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10 Ways to Stay Dry Moving in Florida Rain

How often does it rain in Florida? On average, it rains 115 days per year, usually during the summer season, which is also when most people choose to move. If you’re relocating to Florida or moving around within the Sunshine State, you’ll need experienced movers who understand the best ways to move efficiently and safely […]

The Best School Districts in Florida

Moving is an exciting, and sometimes chaotic, time in a family’s life. And one of the most pressing questions that comes with moving when you have school-age children is “where should they go to school?” Well, if you happen to be headed to the Sunshine State, and want to know where you can find the […]

The 5 Best Places to Retire in Florida

We all have different wants and desires, so everyone has different ideas of the ideal retirement spot. Rest assured though, there are few places with as much retirement appeal as the Sunshine State. Florida has a myriad of pockets of paradise in which you can spend the rest of your relaxing retirement days just the […]

Miami Attractions for New Movers

Miami-Dade local movers

You’re moving to Miami! You may have locally moved from West Palm or all-the-way from New York. The Magic City is exciting and overwhelming, which makes it challenging to know where to start.  Once you’re relocation or South Florida move is complete, jump in the car and get down to the beach and famous A1A […]

Best Cuban Sandwiches in Miami

Cuban Cubano Sandwich

Having a Cuban sandwich is one of the simple and exciting pleasures of living in South Florida. The typical variety includes crispy Cuban bread, swiss cheese, ham, roasted pork, mustard, and pickles. But there are other recipes which use turkey, egg-based bread, fried snapper, or other ingredients.  If you’re a sandwich lover living in Miami, […]

Eight Inexpensive Ways to Increase Security in your South Florida Home

8 ways to increase security in your south Florida home | Moving Squad

An expensive security system isn’t the only way to feel safe and sound in your South Florida home. Real-life burglars aren’t usually like the savvy criminals seen in heist movies. In fact, they’re often opportunists who avoid difficult break-ins.   The good news is that your home’s security can be improved without much hassle or […]

Decluttering Your Home For a Last Minute Move

Decluttering your home for a last minute move | Moving Squad

These days, nothing screams dysfunction quite like an excessively large collection of refrigerator magnets, DVDs spilling across the floor, and a variety of Ugg boots spilling out of the closet. Clutter is a dirty word, and the message to downsize, organize, and categorize has never been stronger. But when you have 30 days to move […]

Is Buying a Home in South Florida Right for You?

Sell Your Home up North for South Florida Real Estate | Moving Squad

We’re often asked, “should I move from (insert Northern state) to South Florida?” And we’ll admit, we’re a bit biased because we love it here. But if you’re dreading the impending winter and you can’t stop imagining swapping out snow with white sandy beaches, then in our opinion, the answer is a definite yes. At […]

Moving Advice for Homeowners: Prevent Property Damage

Prevent Property Damage to Your Home While Moving | Moving Squad

Typically, you’re very diligent about keeping your things in good condition. You wash your clothes in cold water, you change the oil in your car regularly, and you still haven’t taken your Gwen Stefani doll out of her original box. Ideally, you would like to do the same for your house. But when you’re moving […]