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How to Find a Reliable Handyman in South Florida

How to Find a Reliable Handyman in South Florida | Moving Squad

For many South Florida residents, calling in a handyman is admitting defeat. It’s akin to saying, “I give up. This air conditioner/ boiler/home entertainment console has gotten the best of me, and it will take a stronger/ more intelligent/better-looking person than I to rectify the problem” At Moving Squad, we say “When it comes down to  giving up or screwing up, call a South Florida handyman in immediately.”

But not too immediately – you do want to make sure that handyman is reliable. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a trustworthy South Florida handyman on your speed dial, right up there with the local pizza place and your mom. To find the guy deserving of that coveted space, you’ll need to subject him to a list of personal criteria. Here’s a list of what to look for in a good handyman.

Read Online Reviews of Home Repair Services in South Florida

Thanks to the accessibility of social media, nothing is secret; least of all customer reviews. Any professional South Florida handyman will have some kind of online presence and customers with something to say about them as a result. Look for good reviews but look harder at the criticisms. Average reviews are ok, but past transgressions are a red flag.

 South Florida Home Repair Services with References

He refuses to give you a quote before he has checked out the work. He takes time to explain the problem, gives you an idea of how long it will take to fix, and what supplies he’ll need to fix it. Is he your handyman angel, or devil in disguise?

Even if your handyman talks the talk, it doesn’t mean he walks the walk. It might be a good idea to get a second opinion on the job to make sure the price isn’t falsely inflated. Try comparing him with a handyman that offers similar services. If the prices of the two companies are similar, you know both companies are trustworthy. If the prices are wildly out of proportion, get a third opinion

Get A Time frame for Your Project

If there’s a question of time, a dependable company should have the answer. Not only should it be able to provide you with a timeframe of when it will be done, but it should also help to assign dates and specific times when they can come and get it done. If the timeline changes, a reliable company will let you know well in advance.

Payment Arrangements

When do you know when something’s fishy about the payment arrangement? A company should give you an upfront estimate, and the cost of materials, and any foreseeable changes that might affect the figure. You shouldn’t be asked to pay for money for the suppliers, and you should be given the legal length of time to pay. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about the payment arrangements, don’t let a rogue company reel you in.

Where to Find a Reliable South Florida Handyman

So now, you’re probably thinking, finding a dependable South Florida handyman sounds like a lot of work, isn’t there an easier way? Thankfully, the answer is yes. Fortunately, the world wide web is full of people watching out for all the other people who don’t aren’t sure how to watch out for themselves – which is very common when it comes to finding a reliable handyman. Where can you find these fountains of fix-it wisdom? Glad you asked. Here are a few sources that might just come in handy.

Angie’s List

Good old Angie. What would we do without her and her list of home service professionals? Her members-only website gives an online directory of crowdsourced reviews, ratings, and insights covering everything from handymen and movers to pet services and doctors. Members rate companies on a scale of A-F, and there’s no cheating allowed; home services may not rate themselves or pay to receive a rating. Look for the companies labeled “Certified Pros” (Angie’s stamp of approval). For more on Angie’s List, click here.

Home Advisor

If only we could all have a home advisor. Someone with the definitive answers to all our household what if’s and should I’s. Home Advisor is a website that offers just those sorts of answers. From carpentry to lawn maintenance to handyman services and builders, HomeAdvisor helps you find and book the right people for your job. Simply select a category that matches your improvement needs and respond to the Home Advisor’s questions. You’ll be provided with “four pre-screened home improvement pros” that match your needs and availability. For more on HomeAdvisor, click here.


Houzz the home repair situation going? Great, thanks to the Houzz website. Although the website is best known for its interior design marketplace, it offers additional services as well. Users can find everything from tree services, to electricians, to lawn care specialists. Each provider on Houzz is listed along with reviews, star ratings, and contact information. For more on Houzz, click here.

Local Hardware Store

What better place to find a South Florida handyman than one that specializes in home repairs? The next time you’re picking up the hardware for your latest DIY, its always a good idea to ask the people who work there if they know any pros, just in case the DIY goes DIWrong. Most of them will know local service people in your area or may even be handypeople themselves.


Even if they didn’t welcome you to the neighborhood with a homemade tuna casserole, doesn’t mean they don’t have good advice on home repair companies in South Florida. Next Door is a free social network designed for specific communities and their surrounding communities. Once you’re signed in, introduce yourself and request your neighbors’ recommendations. Alternatively, check NextDoor’s “Recommendation” category for information on local professional service companies. For more on Nextdoor, click here.


A Word From Moving Squad on Finding a Reliable Handyman in South Florida

At Moving Squad, we may not know how to caulk a window, but we do know about finding a reliable South Florida handyman. We believe that every reliable professional service company should hold their customers in priority. We believe in accurate, upfront, and affordable pricing, efficiency and professionalism and we apply that to the way we do business as well. To find out more about us, read our reviews and request our free rate quote today.


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