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Is My Local South Florida Mover Prepared for an Emergency?

Is Your Local South Florida Mover Prepared for an Emergency? | Moving Squad

Plan ahead. If you are or have ever asked for advice about moving, chances are you’ve heard these words a lot. And it’s pretty sound advice. Most would agree that the best way to avoid nasty surprises from interfering with your move is to plan. But what happens when you can’t plan ahead? Emergencies could crop up that necessitate relocation at short notice. In those cases, you’ll need a South Florida mover that can handle it.

South Florida Movers That Come Through

When emergencies arise, the move becomes the emergency. Whether it’s moving plans falling through at the last minute, needing more help than planned, moving on short notice, or natural disasters, Moving Squad is your 911. If your move has to happen, Moving Squad is the South Florida movers that will make it happen, no matter what it takes.

Truck Rental Problems

It’s a common sitcom trope. A character shows up at a car or truck rental company only to find that his or her reservation has not been held. (See Seinfeld, “Car Reservation” for reference). In most sitcoms, the main character has a sense of humor about it. In reality, it can be very serious.

At Moving Squad, we understand that when a truck rental company fails to hold your reservation, it’s no joke. Count on us to come through 24/7, when the truck rental companies don’t.

Natural Disasters

As South Florida movers, we remember all too clearly the devastation Hurricane Irma caused to Florida in 2017. We also remember how the people of South Florida banded together during that time to help one another. At Moving Squad, we have a highly experienced team experienced with all types of emergencies, including fire, water, and tornado damaged properties. We offer end to end services to help you through your time of need.

South Florida Movers Who Don’t Show Up or Cancel at the Last Minute

Moving company didn’t show? Don’t panic. After all, it may just be a problem of miscommunication. Call up the moving company, confirm the time of pickup and whether or not the company will be able to arrive and perform your move.

However, if you’ve done all of the above and start to get the feeling that the moving company has no intention of showing up whatsoever, it may be time to call Moving Squad. Trust our team of same-day service professionals to keep in constant communication with you from the time you hire us to the time you arrive at your destination. Don’t worry about Moving Squad; we’re not going anywhere until you tell us to.

Family and Friends Back Out

Perhaps the only thing more difficult to do than asking for help with a move is refusing to help with a move. No one wants to say no when their buddies ask them for help, but no one wants to be left hanging on moving day. Never fear, Moving Squad has your back even when family and friends back out.

As South Florida Movers, we consider our South Florida customers to be our friends and family. If you find yourself a few buddies short on moving day, give us a call and we’ll help you round out your team. Our friendly professional movers will handle the heavy lifting with the greatest of care.

Moving on Short Notice

Sometimes moving is unexpected and urgent. You’ve got to make your move fast and you want a mover that can get you there with the speed you need. Trust our expert professionals to pack your belongings safely and securely in a short amount of time. We’ll handle every aspect of your move, to make it go smoothly, and efficiently.

Moving Squad Emergency Preparedness

In our over 50 years of experience, we’ve handled a good deal of emergency moves, and we know what it takes to come through for our customers time and time again. It takes professionalism, reliability, and resources. Here are some of the things that set us apart from other moving companies when it comes to handling emergencies.

Licensed and Insured

While most moving companies are legitimate, there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there have been a growing number of complaints filed against companies due to “fraudulent practices of rogue movers.”

If you’re going to fork over money to hire a moving company, you might as well make sure it won’t “go rogue” on you, especially on moving day. Our licensed and insured movers have a proven track record of reliability. Our DOT number can be found at the bottom of our website.

Packing Services

When it’s an emergency situation, packing is not always an option. Even if it is chances are you won’t have time to buy boxes, label, sort, and pack. At Moving Squad, we’re ready to bring all the materials to you, carefully pack your items, and do all the heavy lifting in a short amount of time.

Storage Services

Another consequence of emergency moving is the need for storage. When space needs to be cleared in emergencies, those affected can find themselves without a place to keep their belongings. If such circumstances arise, Moving Squad is prepared with a clean, secure, and spacious storage facility to meet our customers’ immediate needs.

Find out more about our packing and storage services here.

Personal Account Manager

We always make every move we handle gets the special it deserves, and when it’s an emergency move, we make sure it gets our utmost attention. When you hire our South Florida movers, you’ll have a personal account manager working double-time to monitor your urgent move, keeping in constant communication with you during your times of uncertainty.

Affordable Pricing

After dealing with an emergency, a large moving bill can seem like a slap in the face. We don’t think you deserve that, and we do everything in our power to keep that from happening. Count on our compassionate and sensitive South Florida movers keep your circumstances in mind. We won’t break your spirit, and we won’t break your budget.

We hope that you never find yourself in an emergency, but we’d like to remind you that you can rely on us if you ever do. Check out our website today and find out about our free rate quote. We’re the South Florida movers that you can count on.


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