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Moving to Broward County

Psst- Google told us you searched Moving Services Broward County and we wanted to be the first to congratulate you on a move to our area.

“Gentrified with Southern pride.” That’s how we like to think of Broward County. We may have gained a few more fusion restaurants and upscale shops in the past few years, but most of them will still let you in if you’re wearing flip flops. If you’re thinking of moving to Broward County, you’re not alone. There’s a reason why Broward County is the 15th most populous city in the US and it’s not just Fort Lauderdale Beach. As Broward County’s most trusted moving company, Moving Squad would like to show you around the neighborhood.

Making the move to Broward County

At Moving Squad, we like to think of ourselves as BroCo’s unofficial welcoming committee. After all, we’ve been introducing people from around South Florida to our little slice of heaven for over fifty years. Moving to Broward County may not be the same as living in Broward County, but at Moving Squad, we think we’ve seen and done enough to consider ourselves experts on both. Once you’re here, you’ll have places to see, shopping to do, food to sample and places to take the family so, what are you waiting for? Time to get moving.

Places to See in Broward County

Places to see. It comes right after “things to do” on the list of living life to the fullest. Now that you’ve checked off all the items on your moving “to do” list, it’s time to get out and see all the great places Broward County has to offer. Here are some of the Moving Squad’s favorite must-sees from the beaches to the outer reaches.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Now that the Spring breakers have gone, Fort Lauderdale Beach has gone back to class. By class, we mean as in style. With the waves of college students no longer hitting the waves, Fort Lauderdale beachgoers revel in pure uncluttered miles of white sand, picnic areas, luxury accommodations, fine dining, and hipster al fresco cafes. Lay down your beach towel and stake your claim on the seven miles of sand (there’s even a beach-themed CVS in case you run out of sunblock) then wander over to the promenade to strut your stuff among international fashion houses and a vast array of dining options.

The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

The Bonnet House is the preserved historic estate of Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett, two artists with a common idea; to create a sanctuary for art and beauty in Broward County. Built in 1920, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Bonnet House spans miles of beachfront property and centuries of history. Here, you can walk in the footsteps of ancient Indians and shipwrecked soldiers while spotting the occasional manatee or wading bird. In addition to public tours, the Bonnet House hosts events, musical concerts and provides educational classes for adults.

Shopping and Dining

When it comes to a human’s basic needs for survival, shopping and dining are right up there with breathing, eating and sleeping. No Broward County resident will tell you otherwise. Restaurants and retail are the way we roll in Broward County. If you’re moving to Broward County, here are some suggestions to help you get rolling.

Market 17

If you’ve lived in Broward County for a while, you’ve probably heard the expression “farm to table” used to refer to the efforts of local chefs to source locally and sustainably.   But when the food from the farm ends up on your table in Market 17, you’ve sort of got to wonder what happened to it first. No simple salads here. These dishes range from locally sourced grouper with mofongo cakes to pickled pearl onions with chimichurri sauce. The dishes may be unpredictable, but at Market 17, you can count on them all to be humane, environmentally friendly, and seasonably available.

The Swap Shop

For as long as the Moving Squad has been in business, there has been a Swap Shop and for as long as there has been a Swap Shop, we’ve watched it become the drive-in -screen, shopping queen destination it is today. From drive-in movies (the Swap Shop has 14 screens showing first-run flicks) to mangoes to three-dollar dresses, not to mention some pretty cool deals on window tinting, the swap shop is the best bang for your Broward County buck. Check out the food court for lunch and dinner options.

Family Friendly Areas

Since Fort Lauderdale Beach has earned its PG rating, Broward County has reclaimed it’s family friendly identity. Theme parks and natural parks abound, and beaches have souped-up their patrols in spots for extra secure swimming conditions. Want to take the fam to a place with enough entertainment to keep the cell phones in the pockets? Here are some of Moving Squads top choices.

Everglades Holiday Park Adventure

Who said spotting alligators can’t be a family-friendly activity? With an airboat ride followed by a presentation by Animal Planet’s Gator Boys, the Everglades Holiday Park Adventure is just about as family friendly as alligator spotting gets. You’ll get to journey into the Everglades ripping across the “River of Grass” at top speeds without much wind in your face or sun in your eyes at all- the passenger compartment is completely weatherized. After the airboat ride concludes, the Gator Girls and Boys of Animal Planet will fill you in on all important info on the alligator and the wetlands they call home.

Jump Start Playground Gaming and Cafe

Welcome to the great indoors! Even the sun and sand of South Florida has a hard time competing with virtual reality. More than just bounce houses, this gaming café comes complete with free pizza on Fridays from 7-8 with the purchase of the ticket. Come for the free pizza but stay for the fun. With constant disc rotation and extra motivation from the MC, the Jump Start Playground Gaming and Café is the perfect way to Jump Start your Broward County lifestyle.

A Final Note From Your Local Movers

Just when you think Broward County couldn’t possibly have any more to offer, there’s Moving Squad, South Florida’s favorite local moving company. If you’re moving to Broward County, we’re dedicated to getting you and your belongings there as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call for our free quote or download our app and we’ll see you at the beach!


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