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Moving Advice for Homeowners: Prevent Property Damage

Prevent Property Damage to Your Home While Moving | Moving Squad

Typically, you’re very diligent about keeping your things in good condition. You wash your clothes in cold water, you change the oil in your car regularly, and you still haven’t taken your Gwen Stefani doll out of her original box. Ideally, you would like to do the same for your house. But when you’re moving furniture in and out, you might need a few moving tips to keep it in tip-top shape.

At Moving Squad, we have the men, the skills, and the materials to keep your home from losing its property value before you’ve had the chance to get Alexa up and running, and we are more than prepared to share our tips with you. So, without further ado, here is some moving advice for homeowners who want their property to retain its value well beyond moving day.

Moving Advice for Homeowners on Preventing Property Damage

 Property damage happens – but sometimes it doesn’t have to!  Here are some ways to keep your home sweet home from furniture that goes bump on moving day.

Moving Tips for Carrying Large Items of Furniture

For the most part, we like to live large. And when we choose to live large, we have to move large, as in large pieces of furniture, king-sized beds, five-piece sectionals, and oversized club chairs, to name a few. Fortunately, with a little planning, you can get these items into your house without largely damaging your doors, walls, or floors.

  • Take Your Time: Haste makes waste! Take some extra time to maneuver items through doorways and hallways carefully.
  • Have Enough People to Move Heavy and Oddly Shaped Items. If you don’t have a professional moving team to help, make sure you have a crew who knows how to lift properly.
  • Use Special Equipment If Possible. The importance of using a moving dolly on moving day cannot be overestimated! Consider purchasing dollies, furniture sliders, moving straps, and heavy-duty work gloves to improve your grip.
  • Measure Doorways and Hallways in Advance: Add measuring tape to your shopping list if you don’t have it already. You’ll need it to make sure your doorways and hallways are wide enough to accommodate large items.

Moving Tips for Preparing in Advance

If there is one piece of homeowner moving advice we can’t repeat enough, it’s don’t rush the process! As long as you plan and prepare your items in advance, the desired results will follow.

  • Kitchen Appliances: Dirty, wet appliances are slippery appliances, particularly the ones in the kitchen. Take some precautionary steps by cleaning and drying your kitchen appliances before the big day.
  • Pack Fragile Items Away: Small and delicate items should not be in harm’s way when you’re doing the heavy lifting. Pack mirrors, china, and anything other easily breakable items in advance.
  • Clear the Floor: Before the move begins, roll up all rugs and carpeting, and clear away debris.

Moving Tips for Covering Walls and Floors 

When you’re lugging your furniture into your new home, one wrong move can leave a lasting impression on your flooring. To protect your walls and floors from damage and avoid costly repairs, cover them up.

  • Carpet: Keep the magic in your carpet by protecting it with self- adhesive covering on moving day. This will safeguard it against tears, spills, and footprints.
  • Hardwood Floors: According to Professional Builder, hardwood floors can increase home sale prices by 70 to 80%! Protect your investment on moving day by shielding them from damage with a protective cover. Attach felt or cardboard to the feet of your furniture to prevent scratching.
  • Walls: If these walls could talk, they would more than likely tell you to cover them with drop cloths before you move. You may also consider covering them with cardboard, wooden boards, or bubble wrap.

Moving Tips for A Stress-Free Move

If you scrolled directly to this part of the article, we hear you!  For a stress-free move, our best piece of homeowner moving advice is to leave it to the professionals at Moving Squad. No BYOs, no DIYs, and no messing around. Just state of the art equipment and materials, experienced professionals, and exceptional customer service.

Call Moving Squad for a Free Estimate 

To get started with us, call our professionals for a free estimate. Tell us what your move requires and we’ll customize a plan that works within your budget. Once you get our estimate  we’ll give you time to think it over before we even start to think about contracts. You approve of our services and we adjust accordingly.

Local Moving and Packing Services

At Moving Squad, we practice what we preach. So, not only do we preach safe moving techniques, but we also practice them. And with over fifty years of practice, we can save you time, effort, and ultimately money.

  • No need to cover carpets, walls, and floors. We bring our professional-grade floor coverings, wall coverings, and carpet coverings to you. Our movers will expertly cover your walls and floors for maximum protection.
  • No need to take extra time to maneuver furniture. Our movers know how to move large furniture items quickly and correctly, preventing damage to doors and hallways.
  • No need to find “a few good men.” Our moving crew has the muscle, manpower, and materials to handle large and oddly shaped items.
  • No need to buy or rent tools and hardware. We bring the dollies, the furniture gliders, the straps, and the measuring tape. We get your items out of the truck, into your house, and across your floors without scratches, dings, spills, or footprints.

At Moving Squad, we have a great deal of moving advice for homeowners looking to prevent property damage. But, our best piece of advice is to let us do the moving for you.

Get in touch with us today and request our free rate quote. Tell us your needs and budget and we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of your expenses (no extra charge for the moving advice).  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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