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The Most Efficient Local Mover in North Miami

Located between the glamour of Miami and the low-key elegance of Fort Lauderdale, North Miami is at the heart of South Florida in more ways than one. Not only has its central location made it one So Flo’s best-known regional shopping and business areas, but its charming waterfront houses, cozy starter homes and high-rise condominiums have made it an ideal place to call home.

As the most efficient local movers in North Miami, Moving Squad, we like to make sure the heart of SoFlo keeps pumping strong and smooth. That’s why we do everything possible to make sure every move we make for our North Miami customers is as stress free as possible.

As the “Crossroads of South Florida,” North Miami sees people of all backgrounds, opinions, and points of view come into and out of the city every day. But if there’s one thing all of them in common, it’s that none of them want to deal with extra stress. At Moving Squad, we know moving can be particularly stressful, and we’ve tailored our services around creating the most hassle free and efficient local moving experience in North Miami.

The Most Efficient Local Movers in North Miami

Moving Squad has over fifty years of experience, and in that time, we’ve learned that the most stressful moves happen when you don’t work with a moving company you can trust completely. That’s why we go the extra distance to make sure our North Miami customers can depend on us. When you hire us, you not only get our top-rated services, but you also get the peace of mind of knowing that you have a reliable team on your side from beginning to end.

Affordability and Price Transparency

At Moving Squad, we would never want you to commit to a deal you weren’t completely comfortable with. That’s why our relationships with our customers start before they hire us. Our free rate quotes are designed so that our customers know exactly what their paying for before they sign a contract.

In our fifty years of experience, we’ve seen a lot of moves, and we know that poorly planned moves tend to end badly. When unprofessional movers are hired and contracts aren’t read carefully, customers can end up paying for services that were never agreed to. We offer our free rate quotes to prevent customers from falling into these common money traps.

We’re upfront with our costs so you’ll be able to budget for your move. You start by filling out our online forms and giving us an idea of what your move requires. Once we get that information, we send you a rough estimate of your costs. For a more accurate quote, you can use the features on our app to tell us about your move in greater detail.

At Moving Squad, we never make our customers sign a contract immediately. Instead, we offer our rate quotes so our North Miami customers have time to think it through. We don’t hide service fees from our customers, you let us know your budget and we adjust accordingly.

Local Movers In North Miami

Our rate quotes should come as a big relief, but our stress free and reliable services don’t stop there. After you hire us, our local movers in North Miami really get behind you. From affordable pricing to smooth packing to transport to the unpacking of your belongings, we handle your move with the integrity and care it deserves.  Moving Squad’s local moves offer:

  • Quality Service at Affordable Prices: Our professionals work within your budget and timeframe to come up with a plan that gives you the most for your money.
  • Reliable Uniformed Movers: Moving Squad’s movers are as pleasant to work with as they are professional. They’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, provide you with updates, and offer advice when needed.
  • Expert Packing and Unpacking: Our North Miami local movers are expertly trained to pack your precious belongings quickly, carefully, and securely, saving you time and money.
  • Short and Long-Term Storage Options: Our state-of-the art climate controlled fully monitored units are available to meet all your storage needs.
  • Blanket Wrapped Furniture Before Removal: Moving Squad’s packing services include blanket wrapping of your furniture before moving for extra protection from damage.
  • Licensed and Insured Movers: We’re fully licensed and insured, so your covered in the event of damage and loss.

To read more about the importance of licensing and insurance, check out “Should I Hire a Moving Company that is Licensed and Insured” on

  • Same Day Service: With our express packing services, we can have you moved to your condominium or home in record time.

Packing Services:

We had your back from the start, and we’re not going to leave you hanging during one of the hardest parts.  Whether you’re planning a local or interstate move, our professional moving packers will handle all of the heavy lifting involved in storage and packing. We’ll pack as much or as little as you want us to safely and efficiently, saving you money and time. We provide all the packing materials, bring them to you, and tailor our pricing options according to your means and your needs.

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We Know the Business

Another benefit of working with Moving Squad: we know the business. We know all about the home owners associations fees, moving restrictions, and strict moving requirements that come with moving and we know how to deal with them. Leave it to us. We’ll make sure you get through all those requirements and get you into your home as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Moving Squad at Your Service

As a South Florida city, North Miami has it all – access to all of South Florida’s treasures, scenic lakes and bays, idyllic waterfront properties, restaurants, and shopping destinations, and now it can add Moving Squad to that list. As the most efficient local movers in North Miami, we can be a valuable resource. When work on a move in North Miami, we’re putting our hearts into the heart of South Florida. Browse our website to find out more about our services and apply for our free rate quote today.


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