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South Miami Moving Companies with the Best Service

Got moving to South Miami on your mind? If so, there might be a few things you need to know about, aside from the latest bikini wear and the recommended SPF levels. South Miami needs no introduction, but if you’re coming from a humbler state, it may take a while to get hip to the South Miami scene. With over 50 years of experience, Moving Squad is one of the hippest South Miami moving companies and we’ll be more than happy to get you acclimated.


Tips from A South Miami Moving Company


Moving Squad has been around a while, and we’re no new kids on the South Miami block. Here are some of our tips for easing you into the South Miami lifestyle like a true 305er.


Cuban Coffee is the New Starbucks

When South Miami needs its cuppa joe, Café Cubano is the go-to. It’s a sweetened espresso mix that will knock your South Miami flip flops off.



South Miami does technically have a public transportation system, or so we hear, but if you want to get anywhere on time, a car is the preferred mode of transportation.


Get Ready for Offensive Driving

While you struggle to get to work on time in the South Miami traffic, be prepared for drivers who make their own rules of the road. South Miamians are known to lay on their horns, roll casually through stop signs, and display blatant neglect for their turn signals.


Say “hola” toEspanol.”

Don’t let your poor pronunciation stop you.  Knowing the basics of Spanish endear you to the locals and help you get around.


South Beach Doesn’t Stop

Props to Will Smith for giving us a shout out in his song “Miami.” South Beach is undoubtedly “bringing the heat.” And who knows? Come to South Beach, and you may even spot Smith himself taking part in the revelry. Check out The Basement for a sample of South Miami nightlife.


Poised to Become the Next Foodie Destination


Not usually known for its culinary prowess, South Miami’s foodie scene is slowly taking shape. The Whisk is the new uber-popular brunch spot, with crowd-pleasing plates like the “Gnarly Biscuit BEC “Sandwich” and the open-faced fried chicken BLT.


The Winters are the Bomb…


South Miami winters are the envy of the country. With 70-degree temperatures and not a cloud in the sky, November through April is a glorious time to call South Miami your home.



….But Hurricane Season is For Real


Even if we don’t have a formal winter in South Miami, we do have a hurricane season to make up for it. Be sure to have a flashlight, batteries and canned goods on hand during the months of July-November.


Moving Squad is the Best South Miami Moving company


So now that you got your wheels, your Cuban coffee, a little bit of the lingo, and an idea of the see and be seen scene, another thing you should know about South Miami is how to find the best South Miami moving company. If you ask the locals, they’ll most likely tell you its Moving Squad. After all, Moving Squad is the most recognized and trusted local moving company in South Florida.


At Moving Squad, we didn’t get our reputation just from knowing our way around the 305. We got our reputation from our reliable, cost-effective moving services customized to fit the needs of our customers. At Moving Squad, we build our relationships on trust and we show it by standing by our customers from the beginning to the end of each move.


Free Rate Quotes


When moves aren’t carefully planned for, customers put themselves at risk. Whether it be hiring an unprofessional moving company or signing a contract with unnecessary fees tacked on, unplanned moves can be very costly indeed. Our rate quotes are designed to make sure your moves are well planned for, so you can avoid common money traps.


At Moving Squad, we encourage our customers to draw up a budget before they contact us. Once you give us an idea of what your move requires, we give you a line by line breakdown of your expenses, so you know where your money is going. We never make you sign a contract immediately. Instead, our free rate quotes give our South Miami customers a chance to think it through. You approve of our services before we move your belongings. You tell us your budget, we adjust accordingly.


Local Moves


Once our South Miami customers put their trust in us, we earn it. Our local movers will assist you with every aspect of your move from start to finish. From packing with care to reliable transportation to unpacking to storage, our moving crew will stay in constant communication throughout the move, to handle all your questions and concerns.


Packing and Storage Services


After spending all that time in the South Miami traffic, and dealing with all those rude hand gestures, you’ll need the help of a professional. The professional moving packers at Moving Squad will take care of the heavy lifting involved in packing and storage.


With Moving Squad’s packing services, we’ll pack as much or as little as you want us to. Our trained professionals will safely and quickly pack your belongings saving you time and money.
Not only do we have the expertise, but we also have the materials. We’ll bring all the packing materials with us, blanket wrap your furniture, and carefully load, transport, and unload your belongings at their final destination.


And if that final destination is a storage facility, Moving Squad has got that too. Our long term and short-term storage facilities are clean, spacious and climate-controlled and monitored 24/7. At Moving Squad, we provide storage options to keep your move simple and stress-free.


Knowing South Miami is to love South Miami. We know it, we love it, and we show it by taking care of our South Miami customers by providing them with trustworthy, dependable service. To learn more about our South Miami moving company, contact us today and apply for our free rate quote.






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