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Moving is often hectic and can be stressful if you don’t have a plan to work off. The pressure of moving often builds up as the day of the move approaches. To avoid moving day stress, it is best to have a game plan that provides actionable steps to take prior to moving day.

That’s where a week before moving to-do list comes in handy. While we provide exceptional packing and moving services, this list can give you some guidance as to what needs to be done on your end the week before moving day.

This Moving Week Check List can simplify your workload in preparation for the move, as well as help streamline the process on the day of the move.

1. Pack Everything You Won’t Be Using Anymore

Much of the packing should be done on or before the moving week. You may have packed most of your items, but this is the time to do the final rounds of packing in readiness for the move.

  • most of your clothes
  • spare bathroom/bedroom
  • decorations
  • items in your garage, tools, and equipment

Check each room in your home to inspect it for more items that can be packed. When boxing items be sure to have plenty of bubble wrap or paper to protect fragile items.

Pro -Tip: People easily forget to clean out their on-the-job-office when relocating to another area. This is also the most appropriate time to gather all valuables that you may have lent to your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues.

2. Pack a First Aid Kit and Moving Essentials Bag

First aid kits come in handy if minor accidents occur during the move.

You never know when you’ll need a First Aid Kit so you should always have one somewhere in your home, especially if you have kids. You need this on your moving week to-do list.

A moving essentials bag, on the other hand, is for convenience during the move; it’s somewhere you can keep a few accessories you will need during the move. A moving essentials bag may include; receipts, IDs, medication, mobile phone, money, and toiletries among other vitals.

Since unpacking may take some considerable time, you may have to pack some items in your easy access moving essentials bag which you can use in your new home.

You can also pack kitchen accessories like paper towels, some paper plates, snacks, and utensils in the instant access bag. If possible, for enhanced convenience, everyone in your family should have their own essentials bag.

3. Create a Floor Plan of the New House

Having a floor plan of the new home is important because it will help you determine what items will fit in which rooms in your new house.

For instance, it’ll help you decide on where furniture should be put. Place a tag on each piece of furniture noting which room the furniture should be land while unloading.

Provide the movers with a copy of the floor plan so that they also know where to put specific items.

By tagging each item with the name of the room where it’s supposed to go will also make the mover’s work easy since they’ll have an idea of what goes where. This will be an advantage to you because you’ll not have much lifting to do after the movers leave.

4. Confirm Details with the Moving Company

It would help if you did this a couple of days prior to the move. Many moving companies have a move coordinator assigned to every move they execute. Calling your move coordinator should be on your moving week to-do list.

If possible, he or she should come over to your home, assess your items and advise on anything further you’d do to make a move seamless.

5. Close or transfer bank accounts, and change your address

If you are moving to a different state, you may need to close or transfer your bank account to a new bank on the moving week.

You’ll also need to update your new address, so make sure you change your address a week before moving. Notify your friends, family, and business associates of your new address with a group text.

Editor’s Note: Just because you have filed a change of address form with the post office, does not mean all your mail or packages will end up at your new place. If you have any monthly subscriptions/ deliveries, you’ll want to update your information with these retailers on their sites.

6. Coordinate Payment and Set-up of Utilities

You don’t want your current landlord bothering you over unpaid bills after the move. Paying off your utility bills is your responsibility, and it’s only courteous that you pay them off.

The week during the move is the most appropriate time to pay them off because you’ll be in a position to estimate how many units of the utility bills you’ll need till you move.  This is also the times to cancel utilities you won’t be using when you move as well as schedule set-up at your new residence.

7. What to do the Night Before Moving

So the much-anticipated moving time is here. Make sure all your items are well-secured and place them where the movers can easily pick them up for loading.

Ensure that all appliances are unplugged from the walls sockets, defrost the refrigerator, put all the cables together, and pack all electronic accessories appropriately. It would be best if you also pack your TV, computers and other electronics and label them fragile, so the movers are aware.

At Moving Squad Of South Florida, LLC, we are dedicated to ensuring that your local Florida move goes as smoothly as possible. We are a full-service moving company with the right mix of experience and innovation you need to have a simple and streamlined move. Call us today for a quote on the best moving services in the South Florida area.

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