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Moving to South Florida: The Best Fast-Casual Restaurants

Sometimes, no plans are the best plans. Like those long lazy South Florida beach days where it’s just you and the sun in the sky. It’s just that when that sun starts to go down in that South Florida sky, you realize that while your no-plan plan was an excellent idea, it might have been nice to have made some dinner plans. Going home is unthinkable, fast food is inedible, and upscale dining is simply not in the budget. Luckily, many fast-casual restaurants in South Florida offer healthy options, low prices and high-quality right near the beach.

Fast Casual Restaurants in South Florida

At Moving Squad, we do all of our moves in South Florida and believe us we didn’t get these muscles from Big Macs, thick shakes and a side of large fries. When we need our food fast, we like to keep it healthy too. That’s why we’re so familiar with all of the fast-casual restaurants in South Florida, and here are a few we highly recommend.


Whole Foods

For us, Whole Foods signs are the new Golden Arches. Whenever we see one towering above the South Florida horizon, we make a quick pitstop to load up on the fresh organic and gluten-free entrees, the amazing fresh veggies and the delectable desserts. Fortunately, there are three Whole Foods locations for us to choose from in Broward County, one in Fort Lauderdale, one in Plantations and one in Coral Springs. Seating is offered inside and out.

Pizza Fusion

Pizza intolerant never, gluten intolerant, perhaps. Saving the world one pizza at a time, Pizza Fusion is dedicated to serving up delicious gourmet pizza untainted by artificial additives. While the pies are the prize at this South Florida locale, the 75% organic menu features a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, brownies and beer catering to those with food allergies and selective diets. And since our selective diets include a lot of pizza, Pizza Fusion is our slice of heaven.

Ms. Cheezious MIMO District

Melting hearts and melting cheese in South Florida, Ms. Cheezious is bringing the traditional comfort food out of its comfort zone. With grilled cheese sandwiches such as  the crabby cheese melt (real deal crab salad, with sharp cheddar on sourdough), the Mack n’ Melt (creamy gouda mac ‘n cheese with cured bacon on sourdough), and the Frito Pie Melt (house chili, American cheese, jalapenos and Fritos) Ms.Cheezious has become one of most popular food truck and brick and mortar destinations for fast-casual restaurant food in South Florida.

The Taco Stand

Fast tacos, made to order with all fresh ingredients? Si, por favor. At The Taco Stand in Wynwood, there’s more than a just a grande list of tacos. Try a burrito with all the fixings with some Mar Y Tierra fries heaping with grilled shrimp, carne asada, guacamole, queso, and crema and wash it down with a cold Cerveza. (If we didn’t mention the corn on the cob ((with mayonnaise, chili powder, and parmesan cheese)) we would surely be remiss.)

Taula Fresh Cut Mediterranean Miami

If healthy fats are what you crave, and the thought of paying for a drink refill is, well, unthinkable, get yourself to the Greek toot-sweet for a five-step feast at Taula Fresh Cut Mediterranean.  Start with a box of bread, pick a base, a protein, (hummus or tzatziki), a topper, (chicken, beef or eggplant), and get saucy with some beet cilantro, turmeric garlic, or spicy harissa.

Sanguish de Miami Little Havana

Part Hell’s Kitchen, full Cuban authenticity, Sanguish de Miami offers more than just your average ham sandwich. Along with a front-row view of the kitchen, Sanguish guests are treated to a traditional Cuban menu with everything from the Jamon, to the lechon, to the mostaza to the pepinos en Vinagre made in house. Languish in a classic Cuban (sanguish) or order a side of croquetas for the perfect croqueta preparada.

Evos Feel Great Food Pinecrest

At Evos Feel Great Food, grease is not the word. Evos airbakes their food instead of deep-frying – resulting in 60% less fat and calories than their deep-fried counterparts. Take your famous Evos Air fries for a dip at the Ketchup Karma Bar or try the Crispy Thai Trout Wrap made with Airbaked trout, spicy peanut, and chili pepper dressing, long grain rice, organic field greens and crispy noodles for a non- burger option.

 St Roche Market

After a day of shopping at Palm Court, in Miami, take the staircase (elevator) to (foodie) heaven – otherwise known as the St. Roche Market. There you’ll find a food hall with twelve different chef-centric dining options from all over the world. Start with a predinner drink at the award-winning Mayhaw cocktail lounge. (Worth a try is the Cantarita blended with tequila, grapefruit, habanera and a twist of lemon). Sample house-made Italian Ravioli and spicy ceviche, slurp some oysters on the half shell and grab a vegan treat from Chef Chloe on the way out.

A Fast-Casual Word from Moving Squad

Now that you know what we eat, we’d like to tell you a little about who we are. Moving Squad is and has been the most trusted moving company in the South Florida area for 50 years. We got that way from making our customer’s moves our priority and by supporting our customers through every step of the moving process in every way.

Not only do we provide dependable and professional moving services, but we also work to give our customers peace of mind during their moves. With us, you receive a personal account manager, a customized moving plan, and a range of packing, moving and storage services to choose from, plus a friendly reliable team to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Request our  transparent no obligation free rate quote today and find out why South Florida goes to us first for an affordable, stress-free move customized to fit their budget and their needs. Meanwhile, we’ll be keeping it fast and casual at the restaurants in South Florida and we’ll keep you posted on any new culinary developments.

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