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House Warming Tips for Your New South Florida Home

Housewarming Tips for Your South Florida Home | Moving Squad


Moving into a new South Florida home is an incredible feeling. We all appreciate the breath of fresh air and relief we get after unpacking boxes and arranging other items. However, there is usually this feeling of newness, which prevents a true sense of comfort. At times, such feelings may persist for a couple of weeks or months after you move in. In other cases, it may take quite some time before it disappears.

However, living in your new South Florida home should offer more than just necessities like a bathroom, cooking area, or bedroom. The place should really make you feel at home at every point in time. From enhancing the curb appeal to creating an oasis on a patio, utilizing natural light, and more, there are various ways to make your new home more comfortable.

How to Accentuate the Comfort of Your New South Florida Home


Hang Wall Art and Paintings

One of the best ways to improve comfort in your new home is by hanging wall art, frame prints, and paintings. Research has shown that simply looking at the art and paintings will make you happy and eliminate stress. Also, looking at beautiful paintings will offer you a big boost of pleasure. Hence, once you move into your new home, ensure that you hang a few pieces of art or wall paintings immediately. Surrounding yourself with these beautiful paintings will make you feel good and help you capture the comfortable feeling of your new space.

Design Rooms with Floridian Color Schemes

Furthermore, you can improve your comfort in your new home by designing different rooms with tropical color schemes. Cool spectrum colors such as violet, seafoam, and eggshell blue bring tranquility and serenity to any living space. You can combine turquoise with shades of pink or orange in your bedroom to make the space look vibrant and fresh.

Also, you can pair aqua with leafy green or bright yellows to add a soothing, warm feeling to your space. Other color schemes include Mint + Pale Gray, Coral + Turquoise, and so forth. Whether it is your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, combining these cool Floridian color schemes will give your space a sense of intimacy.

Add the Magic of Touch

Another way to make your new South Florida home more welcoming and comfortable is to add texture. Surround your living space with things you will love to touch. This can range from fluffy rugs to throw pillows, smooth wooden furniture, wavy wallpapers, and so forth. You can easily integrate any of these into your living room as they will make the place feel perfectly comfortable and less rigid. Also, adding more fabrics and texture to your living room will provide added warmth and coziness you need.

Be Creative with Furniture

What’s more, it is easier to fill up your living room with a large furniture piece. However, this is not always the ideal option. The last thing you want is your living room to look like a showroom. Be creative with furniture. Add different furniture styles to your living room. With furniture diversity, you can create a vivid interior that will make your living area more appealing and welcoming.

Add Multiple Sources of Lighting

In addition, lighting can have magical effects on a room. You can make your room appear bigger and cozier by adding a few lighting fixtures. You also can place several table lamps around the living room to make the atmosphere more intimate.

Also, you can take advantage of the natural light using window treatments. Natural light helps make your home comforting and attractive. From time to time, pull back the curtains and raise the blinds. As sunlight streams through the window treatments, your living space will be warm and comfortable.

Create an Oasis on a Patio or Porch

However, your patio or porch should be seen as an extension of your indoor space. Making the place as comfortable as possible will help improve the comfort in your home. Some ideas to create an oasis on a patio or porch include adding area rugs, decorative items, comfortable furniture, colorful cushions, and more. Also, you can add patio umbrellas, arbors, pergolas, or shrubs to create a simple shady space on your porch or patio. You can also hang mirrored trellis panels or include plant flowers and foliage to add some beautiful colors to your patio.

Grow a Garden

Furthermore, adding plants to your home is always an excellent idea. You can make your new South Florida home more appealing and comfortable by growing a garden. Using the sun or natural light, you can easily cultivate an indoor garden. Your indoor garden will add another layer of texture, color, and style to your living space. Most importantly, the indoor garden will help soften the space, enhance your home’s curb appeal, and add more coziness.

Create a Welcoming Ambiance

In addition, you can create a welcoming ambiance in your new home by adding soothing background jazz music, plenty of cushions, and dim lighting from various sources. You can simply dive into the cushions as the soft jazz music plays in the background. Also, you can add a fire source or glowing fireplace light to get your living space ready for a perfect cozy evening.


Your new South Florida home ought to be more than just a place you sleep after a workday. It is important that you make the place as comfortable as possible. Design ideas such as hanging wall art, adding cool Floridian color schemes, growing an indoor garden, and more, can capture the feeling of warmth in your new home. This will help you achieve the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere you always wanted.


Do you need a professional mover to help with your transition into your new South Florida home? Contact us today at Moving Squad to get a free moving quote. We provide affordable, detailed, and professional moving services. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and outstanding moving services that will surpass your expectations.




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