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Pompano Beach Moving Companies with the Best Reviews

If you have ever heard someone use the expression “talk is cheap,” it’s a safe bet that whoever said it wasn’t referring to a customer review. Customer reviews are the opposite of cheap, in fact, they’re extremely valuable. When you read a customer review, you get the word of a person who’s been there and done that. Ideally, you want to know the possible outcomes while you’re still there and haven’t yet done that. That’s why customer reviews are important; they keep you from making mistakes. For moving companies, reviews are extremely important. As a Pompano Beach moving company, our reviews are priceless.


Pompano Beach Moving Services Reviews


At Moving Squad, we get heaps of good reviews, and every one of them is invaluable to us. They let us know that we’re doing our jobs well and that our hard work and ethics are paying off.  Here are some of our most shareable reviews and why they mean so much to us. Hopefully, they’ll mean just as much to you.


Speed and Efficiency


One thing Moving Squad prides ourselves on is our speed and efficiency.  We know that a lot of the money that goes into moving is spent on time and labor, and we aim to keep customer costs down. We often tell our customers how proficient and cost-effective we are, but we’d rather have them do it for us. This is a review that does just that.


“The estimate was fair and everything worked out really good. I would also give the guys who worked with me kudos. They were perfectly on time and they really worked their butts off. They got the job done in two hours under the estimate and they were also so much fun and enjoyable while they were working. Moving Squad was fabulous from top to bottom and I would happily one hundred percent tell others to go with them.”

—-Bill of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.


Free Rate Quotes


Another thing that we at Moving Squad love to tell our customers about is our free estimates. Many Pompano Beach moving companies try to take advantage of their customers by adding fine print and extra service charges to their client’s contracts. At Moving Squad, we’re honest to a fault. You tell us what your move requires and we give you a rough estimate. No obligations and no fine print. When you hire Moving Squad, you never sign a contract immediately. We offer our free estimates to give you time to think about your decision.  Here’s a quote from Gates of Orlando, Florida that really tells it like it is.


“(Moving Squad’s) coordinator was really helpful. He was able to give me an idea of what I would need, what the timeframe was, and what the estimated cost would be. He was also very careful in giving me a worst-case scenario so that I was prepared for it instead of saying, ‘Oh, it will only be this much’ and end up being way more expensive. So, I appreciated that. He’s very thoughtful in that respect.”

—-Gates, Orlando, Fl.

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Experienced Friendly Full-Service Movers….


At Moving Squad, our pickup and delivery crews are our pride and glory. We send our best because we want the best for our customers. As soon as our movers walk through the door, customers can tell that they’re dealing with a team of seasoned professionals. When they walked through Carolina’s door, her worries went out the window. Here’s what she had to say:


“The pickup and delivery crew were very professional and helpful. They packed everything and put them things in the box. In the beginning, I didn’t think my things would fit in the truck, but they figured out how to put everything, which let me know that they knew what they knew what they were doing…. Moving Squad was honest, and the experience was pleasant and less stressful.”

—-Carolina, W. Palm Beach, Fl.

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…..Who Go The Extra Mile


No matter how many miles we drive for our customers, sometimes there’s an extra mile: an unexpected bump in the road or a change of plans that makes the move more complicated. At Moving Squad, we go the extra mile, not because it’s part of our job, but because it’s what we build our reputation on. When we say we’re at our customer’s side from start to finish, that means from start to finish, no matter what happens along the way. Here’s how we went the extra mile for Barbara.


“Most of my stuff was packed, but I had a lot of extra stuff weight wise that I couldn’t deal with because I had a shoulder procedure. And they were very helpful in recommending ways to pack up certain things. I had to have a second pod, and I asked the same guys to come back. The lady from Moving Squad told me she would send out extra boxes.  I was having difficulty in deciding what I really needed and she told me that whatever we put in there if I didn’t need it, she would take it off in the end. I had a really good experience, and I would recommend them.


—-Barbara, Fl, Fl


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Excuse us if we’re a bit emotional at the moment. For a company so used to tooting its own horn, we thought we’d be a lot better at taking compliments. But its reviews like those that remind us why we got into this business in the first place. They show us that customers recognize our hard work and the extra effort that Moving Squad puts into making sure their moves are as stress-free as possible.


If you want to find a Pompano Beach moving company that will be by your side from start to finish, contact Moving Squad for a free estimate. You’ll not only get an idea of how affordable your move can be, but also an idea of what it’s like to work with a moving company you can trust. You can also download our free app for a more accurate quote. As for our good reviews, you can read the rest here. Hopefully, the next one will be from you!

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