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Essential Info to Maintain Your Short Term or Long Term Storage Unit

Maintain Your Long Term or Short Term Storage Unit | Moving Squad

Storage units are a great solution for storing belongings during a transition. They are ideal for keeping your household items, personal belongings, valuables, and business-related items safe. You may be preparing for a big move to a smaller space and need a place to store your items temporarily until they can be sold. Or perhaps you are moving into you a permanent place of your own, but are not sure when your old home will sell. In these cases and more, you have the option of choosing between a short term storage unit and long term storage unit.

The difference in long and short term storage is this. Short term storage units allow you to store your belongings for three months or less. Whereas, long-term storage units provide you a safe space to store your valuables for more than three months. Regardless of whether you are renting a long term or short term storage unit, there are some essential steps you should take to maintain your storage unit and keep your belongings safe. In this post, we will be providing you with useful tips to maintain your short term or long term storage unit.

Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit for Long Term or Short Term

Homeowners, businesses, and renters often rent storage of either long-term or short-term for different reasons. Some use it as a temporary solution during a transition. Others need the storage unit to reduce the clutter in their house. Below are some reasons to rent a storage unit:

  • Moving To a New Place: At times, you may need to move out of your old home before your new apartment is ready. The storage unit provides you with a safe place to keep your belongings temporarily until your new place is ready.
  • House Renovation or Remodeling: To renovate or upgrade your home, you may need to move your belongings out. You can keep them safe in a storage facility until your house remodeling is completed.
  • Downsize Your Home: You can also rent a storage unit for long term or short term if you want to downsize your home. Rather than getting rid of your household items permanently, you can keep them in a storage facility.
  • Provide More Space At Home: Renting a storage unit provides you with a place to store your belongings while you declutter and keep your home tidy.
  • Keep Vehicles Safe: Also, you can rent a storage unit to keep your classic car safe during the offseason. The storage facility can also be used to keep your motorcycles, RVs, and boats safe.

How to Maintain Your Short Term or Long Term Storage Unit

When using a storage unit, it is important to keep your belongings safely stowed away. Here are some tips to help you out:

Best Practices for Packing Items

Some best practices for packing your items and belongings before you store them away include;

  • Use New, Sturdy Boxes: You can be tempted to reuse old boxes you find around your house. However, it is advisable to make use of new, sturdy boxes. They are still in excellent shape and can provide a safe way to pack your belongings.
  • Label Your Boxes: Also, ensure that all boxes are clearly labeled on their sides. With this, you can easily keep track and identify items, even after stacking boxes in the storage facility.
  • Do Not Use Plastic Bags: However, plastic bags can trap humidity and moisture. Thus, causing mildew and mold. Hence, do not pack items and belongings using plastic bags.
  • Wrap Fragile Items: Also, provide an extra layer of protection for fragile items by wrapping them with bubble wrap, stretch wrap or newspaper.

Best Practices for Accessing Items Stowed Away

However, you may need to access your things in the storage unit when you need to retrieve an item. It is important that you are careful in order not to disorganize the storage facility.

  • Organize the Storage Space: Ensure that the storage unit is well-organized. This will help you take advantage of the available space and make it easier to reach needed items.
  • Stack Items by Priority: Also, stacking your items based on priority will definitely make it easier to access your most important items and documents first.
  • Leave a Little Corridor: When stacking boxes or arranging belongings into the storage unit, ensure that you leave a small corridor between two piles of items. With this, you can have access to both piles.
  • Make Clothing Easily Accessible: Never underestimate the importance of your clothing. There may be a sudden change in the weather. Likewise, you may be invited to an impromptu cocktail party. Any of these may require you to take out your weather clothing or beautiful party dress. You won’t need to stress yourself if you can keep your clothing closer to the entrance.

How to Keep Away Bugs

In addition, you need to keep your short term or long term storage unit free of bugs, rodents, and insects. If not, they can cause costly damages to your valuables. Here are some tips to keep away bugs, rodents, and prevent insect infestation:

  • Carefully Pack and Cover Furniture: Seal up the seams of cardboard boxes using heavy-duty packing tape. Cover upholstery or other furniture pieces with furniture covers or clean, white sheets.
  • Be Mindful Of Climate Sensitive Items: Belongings such as electronics or wood furniture that are climate-sensitive should be stowed away in a climate-controlled unit. This ensures that your belongings are not affected by extreme temperatures or weather.
  • Keep Boxes and Furniture Away From the Floor: However, do not place boxes and furniture pieces on the floor directly. You can place them on pallets or shelves. This will keep the items off the ground, allow airflow, and prevent potential water damage.
  • Others: Apply natural pest deterrents to the surrounding environment of the storage facility. Also, ensure that you visit the facility regularly.

Storage units provide an incredible solution for both short-term and long-term storage needs. However, ensure that you choose the ideal size and type of storage unit that suit your needs. Also, store your items away properly, ensure that they are easily reachable, and keep your items away from bugs. By following the tips above, you can maintain your short term or long term storage unit and keep your belongings in excellent condition.

Choosing a Reliable Storage Facility

This is essential for the safety and security of your valuables and belongings. Contact us today at Moving Squad to know more about our storage and packing services. Our climate-controlled storage units are highly affordable, safe, and reliable. Whether you need a long term or short term storage unit, we can offer you personalized storage solutions to meet your unique needs. With us, you can have the peace of mind that all your belongings and valuables are stowed away in a safe and secure place.

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