Best Cuban Sandwiches in Miami

Having a Cuban sandwich is one of the simple and exciting pleasures of living in South Florida. The typical variety includes crispy Cuban bread, swiss cheese, ham, roasted pork, mustard, and pickles. But there are other recipes which use turkey, egg-based bread, fried snapper, or other ingredients. 

If you’re a sandwich lover living in Miami, we have 10 recommended restaurants where you can try the restaurant’s own version of a traditional Cuban sandwich, executed to perfection, or a unique twist inspired by the tradition. 

Go out during your lunch break, grab a cafecito, and get excited. You might find your new favorite place to eat or discover the best Cuban sandwich in Miami.

1. Sanguich de Miami

This restaurant makes just a few amazing sandwiches extremely well, including The Cubano, which is the traditional Cuban sandwich. It features crunchy bread, house-made pickles, melty cheese, and the other classic ingredients made famous in this area. This is the perfect place to try the Cuban sandwich for the first time. 

2. Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

This restaurant is in a hip area of Miami called Wynwood. Is it traditional? No. Do they still make an amazing sandwich? Yes! You’ll get your order fast—convenient for a quick lunch break or shopping trip. Plus, their Cuban sandwich is excellent, though loaded with more pickles and cheese than the traditional. You can also get it with crispy croquetas inside.

3. Babe’s Meat & Counter

If you’re down in Palmetto Bay, stop by this butcher shop. Their Cuban sandwich features their delicious in-house smoked ham and roast pork. They also bake their own Cuban bread and add a well-practiced mix of mustard, pickles, and swiss cheese.

4. Sergio’s Restaurant

This restaurant is frequented by a health-conscious crowd, featuring low-calorie options like ground turkey and cauliflower rice, along with salads. But they also have a huge, traditional Cuban sandwich cut into two large portions. When you get it delivered or drop by late at night, they’ll wrap it in aluminum foil, keeping the second portion warm until you’re ready. 

5. Versailles

The best Cuban sandwich in Little Havana, Miami, is at the famous, sit-down Cuban restaurant, Versailles. Their menu features a large variety of Cuban dishes. Of course, they’ve found the perfect way to combine the classic ingredients of the Cuban sandwich, toast it just right, and cut it perfectly. This place is usually packed, but you can also drop by the next-door bakery for a quick snack and Cuban coffee.

6. Sarussi Subs

Here’s a restaurant that departs from tradition. If you’ve already tried the traditional best Cuban sandwiches in Miami, you might enjoy the version at Sarussi that includes their secret sauce and Italian bread—which can be ordered brushed with melted butter. It’s different, but delicious.

7. Proper Sausages

This is a great butcher shop. They make a Cuban-inspired sandwich that includes their own twists, like making it on Portuguese muffin with mayo and Cheddar cheese. It all somehow works—probably because of their in-house smoked rosemary ham and roasted pork shoulder—to make a very satisfying meal.

8. Chef Sucre Café

This is a beautiful bistro in Coral Gables with several international influences, including Italian, French, and Latin American. Their Cuban-inspired sandwich is made with panini bread and a guava dip. You can also enjoy Italian coffee and house-made desserts and baked foods.

9. Havana 1957

This restaurant chain aims to give you the flavors and sophistication of a Cuban restaurant in Havana in the 1950s. You can visit for breakfast and get a twist on the Cuban sandwich: the pan con tortilla, which is an omelet and potato sticks on Cuban bread—with the option to have them add ham.

10. La Carreta

Do you generally avoid pork? Instead of a Cuban, you can enjoy a Miami sandwich, which includes turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. La Carreta offers many locations across Miami.

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