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How Much Do Movers Cost in Miami?

Getting the rock star treatment in Miami can get pretty costly. Limo service to rooftop clubs, crashing in hotel rooms, ordering from room service like it’s the McDonald’s dollar value menu, you can see how it can start to add up. Getting the rock star treatment when you’re moving in Miami, on the other hand, shouldn’t cost you the price of a Lamborghini Diablo GT. A good moving company should you give you end to end service tailored to your needs at a reasonable price. So how much do movers cost in Miami?

Well, the answer does vary a bit. Depending on which company you chose, you may be charged according to the distance of your move, the weight of your freight, or how many workers you need to complete the task. It may also vary according to the time you move, along with the services your move requires. But it’s a good idea to have a good idea of how about how much you should be paying if you need local moving services.

How Much Do Movers Cost in Miami?

 On average, a local move in Miami will cost you anywhere from $333 to $1791. To break that down further:

  • Studio (2 movers, 3 hrs., $60/hr.) $333
  • 1 bedroom (2 movers, 4 hrs., $60/hr.) $393
  • 2 bedroom (3 movers, 6 hrs., $77/hr.) $648
  • 3 bedroom (4 movers, 7 hrs., $98/hr): $918
  • 4 bedroom (4 movers, 9 hrs, $98/hr): $1115
  • 5 bedroom (5 movers, 12 hrs, $126/hr): $1791

However, that does not include extenuating circumstances. Such as:

Ease of Access

If you’re moving on up to a deluxe Miami condo in the sky, keep in mind that moving companies do charge extra for that.  Also, you may be charged a convenience fee if the path to your home is too narrow for the trucks to fit through. There may be a “long carry” fee tacked on if the distance between where the moving truck can park and where the boxes need to be delivered is unusually lengthy. A unit that is difficult to access can add $200 to $500 to the total.

Moving Insurance

 Most professional moving companies offer basic liability insurance that covers 60 cents per pound of your haul. (A quarter pounder with cheese costs $3.49 at Macdonald’s). If it sounds like a raw deal to you, you may want to ask your moving company about more comprehensive coverage.

Items of Extraordinary Value

 Whether it be your Jimmy Choos, your Swarovski crystal headphone set, or your Dwayne Wade collector cards, any items in your possession with a value of greater than $100/ lb. qualify as items of extraordinary value. Because full value protection does not provide coverage for these items, you will have to pay an additional amount if you want them covered.


Miami is known for its big tippers. (Remember when Jay Z left a $50,000 tip on a $250,000 bottle of champagne at the Fountainebleau in 2011?) When tipping for a local move a 10 to 20% tip should suffice; Jay Z notwithstanding.

Time of the Year

Speaking of tips, move in the fall or the winter and aim for a weekday in the middle of the month, if possible. Stay away from peak seasons and times when the demand is high, and the supply is low. You’ll save a few bucks and have a wider range of moving companies to choose from.

Finding the Right Moving Company

When you’re living the high life in Miami, it’s all about the VIP, VSOP, the RSVP, and the ttyl. When you’re moving in and around  Miami, it should be all about an honest price at a competitive rate. Want to really get the answer to, “How much do movers cost in Miami?” Call Moving Squad for more information and we’ll customize a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

Moving Squad Packing Services

 Be warned: Packing for a move in Miami has been known to lead to serious cases of FOMO. At Moving Squad, we say, “NOMO FOMO.” Our expert packers handle the packing, so you can see and be seen while we take care of the heavy lifting.

When you opt for our moving services, you tell us how much you want us to pack. Our movers will pack as much or as little as you want us to. On moving day, our uniformed reliable movers will show up at your door with all the materials you need. Then, they will use their practiced, insured, and licensed hands to carefully wrap, pack, and lift your valuables safely onto the truck. Finally, our knowledgeable South Florida movers will transport your belongings safely to their destination, and unpack them equally as carefully.

Moving Squad Storage Services

 Storage services can add dollars to your local move.  Finding the right storage services can add time to your local move. When you work with Moving Squad, we can save you a little bit of both by providing spacious storage options as part of your package. Our clean, spacious, climate-controlled storage units are available for long term and short storage at affordable rates that work within your budget. NOMO FOMO, just dependable storage when you need it.

Customized Plans and Free Rate Quotes

 Another thing about Moving Squad: we know all about the Miami Hustle and we’re not doing it. When you contact us about your move, we give you a free transparent breakdown of your expenses before we move your belongings. No hidden fees, no added services charges, and no fine print on our contracts.

Here’s the plan: you determine your needs and budget, and then call around and ask, “How much do movers cost in Miami?” We guarantee that you’ll find a competitive price at Moving Squad. Contact us today and request our free rate quote. When you hire us, the rock star treatment comes with the package. Make sure to check out our blog for more helpful tips.








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