Moving During the School Year: Is it a Good or Bad Idea?

Moving is a fact of life. That doesn’t make it any easier for adults or children, though. Especially children old enough to be in school. When you consider moving your child from their current school to a new one, many concerns come to parents. What if they have best friends? Will they recover from moving away from them? Will they develop separation anxiety?

With all of these concerns in mind, it’s understandable that parents choose to move during the summer break. It seems the most logical time to make a clean break from friends and connections in the area. Statistically, Moving during the summer break is the more popular choice, but it does come with some cons. The biggest one is price. Moving during the summer break is going to cost you more. 

You face a tough decision: move during the summer and protect your child or children from potential separation anxiety, or move during the school year and save money. As it happens, the choice isn’t quite that black and white. There are more pros and cons to each choice. 

Pros for Moving During the School Year

Take a look at some of the pros associated with moving during the school year:

  • Cheaper: Peak moving season starts around April and goes through September. Many families that are packing up and moving tend to choose this time of year to do so. It’s when their kids aren’t in school. Subsequently, the prices for moving take a big leap upward. The demand for moving is high, so prices rise to meet it. Moving while school is in session will be significantly more affordable. 
  • Weather: Summer break might seem like the ideal time to move, but the weather might say otherwise. Summer is notoriously hot. If you’re prepared to move in temperatures well above 80 degrees, great. If not, moving during the school year lets you avoid the heat. Certain items can also be damaged during excessive heat exposure. Something else to consider as you think about what time of year you want to move.  
  • Moving Help:  Finding a good mover is difficult at the best of times. Try moving during the peak season, and you’ll have an even harder time finding moving help. If you plan far enough in advance, you should be booking your movers a few months before you actually move.  

Pros for Moving During Summer Break

Below are a list of the pros associated with moving during summer break:

  • Kids: Moving is difficult for children, and moving during the school year can be particularly difficult. It’s understandable to be concerned about your children missing out on education or missing their friends. And this level of disruption can be overwhelming for some kids. Moving during the summer break can be the best way to avoid serious issues. 
  • Housing Options: Housing options tend to be at their peak during peak moving season. It’ll be competitive and expensive, but you might just be in a position to get the house you’ve always wanted. Plus, your own home should sell for more. 
  • Yard Sales: Having a yard sale during fall or winter works but doesn’t usually result in quite the purging you can experience with a summer yard sale. Moving during summer break could put you in a better position to get rid of unwanted items before your move. 

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Moving at any time of the year, especially with children to consider, can be hard. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find the right moving company to help.  Moving Squad can make it easier. No matter when you choose to move, trust us to support you and your family from beginning to end. From planning, packing, transport, and storage, there is no aspect of the moving process that we can’t handle.

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Our movers will deal with those hassles if you don’t want to deal with them for you. Count on our reliable movers to work it out with building management and get you into your new residence with the royal treatment you deserve.

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We’re also a full-service South Florida moving company. That means we stick with our customers from beginning to end. Count on our personal account managers to draw up a moving plan customized to your needs and budget. Count on our experienced movers to deliver the quality service on which we built our reputation.

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When you work with us, honesty is our most important policy. We design our free, transparent rate quotes, so our customers can approve of their expenses before signing a contract. Just let us know your budget and we’ll give you a ballpark price. For a more accurate quote, download our free moving app, which will allow you to take videos and provide us with specific instructions regarding your belongings.

Whether you’re moving during the school year or moving during school break, you’ll always have a happy ending to your story with Moving Squad. No matter what the season, trust us to give you the lowest rate and live up to the highest standards. Request our free rate quote today, and we’ll get you and your family on the road to a new beginning.

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