South Florida Movers Share Top Tips

For a successful move, it is very important to plan and organize accordingly. This will help eliminate any moving stress, prevent a last-minute rush, and avoid any surprises. If you are moving in South Florida, this post is for you. Moving Squad of South Florida LLC, your licensed and insured South Florida movers, share top tips to make your move hassle-free and enjoyable.


Create a Moving Checklist

As mentioned earlier, the success of your move basically depends on your planning and organization for the move. Create a detailed moving checklist that features all tasks which need to be completed before the moving day. These include sorting your belongings, getting rid of unneeded items, collecting important records, and so forth. Ensure that all essential tasks are completed before the moving day. By knowing what to do and getting them done on time, the whole moving and packing will be hassle-free.


Order Enough Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are essential to every move. They include moving boxes, stretch wraps, furniture pads, bubble wraps, tapes, markers, blankets, and so forth. Most full-service moving companies provide packing supplies as part of their premium package.

Whether you are using professional South Florida movers or moving on your own, ensure that you have enough packing supplies. Remember the saying – “it is better safe than sorry.” This way, you can avoid any last minute rush. Even if you have more, you can just return the extra after your move.


Keep Fragile Items Safe

Whether you are moving locally or over a long distance, fragile items and valuables require extra care. Group delicate items together and pack accordingly. Wrap breakables using a blanket, bubble wrap, or towels. Box these fragile items for added protection. Pack liquids using sealable plastic bags featuring at least two layers.


Pack Only the Items You Need

Packing offers you an excellent opportunity to sort your items and belongings. Separate the ones you don’t need anymore. These include old clothes, shoes, toys, duplicate items, old articles and newspapers, and many more. You can either donate these items to charity or sell them at a moving sale. This ensures that you will only have to move the items and belongings you need. Thus, reducing moving costs and making packing easier.


Label Boxes Clearly

This is pretty simple: label all moving boxes clearly, using markers, for easy identification. In fact, labeling makes it easier to unpack. You will know the items inside and which room they go into.


Research Reputable and Licensed South Florida Movers

Moving on your own can be very stressful. You can sustain injuries, develop backaches and joint pains from lifting heavy items. If you also consider the stress, cost of hiring a moving truck, gas or fuel, packing supplies, and so forth, it may not be worth it. This is why it is often advisable to use professional movers. However, do not use just any moving company. Take time to research about reputable and licensed professional movers.

Reputable moving companies in South Florida are honest, trustworthy, and have their company reputation to protect. You will be given an accurate moving quote without any bait and switch tactics. The movers will handle your belongings carefully. They will also deliver safely and securely to your destination. Using a reputable and licensed professional mover like Moving Squad of South Florida LLC gives you the needed peace of mind that your move is handled by competent and reliable experts.


Pick the Right Moving Day

Furthermore, it is important to pick an appropriate moving day for a cheaper move. Summer periods, weekends, and public holidays are often busy for moving companies. You will be given an expensive moving estimate. For a budget-friendly move, it is advisable to avoid moving during these times. You should be flexible with your moving date. If you can schedule your move during the week, you might be given a significant discount.


Take Pictures of Electronics

What’s more, before you disassemble and pack your electronics and large appliances, take pictures of the back of these electronic devices. You can easily use these pictures as references when connecting them back. With this, setting up your gadgets, home theater, TV, monitor, etc. in your new home will be relatively easy.


Make Photocopies of Important Papers and Records

Pack all your essential records using a separate briefcase or box. You don’t want to risk getting them damaged. You can easily reach these documents in case of emergencies. Also, scan or photocopy all your important papers and records. These include birth certificates, proof of insurance paper, tax claims, passport, medical records, school certificates, and more. Although this can be tedious, it is well worth it.


Keep Valuables with You

Don’t pack valuables like jewelry, cash, medications, and so forth. Keep these valuables with you. You may need to use them on the moving day. Also, you can save your movers the stress of keeping track of these very important valuables.


Schedule Utility Disconnection

Lastly, call your respective utility company and service providers to cancel subscription and disconnect utilities. Your electricity, cable, gas, phone, and internet connection should be disconnected the day after your move. Likewise, you should have made provisions for the installation of essential utilities like electricity and gas in your new home. Others can be installed after you finally settle in.


There you have it! Above are some top tips which will come in handy during your moving and packing. At Moving Squad of South Florida LLC, we understand how stressful and overwhelming moving can be. As one of the best South Florida movers, our priority is to make your move as simple and hassle-free as possible. By following the tips provided above, you will get your moving and packing right. Thus, saving you a lot of stress.

Contact us today at Moving Squad of South Florida LLC to request a free moving quote. We are licensed and insured South Florida movers with over 50 years of moving experience. We work with qualified, professional movers that are well-experienced in packing items and moving them safely. You can always count on us for quality, reliable, professional moving services. A fantastic experience awaits you.

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