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If you are considering professional packing and storage services for your local South Florida move, you have found your professionals.

Moving is never a simple task. From the moment you start packing your things to the time you enter your new home, a lot will happen. No matter how prepared you feel you are, moving day will be a very busy day. It will equally be stressful but you can cope with the stress if you are well prepared.

While there are so many things you can do on your own, it is always better when you hire a moving company to help you out. A reputable moving company has several experts that can make moving a lot smoother for you. Hiring the right company can also see you minimize the cost of moving.

To enjoy all the benefits that come with working with a moving company to get you to your new residence, there are certain things you need to know. Like other moving companies around the world, South Florida movers want you to be ready for the important day. Here are important things all movers want you to know to make the experience better for everyone:


Plan the Details of the Move in Advance

There are so many details that your movers will like you to consider in advance and plan accordingly. The location, for instance, is important for the movers. There should be convenient parking space reserved for the movers in both the place you are moving from and your new house. If there is a need to reserve an elevator, do that in time too. Consider all the details of the move and make plans to prevent disruptions and the chances of property damage.


Learn to Pack the Right Way

Your movers also care about the way you pack your properties. If you are not conversant with proper packing, it is important that you learn before packing. It is not advisable, for instance, to pack heavy items in large boxes. It is also not advisable to leave empty spaces in boxes. It is always important that you consider some packing tips so that you can pack the right way and make things easier for yourself and the movers.


Communicate with the Movers

It is a good idea to help the movers understand which items and boxes are going on the truck versus being picked up by a relative or donated to charity. They also need to have an idea of where things are going to land in your new home. You may want to color code your boxes or at least label them in the room you want them to land. For instance, you may have cooking items in the garage at your old home that you want brought into your newer and bigger kitchen now that you have the room.


There Are Things That Are Not Allowed in the Moving Trucks

There are items you are not expected to pack and movers will not let them in their trucks. Do not even think of concealing such items in your boxes as they can pose some danger. Such items as perishables, toxic products, and other dangerous items should not be packed. It doesn’t matter if your food items are fresh, cooled, or frozen, they do not belong in the moving truck just like flammables. Give such items away or have them properly disposed of.


Some Highly Valuable Items Should Be with You

There are some items that the movers expect you to keep with you. Items that are considered to be of high value such as your certificates and important documents should move with you. Your movers do not like to be burdened by such other things like cash, prescriptions, and your jewelry. The best thing is to pack these items in a backpack that will remain with you.


All Packed Boxes Should Be Properly Labeled

To be able to load and unload your properties in an efficient manner, your movers need to know the contents of the boxes. When they know the content of each box, South Florida movers will load them in a manner that will ensure that they arrive at your new home without getting damaged. They will also unload the boxes and move them to the rooms you want them to be. This will also help you while unpacking.


Kids and Pets Have No Business near the Movers

The movers are lifting heavy items and using power tools. This does not make for an ideal environment for kids and pets. Children and pets are our most valued members of the family. However, we all know they are also notorious for being, shall we say, troublesome too. It’s a good idea to use a gate to close off animals’ access to the home during moving time. For small children, arrange for a babysitter or play date at another friend’s home so they can stay entertained and out of harm’s way.

Be Prepared to Be Flexible

We’d be thrilled if you chose us as your South Florida moving company, as we will work tirelessly to make this process as smooth as possible. However, all South Florida movers with any degree of experience will tell you that regardless of planning, expertise, effort and everything else that goes into a move, there will be unforeseen circumstances that arise more often than not. Perhaps the South Florida moving company you work with will hit a traffic jam on the way to your new home; perhaps someone will park in the space you hoped your South Florida movers would use in your new house. Regardless of what it is, you need to be ready for the day not to go 100% as planned – it’s just the way it is, and most of the time it’s not something that’s within the realm of control of your moving company.

 Allow the Movers to Finish

Everyone who moves is anxious to not only get to their new home, but to unpack as quickly as possible. While that’s normal, it should also be considered a norm that you should stay out of the movers’ way until they are finished. Any South Florida moving company will tell you that, but if you’re constantly in the way of the people carrying heavy things, it’s going to slow the process down and create the risk of injuries or damaged items. If an entire room is completely moved in and your South Florida movers will not be returning to that room, it may be alright in that situation to start unpacking, but stay in that room and don’t risk crossing paths with people carrying furniture and the like.

Speak Your Mind

Your movers cannot read your mind. Though they will like you to let them handle things their way, they will generally listen to instructions. In some instances, they may have to ask the questions themselves. Do not hesitate to speak your mind. Tell them about parking rules and restrictions. Tell them about fragile boxes and other things you feel they need to know.


Moving can be tough but a good moving company will help to make the experience less stressful. By knowing what they want you to know, professional movers will make your moving experience smoother.

Moving is more enjoyable when you hire a professional moving company. Contact us today at Moving Squad of South Florida LLC to handle everything involved in your moving and packing. We guarantee you excellent services that give 100% customer satisfaction.

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