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In South Florida, there are certain things we can rely on and other things we can’t. For example, we can pretty much rely on sunny weather; we can rest assured that a Cuban sandwich will never disappoint and that there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a stiff mojito cocktail. Unfortunately, South Florida local movers can be less reliable. And when your movers are unreliable, let’s just say, you’re going to need a lot of mojitos.

So, what’re the worst things that can happen if you hire an unreliable mover, aside from a bad hangover? We’re glad you asked. At Moving Squad, we thought we’d show you a few of the worst-case scenarios that Moving Squad can help you avoid.

South Florida Local Movers That You Can Rely On

When you give us your worst, we give you our best! Rely on Moving Squad to help you through these worst-case scenarios with ease and grace.

Scenario 1: Movers Go AWOL

The deposit is paid,  the arrangements are made, but the moving company is a no-show and your number’s been blocked?? Unfortunately, bad contracts do happen to good people. But not at Moving Squad. When you’re packed and ready to go, you can rest assured that your deposit money is not on its way to a Swedish bank account. We’re licensed, insured, and, above all, reliable.

To make sure your movers are certified, visit this DOT site and choose “carrier search.”

Scenario 2: Movers Are Late and Not Present or Accounted For

Your move is scheduled for 10 AM, and it’s 10:01. Ok, one minute, no big deal, right? 10:05, and you’re start peeking out the window for the moving truck. Soon you’re counting cars, and fifteen minutes have passed. You call the moving company someone behind a desk tells you that they’re on their way. At Moving Squad, our South Florida local movers are just as excited and prepared for your move as you are. When you’re on our schedule, you can expect us to arrive promptly or keep you updated in case of an unavoidable delay.

Scenario 3: Furniture Won’t Fit Through the Door

Has push come to shove when you’re trying to fit your furniture through the door? Cease and desist. You’re going to end up damaging your doorframe, your wall, your furniture, and quite possibly a body part. If you find yourself in this worst-case scenario, Moving Squad can help. We can remove doorframes, disassemble furniture and even arrange for a hoist. We also take measurements beforehand, so you never get “stuck” in this sort of situation.


Scenario 4: Building Restrictions/ HOA Fees/ Strict Moving Requirements Pose A Challenge

You’ve arrived (in every sense of the word) at your new beautiful South Florida condo, aiming to make a sophisticated entrance. You park your moving truck in a convenient spot only to receive a less than warm welcome from your landlord, who informs you that there are strict parking regulations, and you’ll need to find another location for your helplessly conspicuous vehicle. He is polite, but you feel snubbed. Avoid the unpleasant experience by hiring a local South Florida moving company that’s familiar with the rules and regulations. When relocation challenges come up, our experienced staff will ensure that you get through them without any hassle. Rely on us to work it out with the business management to guarantee a smooth transition into your new home.

Scenario 5: New Home Not Ready

Whether you’re waiting out a lease agreement, forgot to get your utilities transferred, or an emergency has arisen, sometimes your home is just not ready when you are. In that case, rely on Moving Squad’s spacious storage facility to keep your belongings safe and in tip-top shape while you bear with the inconvenience. We have climate-controlled units available for long-term and short-term storage ready for you even if your home isn’t.

South Florida Local Movers

Yes, moving can be a nightmare, and we hope we haven’t scared you too badly with all of our worst-case scenarios. We just wanted to let you know how important it is to find a reliable mover. Now that we’ve made our case, we’d like to ease your mind with a little reassurance from your reliable South Florida local movers.

Free Rate Quote

If the worst-case scenario is getting ripped off by unprofessional movers, the best-case scenario is finding a company that provides you with a detailed breakdown of your expenses before you sign a contract. You tell us your budget and needs, and we’ll give you an estimate that you can bank on.

Customized Moving Packages

Also, among our better features are our flexible and customized moving packages. As a full-service moving company, we’re prepared to handle every aspect of your move. You tell us the aspects, and we come up with an affordable package that takes care of every one of them.

At Moving Squad, we hope that all your scenarios are of the best-case variety. And if you’re moving, we’ll make sure that your moving scenario is one of them. Call our South Florida local movers today for a free rate quote, and we’ll do our best to keep you moving in the right direction.


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Thank you so very much it was a pleasure dealing with you & your company. It was a very smooth move.
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Moving Squad did our move last week on July 31st. We were extremely satisfied with every aspect of the move. The crew was courteous, efficient and professional.
- Allan
Moving Squad provided excellent service at an even better price. They were professional and kind every time I had questions regarding my move. [...] Highly
- Joanne

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