making the lives of our customers easier. From grocery delivery in South Florida to the safe and affordable delivery of your belongings, Moving Squad is here to help. Request our free rate quote today and let us work out a plan to fit your needs and budget. And if you’re ordering groceries, may your fruit always be fresh and your veggies always be crisp.


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