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Moving to Miami? Use These Local Tips

Moving to Miami | Moving Squad

One of the first things to know before moving to Miami is that it’s frankly beautiful. Plenty of people like you are moving to Miami because it’s sandwiched between the amazing Everglades National Park and the Atlantic Ocean with all those stunning beaches, waves, sun, and people. 

The culture here is exciting too. There are indoor and outdoor activities to last a lifetime—restaurants, nightlife, boating, parasailing, biking, and much more. You’ll always have something to do, as you’ll see in our guide on moving to Miami.

Is the Cost of Living Right for You? 

South Florida’s culture and beautiful setting have become more attractive for companies and investors that are moving in. This is good, because it brings money to the area. But it also increases home prices, rent, and the cost of living. 

You can find an average apartment unit for around $1,700 per month in Miami, although you might occasionally find a one-bedroom unit for closer to $1,000. Now, these prices are actually better than, say, New York or Los Angeles. But our general cost of living is about the same as in other major cities. 

Median home prices run about $375,000, which is higher than the national average. But if these costs of renting or buying fit your budget, Miami could be a great fit for you. 

Moving to the Right Miami Neighborhood for You

Not every neighborhood is the same. Here are some of the prominent areas of Miami and their unique cultures: 

  • Brickell, Downtown, Midtown, and Wynwood: If you’re a young professional, look carefully at each of these neighborhoods. They’re all constantly growing, and they’re great at supporting career-minded people.
  • Coconut Grove: Based on the culture of the Bahamas, this older, peaceful space is great for families. Kids can walk through beautiful parks, featuring oaks and wild peacocks.
  • Miami Beach: This is an oceanside, beachfront community. Housing options range from small apartments to sprawling estates. Find lots of places to eat and an exciting nightlife culture. 

5 Tips for Miami Living

Before moving to Miami, get to know a little about how people live here. Here’s a guide to five things you’ll need to know: 

  • Learn Some Spanish: 30% of locals only speak Spanish. If you at least learn some simple, useful phrases, you’ll communicate more easily and effectively, while having more fun. 
  • Miami Needs Tourists: You might get tired of the traffic caused by tourists—especially in the winter—but they bring money into our economy. 
  • Drive to Stay Alive: Watch the way long-time residents drive. They honk. They don’t use their turn signals. Get used to it, and be cautious.
  • Prepare for Hurricanes: The summer and fall bring daily afternoon rains and the possibility of hurricanes. Before you buy a home, research how a hurricane will affect it. Will it get flooded?
  • Stop for Cafecito: Miami has a tradition of drinking a powerful, concentrated Cuban coffee at 3:05 PM every day. Join in or not, but respect the tradition. 

How to Commute in Miami

The final thing to know before moving to Miami is how you’ll get to work, restaurants, and the beach. Most locals drive their own vehicles. If that’s your plan, make sure to get a local parking app on your phone—such as PaybyPhone or ParkMobile—and learn to use it. 

Otherwise, you can use public transportation. Your options include: 

  • Metromover: Ride this for free through the Brickell neighborhood and Downtown Miami.
  • Metrorail: This system can take you to Coral Gables, Downtown, South Miami, and Miami International Airport. 
  • Metrobus: Choose from 95 routes on 1,000 buses for as little as $2.25 per ride throughout Miami-Dade County. Plus, you can ride to Key Biscayne, West Miami-Dade, Florida City, Homestead, the Florida Keys, and Broward County. 
  • Trolley: Ride the trolley around Miami Beach for free from 6:30 AM until either 7 PM, 8 PM, 11 PM, or midnight, varying by your part of the city. 

Get Help Moving to Miami

If our guide to moving to Miami has been helpful, check out the moving services we offer at Moving Squad. Get a free quote to get friendly service from our family business.

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