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How to Pack Fragile Items For Your Move

Packing Fragile Items for Your Move | Moving Squad

There’s a certain point during the moving process when homeowners and business owners start to realize they’ve got some rather nice items that they’d like to stay intact. Things like fine china, a big screen TV or expensive artwork need to be handled with care. So of course, we recommend you leave it to the pros. A professional moving company like ours will be better equipped with the appropriate packing materials and correct sized boxes. Plus, we have clever ways to load these items into the trucks to further limit their chances of damage.

We’re a family-owned local moving company with decades of experience helping households and businesses relocate all throughout South Florida. Our crews are strong, efficient and energetic. (They like to get their workout in at work!) And that means we’re more than able-bodied when it comes to carefully carrying heavy pieces—like those antique furniture items handed down from the Greatest Generation.

However, since we are always flexible when it comes to meeting our clients within their price budget, many choose to pack items themselves. If you want to pack your own fragile items for your move, we’ve got a few helpful tips to reduce the chances of damage during transit.

Packing Fragile Items for Your Move

When attempting to pack fragile items for a move, the first thing to do is to go around your home or business and identify which items will warrant some special attention. Chances are you are thinking about one or two precious items when really there could be a dozen more that will require extra love.

Start your search like a detective as you move throughout your home. Search all rooms with an eye for fragile items to pack for your move. Create an inventory sheet so you can investigate what type of special packaging or wrapping these items will need. (We’ll get to that in a minute, first let’s make sure you don’t miss any fragile items.)

Scouting Out Your Fragile Items to Pack for Your Move

It’s a good idea as you are making your inventory, to check not just each room, but each closet, pantry door, and all cabinets too. Don’t forget attics, garages, basements, sheds or storage facilities, if you have them.

Look High: Chandeliers, artwork, elaborate lighting fixtures
Look Low: Glass coffee tables, ceramic vases and other home décor
Think Big: That baby grand piano is as high-maintenance as a real baby and the fish tank is a great statement piece, but one wrong move and they could be history. Also, consider any statues you may have in your home or yard.
Think Small: Smaller crystal figurines and other collectibles from the office. You don’t want something wet seeping into your baseball card collection or heirloom photos. Expensive wedding gifts like porcelain frames need to stay a happy memory right?

All these items are fragile and it all needs to have a plan in place to ensure it makes it safely to the destination.

The Plan for Packing Your Fragile Items for Your Move

The next step is to gather all the essential materials and tools you’ll need to pack your fragile items. Here is a list of things you’ll want to order to get the packing done securely.

Quality boxes in various sizes: It is not recommended to use second-hand boxes for your fragile items. Though feel free to use for the rest of your household items.

Packing paper: used to create cushion within the box so items won’t shift around or smash into each other.

Bubble wrap: most appropriate for any items that are shatter-prone. Ceramics, pottery, pictures.

Use the largest table you have to layout your items. You’ll also want to keep pliable cardboard, scissors, and packing tape handy as you begin to pack your fragile items.

Do Not Wait for Moving Day to Pack Your Fragile Items

We repeat. Do not wait for moving day to pack fragile items. You’ll need time to purchase your supplies and take care of the wrapping, packing and loading process. Without prior preparation, you’ll run the risk of not packing your fragile items tightly enough or you may resort to using inadequate supplies that lead to damage during the move.

If today is your moving day, reach out to us to see if we have the supplies you need for your items. There’s a good chance we will. Then to be flexible, we can just pack those while still keeping you close to your budget.

For fragile items that are also expensive, it may be a good idea to ask your Moving Squad professional for information on additional insurance if you forgo professional packing. It’s worth considering if you are short on time.

Here are our favorite tips for packing various kinds of fragile items.

Lamp Shades and Bases:  Get their own box. Facedown with lots of paper. Bases should be bubble-wrapped in addition to the paper surrounding it.

Plates: The strategy is to only use medium to small boxes. Stack them vertically next to one another. Give the bottom and top a crumpled cushion with a few layers of packing paper. Each plate gets bubble wrap taped securely. Use paper between plates as well.

Picture Frames: Get the same treatment as plates. Bubble wrapped, stacked vertically, paper in between, paper everywhere.

Glasses: Each glass gets a crumpled paper to fill the hollow inside. Then another sheet to wrap around the outside. These boxes also get a paper cushion on the bottom and top. Place the sturdiest glassware at the bottom and smaller items on top. Don’t overfill, but use more paper crumpled to fill in any gaps in the box.

How to Pack Specialty Items When Moving

For all oddly shaped items, use bubble wrap to protect all angles of the piece including handles or other protruding pieces. Use plenty of tape as you wrap around your fragile item. Here is where pliable cardboard gets to shine. Use strong packaging tape or duct tape to wrap two pieces of pliable cardboard around the item, connecting them together. Now you’ve created a cardboard force field around your oddly-shaped, fragile item. Now you can place this secure package into a snuggly fitting box and feel confident for the journey. Once you tape your box up, write fragile ON ALL SIDES. Including bottom.

We hope you feel more prepared to tackle packing your fragile items, but if you are considering hiring a professional mover instead, we’re here to answer your questions. Call us today and speak to a professional who can give you a better understanding of the moving process.




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