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How to Stay Organized During a Miami Move

Take it from your trusted local movers, Moving is never an easy experience. It doesn’t really matter if you are moving across town or across the country, you just need to prepare adequately if you want the experience to be less stressful. Moving in Miami is not so different from what is obtainable in other places. Miami movers, however, can help make it easier and smoother for you.

In spite of the emotions, stress, and financial implications of a Miami move, it is possible to come out without being frustrated. It will be tough, no doubt, but once you are organized, you will be able to come out of the experience in a great mood.

With so many things to think about during your move, what is the key to staying organized? Many will tell you that starting in time to plan for the move is the key. While this is true to some extent, it is not the end of the story. Here, we will summarize ways you can stay organized during the entire process.


Plan Ahead of Time with a Moving Timeline

There is no way you can stay organized without a good plan. Plan your Miami move well ahead of time and create a timeline for it. This will help you to not become overwhelmed at the tasks before you as you prepare to make a move in Miami.  Schedule your move, then count how many weeks or months you have until moving day. After that, decide how many boxes you’d like to pack each week to help you stay motivated and help your Miami move go as seamlessly as possible. Work according to your moving timeline and you won’t be fazed by the number of activities before you. Procrastinating will disorganize you but a good plan will help to eliminate the need to rush things at any stage.


Know When to Transfer Your Utilities

You can’t be organized when the basic things you need, like water and electricity,  are not available on moving day. You will need to transfer your utilities from your old place to your new place in time for your Miami move. Find a helpful timeline to transfer your utilities to make sure that your last days in your old place and your first few days in your new home are as comfortable as possible. It’s a good idea to call your power company as soon as you know the moving date to schedule the transfer. It’s also a good idea to give yourself an overlap just incase your moving date gets changed or pushed back due to weather or any other unforeseen reasons. Knowing when to transfer your utilities and taking the right actions will also help you eliminate unnecessary issues while you are trying to move.


Sort Your Household Items Ahead of Time

Moving time is an excellent opportunity to sort and declutter your belongings. There are certain things that do need to be moved to your new home. Why pay for items you don’t even want anymore to be transferred all over Miami.  It is time to lose them. This does not necessarily mean you have to toss everything in the garbage. Some items can be sold and others can have a second life in a second-hand store or be offered up in local Facebook groups.


Designate Separate Areas of Your Home for Separate Purposes

To stay very organized throughout the processes of sorting your things, disposing of those you need to dispose of, and packing up the ones to move, you need to create separate areas for them. As you sort, designate different storage space for items to move, items to be sold, items to be donated or given away, items movers will not allow in their trucks, and essential items to keep on you. By doing this, you will not mix things up.


Create an Inventory of Items That Will Move

While you may make different lists for the different sorted item types, you have to create a comprehensive inventory of the items you will move to your new home. You have to take this inventory in a strategic manner. You can list items according to the rooms they belong to and keep the lists separately. Movers will also need this inventory to bill you.


Create a Floor Plan for Your New Home

It is important to plan how you will live in your new home even before you start packing things in the house you are vacating. You must have envisaged your life in the new house, now it is time to create a detailed floor plan. This will help you stay organized during packing and will make things a lot easier when you start unpacking and settling into the new house.


Book Your Movers on Time

It is also important that you book your Miami movers on time. This is especially important when you are moving during the moving season when many movers are busy. Even if you are moving during the off-season, booking ahead of time will ensure that you do not have last minute surprises. It will also help to keep you organized, knowing that you are on the same page with everyone involved.


Pack Your Things Logically

Packing logically is part of being organized. If you follow the other tips above, packing will be a lot easier. When you pack, you should have an idea of where these boxes are headed in your new home. This eliminates the potential for all forms of mix-ups. By packing things logically we mean considering not making boxes too heavy. Large boxes should only have lighter items in them and smaller boxes should be reserved for heavier items. This will prevent boxes from warping or breaking during transit. It’s also important that you start packing items from rooms that are not used as often and save the everyday stuff for the end of the packing process. Our professional Miami movers know exactly how to execute this on your behalf.


Color Code Your Moving Boxes

It is often recommended that you label each box and indicate where they are meant to be in the new house. You can take this to another level by color coding the boxes. This is actually recommended so that your Miami movers can help you put all boxes exactly where they belong in an organized and effortless manner. Here is how color coding works. You can use color coded labels, big stickers or colored duct tape to indicate which boxes belong in each room. Assign every room a different color and label each box specifically. Here is an example.

All green boxes are for the kitchen.

Kitchen: wine glasses and bar tools

Kitchen: coffee pot, coffee mugs

Kitchen: pots, pans, utensils.


Keep Your Essential Items with You

There are some important possessions you are required to keep with you during the move. As mentioned earlier, you need to keep these items separate while sorting. From your certificates to employment, legal, financial, housing, and motor vehicle documents, you need to have them all with you. You should also keep cash, prescriptions, jewelry and other highly valuable items with you during the move.


Staying organized is important if you want to make a Miami move smoother. The tips above will help you stay well organized throughout the process just as reputable Miami movers will make things easier.

Are you planning to relocate to Miami anytime soon? Contact us today at Moving Squad of South Florida LLC. We offer affordable, well-detailed, and professional moving services. Our experienced movers will handle everything involved in your moving and packing. With us, you are guaranteed to get a stress-free and enjoyable moving experience.


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