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The Fastest Growing Cities in South Florida

Fastest Growing Cities in South Florida | Moving Squad

South Florida is a land of plenty. Plenty of beaches, plenty of amenities, plenty of palm trees, and, increasingly, plenty of people. With development on the rise, Fort Lauderdale and Miami in the parameters, and living on the (relatively) cheap, South Florida is seeing an influx of young families seeking sunny skies ahead and finding them right here in the Sunshine state. And if you’re wondering in which cities most newcomers are finding those sunny skies, read on. These are some of the fastest-growing cities in South Florida.


Fastest Growing Cities in South Florida


  1. Sweetwater


Home sweet Sweetwater. Ranking number 1 on the list of the top ten fastest-growing cities in South Florida is the city of Sweetwater. With a population growth rising from 13,599 in 2010 to its current population of 20,939, Sweetwater has been looking sweeter and sweeter to homebuyers. Due to its variety of restaurants,  parks, and things to do, Sweetwater scores above average when it comes to amenities (A+), and the weather gets an A for Sweetwater’s year-round sunshine and warmth. If Sweetwater is on your “wish list,” get your real estate while it’s still affordable. The over year appreciation values of houses in Sweetwater are 7.1% and the 5-year appreciation rates come in at a very sweet 14.7.


  1. Doral


Looks like people are adoring Doral, Florida. With a current population of 56, 276,  up from  41, 148 in 2010, Doral ranks number 5 on the list of the fastest-growing cities in South Florida (compared to last year’s number 6 position).  Doral has a liveability score of 78% making it very liveable indeed.  It ranks A+ for amenities, A for the weather, and an A+ for education. And if golf is your thing, Doral will suit you to a tee.  Doral is a golf lover’s paradise, with courses including the Blue Monster, the Great White, and Doral Resort.


  1. Palm Springs


No doubt about it, Palm Springs is hot. Not only in terms of temperature, but also in terms of real estate. One of the most desirable destinations in South Florida, Palm Springs is currently holding steady at number 6 on the list of the fastest-growing cities in SoFlo, making the climatically blessed region a veritable real estate hot spot. With a population of 24,455, up from 18,668 in 2010, an A + in amenities, an A- in weather, and the median price for homes at a considerable 42.1 percent lower than the rest of Florida get Palm Springs while you can. This year, the over year appreciation rate for homes is at 10.1 and the five-year appreciation rate is at 10.7.


  1. Parkland

Up until recently, Parkland was practically off the map. The quiet upscale neighborhood, known for its pristine parks, manicured bike paths, and strict zoning laws,  was home to a mere 22,000 as of 2010. Now, thanks to its neighborhood developments, it comes in at number 7 on the list of the fastest-growing in South Florida.


So, what are the stats on this tiny city? Its population has risen to 28,901 in the last decade; it gets a 77 out of one hundred as its liveability score, which ranks it as one of the best places to live in the country. It gets a B+ for amenities, an A+ for crime, an A for the weather, an A+ for education, and an A- for unemployment. The only thing it doesn’t score highly in is housing cost. Median real estate comes in at 193.8% higher than the Florida average. Still, a nice piece of the pie, if you have the dough for it.


Moving Squad: Keeping South Florida Growing


And when the people of South Florida do find their sunny skies, who better to turn to than South Florida’s most trusted moving service? Moving Squad has been moving the people of South Florida for over 50 years, and we’ve earned the trust of our customers. As South Florida continues to grow, we plan to earn the trust of a lot more of them.


Free Rate Quotes


At Moving Squad, we wouldn’t dream of letting you sign a contract until you’re completely comfortable. Instead of pressuring you into signing an agreement immediately, we provide our free rate quotes, so you have time to think your decision through. Here’s how it works.


First, Moving Squad will work within your budget and time frame to create a plan suited to your moving needs.  Then, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown so you can see exactly where your expenses are coming from. We never hide fees from our customers; we’re upfront about our costs, and you approve all services before we move your belongings.


Top Quality Service


Not only will we provide you with a customized plan tailored to your move, but our full service moving company will also help to see you through it, from beginning to end.  Our expert packers can safely pack your belongings in a short amount of time, using our top quality materials. They’ll blanket wrap your furniture, do all the heavy lifting, and carefully load your items onto the truck where they’ll be securely transported to their destination and unloaded with equal attentiveness.


And when finding storage proves to be a big task during your move, you’re more than welcome to take advantage of our private, spacious storage facilities.  Our climate-controlled, video-monitored units are available for both long and short term storage options. With our 24/7 monitoring and state of the art warehouse, we’ll make your belongings feel like they belong.


In addition to our experienced moving team, you’ll be assigned a personal account manager who takes note of your special transportation requirements and moving needs. We offer competitive prices for our moves, so you’ll be getting our uppermost services at rock bottom prices.



When deciding which South Florida city to move to, you’re truly spoiled for choice. But whether it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in South Florida or not, any SoFlo city is a good city for Moving Squad. Call us today to request our free rate quote and expect sunny skies ahead. We look forward to the next fifty years of them.

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