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Affordable Movers in Hialeah Share Money Saving Hacks

Affordable Movers In Hialeah | Moving Squad

“All roads lead to Hialeah.” That’s the city of Hialeah’s motto and it’s not only metaphorical. Sitting in the center of the northwest Dade County, Hialeah has links to Interstate 75, the Palmetto Expressway, the Homestead Extension of the Florida Turnpike, US Route 27, and Gratigny Parkway. That makes moving into and out of Hialeah easy, but finding affordable movers in Hialeah to do the job may not be so easy.

As South Florida’s premier movers, Moving Squad likes to take care of our community and we have a special place in our hearts for Hialeah – and not just because we pass through it so much. We love Hialeah for its people, its beautiful parks, its culture, its food (big shout out to the Epicentro Café), and its warmth, in its temperature and in its heart. That’s why we want to want to make sure that we give the city the best moving service at the best rates possible.


Money Saving Hacks from Affordable Movers in Hialeah

Because we love Hialeah so much, we’re going to do more than offer our affordable services, we’re also going to offer you a few hacks on how you can make your moving experience even more cost-effective. Here are some ways you can keep your costs down with a little help from your friends at Moving Squad.

Plan Ahead

Whatever plan you make for your move, don’t plan on waiting for the last minute. You don’t want to end up picking the first company that pops up on a Google search. Hastily planned moves mean quickly signed contracts. Quickly signed contracts can result in hidden fees and complementary services that were never part of the original deal. Getting the best rate on your move means comparing services and prices of moving companies a few weeks beforehand.

Moving Squad encourages you to call around, but we also encourage you to make Moving Squad one of those calls. Once you get our free estimate, your search for an affordable moving company in Hialeah may be over. We are upfront about our costs and guarantee no hidden costs. You tell us your needs and budget, and we’ll adjust accordingly.


Look for Free Boxes

When you’re moving, a free box is priceless.  A free box can be worth its weight in gold to a mover, or at least a few bucks. To save money, and do a little bit for the recycling effort, hunt for boxes a few weeks before your move. That will give you time to hit up Craigslist, the local grocery store, and give a head’s up to your neighbors who are expecting large orders from Amazon.

Save your newspapers while you’re at it. That way you can avoid buying paper packing for your fragile items. And if free boxes are hard to find, there are companies that rent reusable boxes, which are a cheaper alternative to buying them. Check out Home Depot Rental in Hialeah for options.

Disassembling Furniture

At Moving Squad, we’re pros at disassembling furniture, but if it doesn’t take a pro to take apart your furnishings, you may be able to save some money. Most movers charge by the hour, that includes the time the spent on disassembling your four-poster bed frame, deluxe entertainment cabinet and any other furniture that requires disassembly. If you can DIY safely, Moving Squad encourages it. Just remember to save your screws and loose items in labeled plastic bags so the screws don’t become loose by the time you reach your destination.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Garage sales in Hialeah are the new block party. With the sense of community in Hialeah, any gathering is a social gathering. And if it’s fun as well as functional, all the better. If you have the time, and weather permits (which it almost does in Hialeah), a good old rummage sale in a fun and profitable way to lessen the load of a move.

And if you don’t have the time or energy to make the lemonade and cupcakes, consider making a charitable donation. PickUp Please will pick your clothing and household items and leave you with a tax-deductible receipt.

Handle with Care

At Moving Squad, we’ve seen people rip a tablecloth out from under the dishes and have them remain intact. Having them remain intact in a poorly packed moving truck is something we have yet to see. When moves aren’t planned properly, the likelihood of fragile items being packed hastily and haphazardly increases. That means the chance of damage or complete loss increases, as does the expense of replacing the item.

At Moving Squad, handling with care is practically apart of our DNA, so we know how to do it pretty well. Make sure to wrap each fragile item individually and surround them with additional padding. The more room there is for them to shake and rattle, the more chance there is of broken glass.

Finding A Trusted and Affordable Moving Company

Even if you’ve done everything to save money that you possibly could have, it won’t mean much if you end up with a big bill and expenses you never agreed to. At Moving Squad, our first service to our customers is our free estimate. You fill out an online form and we give you a ballpark figure. You won’t sign a contract until you’ve had time to think it through.

With Moving Squad it’s simple. You give us an idea of your budget and your moving needs, we adjust accordingly. No sales pitches, hidden fees or service charges.

Getting started is easy. Fill out an online application we’ll give you a rough estimate. For a more accurate moving quote, send pictures and videos of your items to one of our moving professionals through our Moving Squad app. This will enable us to view your items so we can give you a more detailed estimate.


As for the Moving Squad, its “All roads lead to Hialeah.” If you’re looking for affordable movers in Hialeah, The Moving Squad is most likely bound in your direction.  Once you come for the free quote, we think you’ll stay for the ride.

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