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Hire This Miami Shores Moving Company | Moving Squad

Miami Shores. What part of those two words put together wouldn’t have most of us saying “Yes, please?’ First, there’s Miami, legendary for its dawn breaking parties, deceptively cute looking Cuban espresso, incredibly hip people in flip flops, and the signature “don’t care just get me there” driving. Then you have Shores part, a.k.a. the beach. White sands, blue waters, see Baywatch for a visual. You’ll want to get you a Miami Shores moving company now.

But not just any Miami Shores moving company. You can’t just arrive in Miami Shores- you need to ARRIVE in Miami Shores. Moving Squad is the company that will get you there like a celebrity. With us, you’ll start getting the Rockstar treatment before you even get to Miami. Here’s a little a bit about how Moving Squad works and why we’re the best choice for a moving company in Miami Shores.


Miami Shores Moving Company Gives You the Royal Treatment

At Moving Squad, we’re South Floridians through and through. We were born here, we were bred here, and we built the foundations of our company here.

In our fifty years of experience in SoFlo, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the specific needs of South Floridians, and not just getting them strong cafecitos when they need it. We found the quickest routes in town, and we know how to get your belongings to your destination like true moving ninjas.

And those nasty little building codes, building restrictions, and homeowner’s association fees that come with the SoFlo territory?  Moving Squad knows all about them. If you’ve got no time for them, just let our pros take charge. You can count on our experienced staff to get you through those requirements easily.

Stress-Free Miami Shores Movers

Here at Moving Squad, we believe that nothing should come between you and your fun, sun and good times in Miami Shores. Ideally, we’d like you to be able to snap your fingers and boom, you’re there. Unfortunately, we can’t make that happen, but it is our goal to do the next best thing; and that’s to make your move as quick, easy, and forgettable as possible.

To that end, we provide our customers with customized quality service at affordable prices. We stick by our customers from the beginning to the end of the move. We plan, we pack, we transport, and we unpack and we’re really friendly, too. Our movers will be happy to offer their sage advice, pleasantly answer your questions, and may even crack a few jokes every so often. (Ever heard the one about U2 Movers- We Move In Mysterious Ways?)

However, we digress. Not only is Moving Squad friendly and cost-efficient, we also know our business. Our expertly trained packers know how to pack your belongings quickly and safely, provide safe and secure transportation, blanket wrap your furniture before removal, and even provide long and short-term storage options to our customers.


Miami Shores Full Service Moving Company

“Moving was a great idea before I started packing.” At Moving Squad, we hear that a lot, and since we want your move to Miami Shores to remain a great idea, we do the packing for you.

When you choose our packing services, we can do all the heavy lifting involved in storage and packing. But if you want to DIY some of it, that’s fine, too. At Moving Squad, we pack as much or as little as you tell us to. The deft hands of our expert movers will pack your stuff at the speed you need, with the care that they would use for their own belongings.

The Squad also brings all the packing materials to you, we work within your timeline and budget to make sure you get a first-rate moving experience, and if looking for storage is an issue, look no further than our climate-controlled, clean, affordable and spacious storage units. Moving Squad provides options for both long and short-term storage in several sizes at reasonable prices.

To learn more about DIY packing, visit

Miami Shores Speedy Delivery Moving Company

What could be better than a stress-free, affordable, professional moving experience than a stress-free, affordable, professional moving experience on fast forward? Moving Squad has engineered a Patented Express Pack System, designed to have you in to your new residence before you can say, “This move is stressing me out.”

With our Express Pack system, we bring our express packs to your home for you to pack and seal for added security. The Squad safely transports your belongings to the beautiful Miami Shores in no time.

Miami Shores Most Trusted Moving Company

Miami Shores may run on diversity, but if there’s one thing its people all have in common, it’s that they sure don’t like to get ripped off.  Unfortunately, that’s something that happens often in the moving business, especially when moves aren’t carefully planned for. At Moving Squad we’ve seen too many customers lose money by not checking the fine print in their service agreements. Our free no-obligation, free rate quotes are our way of making sure our customers know they can trust us from the get-go.

Here’s how it works. Once you have a basic idea of your moving budget, you give us some basic information, and we’ll give you a ballpark price. If you want to get a more accurate quote, we invite you to play with our mobile app, which will let you take videos and pictures and even record specific instructions.

For a simple guide on budgeting for your move, visit

Afterward, Moving Squad does something unusual. We let you take time to think your decision through. Rather than pressuring our customers into signing a moving contract, we prefer to let you call the shots. You approve of our services before we move your belongings. You let us know your needs and we’ll adjust accordingly. At Moving Squad honesty is our moving policy.

So, contact us today and let’s get this party started. When you hire Moving Squad, its smooth sailing right to the Miami Shores. Get in touch with this moving company in Miami Shores, and request our free rate quote. Our business is your pleasure.

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Thank you so very much it was a pleasure dealing with you & your company. It was a very smooth move.
- Tina S.
Moving Squad did our move last week on July 31st. We were extremely satisfied with every aspect of the move. The crew was courteous, efficient and professional.
- Allan
Moving Squad provided excellent service at an even better price. They were professional and kind every time I had questions regarding my move. [...] Highly
- Joanne

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