Are you moving to Florida during Snow-Bird Season

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again when snowbirds all over the country leave their winter nests and flock to the warm, sunny, beautiful shores of South Florida. And, as South Florida’s top-rated local movers, Moving Squad is more than happy to welcome them. But as South Floridians know very well, snowbird season comes with its ups and downs. If you’re moving in and around Florida during snowbird season, these are to be taken into careful consideration.


Moving in South Florida During Snowbird Season


At Moving Squad, we work every season of the year, and Snowbird season is no exception. And, with 50 years of experience, we consider ourselves to be fairly knowledgeable about moving during that time of year. So, without further ado, let’s look at what moving during snowbird season looks like from the driver’s seat of a moving truck.


The South Florida Snowbird Situation


In South Florida, tourists are our bread and butter. We thank them wholeheartedly for supporting our economy, keeping our taxes low, and helping our businesses stay in business.

And we’re sure a lot of them are very lovely people. We love it when they gush over our beaches, natural beauty, and high-end designer shops.


However, the Snowbirds are on vacation;  we are not. And because they are on vacation, they enjoy site seeing, especially in their cars. That makes traffic bad for the rest of us,  especially those who are moving from one home to another. So, on the face of it, moving during snowbird season would seem to be an indubitably poor choice.


But there is an upside of moving during snowbird season, and that is the relatively inexpensive price of your move. Between mid-September and April, the demand for movers slows down, and the moving rates are low.  Snowbird season starts in October and ends in April. You can see how the timeframe may be advantageous.


Should you move During Snowbird Season?


Not many of us have the luxury of deciding when to move, but if you’re among the few lucky South Floridians that do, we say as long as you’re using Moving Squad, you can move efficiently and affordably any time of the year. As seasoned South Florida drivers, we’re familiar with the quickest routes across town, and we know our way around traffic. And as South Florida locals, we always keep our prices low. We provide all of our customers with service plans tailored to their budgets and individual moving requirements.


Express Packs


If you really want to go dashing through the traffic during snowbird season, try our express packs. Engineered to maximize safety and efficiency for condo and home moves, our patented express packs will have you in to your new residence in record time while saving you money.



Were you looking forward to moving until you started packing? We hear you, and we’ve got you covered. Our experienced packers have the technique and diligence to get the job done quickly and correctly. They’ll handle your items with the greatest of care and load, transport, and unload your belongings safely and attentively.




And if its storage that you seek, look no further than Moving Squad’s spacious, clean and climate-controlled storage facility. Our units are available for both long- and short-term storage, with 24/7 monitoring and affordable pricing options.


Snowbirds Welcome


And as for our “fair-weather friends,” moving into their winter homes. Moving Squad is happy to be of assistance. Here are a few reminders to help you arrive in true South Floridian fashion.


Get Your Travel Wallet Loaded


Don’t forget to bring your ID and driver’s license. Not only will you need them to get into all of our fabulous nightclubs (where you will undoubtedly be asked for it), but you’ll also need it for, well, driving.  And if you’re traveling by plane, keep your boarding passes and reservations handy.


Lock Up Your House and Adjust the Utilities


There’s no joy kill quite like returning home after a South Florida vacay and finding your water pipes have frozen and burst. Remember to shut off your water and turn down your thermostat to leave your summer home at a comfortable temperature. The optimal temperature to keep pipes from freezing is anywhere from 55 to 60 degrees.


Handling the Mail


Nothing stops the US mail: not rain, nor snow, nor hail, and certainly not a six-month vacay to South Florida.  Fortunately, snowbirds looking to manage their mail have several options:

  • Using mail holding or mail forwarding services provided by the USPS (free of cost for 30 days)
  • Entrusting a friend or family member to handle the mail while you’re away
  • Using a virtual mailbox provided by 3rd party companies
  • Reducing the volume of mail you receive by paying bills, receiving bank statements, and doing taxes online.

For more on “How Snowbirds Handle Mail” see

Book Your Car Transport in Advance


And if you’re planning to BYOCAR, and you’re shipping it with an auto mover rather than driving it, book the date a few months in advance.  You’ll get the cheapest rates, and you can rest assured the car will be there when you arrive ready to boogie.


Whether you’re moving during Snowbird season or not, any season is a good time to move with Moving Squad. Contact us today for our free rate quote, and we’ll get you moving across South Florida affordably, efficiently, and reliably.

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