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How to Prepare for a Move With Small Kids

How to Prepare for a Move with Small Children | Moving Squad

It can be hard to prepare for moving when small children are involved, but it’s possible to make the process much easier. We’re a family business, and we’re going to offer you our best tips to make moving to Florida with kids easier.

Move Right for the Age Group

Each age group of children has different abilities. You’ll know better how to prepare for a move when you work with the strengths of yours. 

Ages 1–5

This group often has little trouble moving. They may be young enough not to understand the concept of moving, and they’ll quickly make new friends, even if they’ll ask a lot of questions about what is happening. They may even have bursts of temper, but they’ll adjust.

You can read them stories about families who have gone through a move. Put their favorite toys and keepsakes together in one box or duffel bag so they get used to them moving around and don’t think they’re going to disappear. 


Children this age may have a better concept that they’ll be leaving the school, friends, parks, etc., that they like. They may feel more of a loss. It’s important to give them ways to stay in touch with their friends for as long as they need.

You may also need to take more time to listen to them vent. They’ll feel automatic negative emotions. Their feelings are completely valid—and it’s important for you to listen to them with empathy. Be understanding that those painful feelings are happening, just like a skinned knee or other event. 

But also find a teachable moment when it’s your turn to talk. Address their worries and their questions. Tell them about (and show them) the positive, exciting aspects of the new location, being sure not to disregard or minimize their fears and anxieties in the process. 

You might even know of an advantage to the new location that they would miss out on if you were to never move. Maybe they’ve always wanted a treehouse, for example, and you can offer one at the new house.

Stay supportive throughout the move. Communication is never done.

To-Do List to Prepare for Moving

Moving is complicated, with more details than any human mind can organize without help. Write down every necessary activity on a to-do list. This might be on paper or on a smartphone, sharing the list with a spouse and anyone else who needs it. It could include the following: 

  • Discover the fun things your kids can do in your new town.
  • Get medical records and keep them in a safe place.
  • Get grades and other records from the school.
  • Let your kids pick out their favorite toys to keep, plus which to give away.
  • Make a backpack for each child with favorite toys, some treats, and a surprise.
  • Once you arrive, register at the new school and visit it with your kids that will attend.
  • Sign your kids up for local after-school programs.
  • Tour the new town together.
  • Unpack quickly to make the new home feel familiar to the kids.

Invite Your Kids into the Moving Adventure

Your attitude has a lot to do with how to prepare for a move with kids. They’ll take their cues from you. So treat it like an adventure! Invite them to participate in your adventurous move and let your excitement be contagious. 

Give them tasks as a junior explorer that will help to outfit the team and make your journey more successful. They could: 

  • Decide which toys would make good gifts to leave behind for people to remember them by.
  • Finish small cleaning tasks (because explorers keep their areas spick and span).
  • Look at new houses with you, online or in person.
  • Think about how to decorate their new room or bed.

But remember that they may still feel afraid of the unknown, sad about losing their friends and favorite places, and angry at you—or even resentful at the new people moving into your old house. They’ll need a bit of sympathy now and then. Remember, these tasks can be frustrating even for you, so give them only what they can handle. 

Also, adhere to an age-appropriate schedule. Have them take their naps, and get some packing done at the same time. Don’t let moving feel like chaos to them. Stick to any routines they are used to whenever possible.

Get Help Moving to Florida With Kids

A lot of adults feel stressed during a move. But if you follow even just a few of the tips above, it’ll be easier to prepare for a move with small kids. Once you have your to-do list set up, you can focus on just one achievable task at a time. Start sooner than you think you need to, and take breaks to de-stress as you go. 

We can create a customized moving plan for you at Moving Squad. We can help you pack, store your things, offer our Express Pack System, and move you to your new home. Check out our moving services today.


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