Eight Inexpensive Ways to Increase Security in your South Florida Home

An expensive security system isn’t the only way to feel safe and sound in your South Florida home. Real-life burglars aren’t usually like the savvy criminals seen in heist movies. In fact, they’re often opportunists who avoid difficult break-ins.


The good news is that your home’s security can be improved without much hassle or expense. So, before you fork over big bucks on an elaborate security system, try these 10 simple tips to secure your South Florida home.

  1. Make sure your doors and windows are secure.

First and foremost, lock all of your doors and windows. This might sound obvious, but 34% of burglars wander in through an unlocked door! Although prowlers prefer the ease of sliding through an unlocked door or window, skilled burglars can silently wrench them open if they’re determined to do so.


First things first, you should up your lock game. A run-of-the-mill key in the lock door is easy to pick. Installing good deadbolts on all of your exterior doors will make the doors pick-proof.


To secure windows, you can upgrade to shatterproof glass (polycarbonate), reinforce glass with window security film or install steel bars across them.


If you have sliding glass doors, reinforcing them is a must. The locks on sliding glass doors are known for their fragility. You can use a window bar or dowel in the track to keep the door from being forced open or you can install a door sensor. A door sensor will alert you if the glass door is messed with and will likely scare off an intruder.


  1. Get a doorbell camera.

The popular Ring Video Doorbell comes at an affordable price tag and is easy to install. It features HD video that lets you see, hear and speak with anyone at your front door from your phone or computer. You’ll receive notifications when someone rings the bell or triggers the built-in motion detectors.


At only $69.99, the newest Ring Video Doorbell is a steal.


  1. Light up your lawn.

Generally speaking, burglars try to avoid being in the spotlight as much as possible. Light up any dark walkways and areas near doors and windows. To save money and energy, opt for motion-activated lights or solar lights.


  1. Keep your valuables out of sight.

In this case if you’ve got it, don’t flaunt it. If you’ve got a nice television, then close your blinds at night. If you recently ordered something fabulous and expensive, break the box down thoroughly and wait until trash day to put it by the street. If you’ve got wads of cash lying around (we don’t judge) don’t put it on a table or cabinet that can be seen from a window. You don’t want to be seen as low hanging fruit to a burglar. You’re better than that.


  1. Get a dog (in case you needed another reason).

Even if you get a fuzzy best friend that isn’t formally trained to be a ferocious guard dog, a dog yapping will often be enough to dissuade a burglar. A panel of ex-criminals said that loud barking dogs are one of the best deterrents. So, if your dog’s bark is indeed worse than its bite, that’s probably enough.


If you’re looking for the real deal, here’s a list of the American Kennel Club’s favorite guard dog breeds.


Pro tip: add a “Beware of Dog” sign to the mix and a burglar is less likely to even stop and consider breaking into your home. Move along, crooks.


  1. Secure your home’s WI-FI network.

Keeping your neighbor from mooching isn’t the only reason to secure your WI-FI. Your wireless network is a window into your personal information and maybe even your home’s information if you use any smart home gadgets.

  • First, secure your router.
  • Then, enable WPA (WI-FI protected access).
  • Rename and consider hiding your home network.
  • Install antivirus and anti-malware software.
  • Always keep your password game strong.


  1. Get chummy with your neighbors.

Neighborhood watch groups are a good way to keep all of the homes in the neighborhood safe. If you don’t have an established neighborhood watch or it isn’t for you, get to know your nearest neighbors and let them know if you’re planning to go on a trip.


  1. Make it look like you’re at home.

It’s no secret that burglars most frequently strike when no one’s around. You can make it look like you’re at home by leaving lights or a TV on. The easiest way to stay consistent is by installing home automation. This allows you to turn off your lights and TV from anywhere. If you’re going away for a long period of time, ask your neighbors to grab your mail for you so that your mailbox isn’t overflowing.

Feeling safe in your South Florida home is important, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. At Moving Squad, our mission is to make your move as affordable and as stress-free as possible. Get a free rate quote today and we’ll customize a plan that fits your budget. We keep our prices low and our standards high.


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