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Tips for a Last-Minute Move

In an ideal situation, you should have enough time for your moving and packing. With most local moving companies, usually you will need a minimum of three to four weeks to do it right. However, life can come at you very fast. So does a last minute move!

Furthermore, a last minute move can be caused due to a short move notice or procrastination on your part. Irrespective of what the case may be, leaving behind your precious items and belongs will be very painful. Hence, the earlier you start packing, the better.

If you find yourself in a last minute move situation, this post is for you. Below are some useful tips to help with your last minute moving and packing:

Start with Logistics

A last minute move can make the entire moving and packing process seem impossible to accomplish. Mere thinking about the number of things that need to be done will make you feel paralyzed. Rather than allowing your moving tasks to overwhelm you, take a deep breath and get to work immediately.

Start by hiring a reputable moving company. Getting professional help will help lessen the burden that comes with moving and packing. With little time on your side, you may not be able to research comprehensively about the moving companies.

Search online for reputable moving companies within your area. Get quotes from three or four moving companies and make a decision straight away. Once you can sort out logistics, you can focus on other moving tasks.

Get Rid of Unused or Unneeded Items

What’s more, it is important to note that packing will be easier when you don’t have much to pack. In a last minute move situation like yours, easy packing is key. Go through the closets, cabinets, and rooms in your home. Take out unused or unneeded items and belongings. Separate these items into three categories: You can either donate, recycle, or dispose them.

However, you have to be practical and avoid getting sentimental when separating your items. Relocation often provides an excellent opportunity to separate some of these items. Your last minute move gives you further incentive to pack lightly. Sorting out items before your move is easier and simpler. It will also save you time and energy for other important tasks. Here are some apps to help you get your yard sale up-and-running in South Florida.

For items that are gently used: there are several donation sites that will arrange to pick up your items for you. During a last minute move, this  service is extremely convenient:

Pickups for Breast Cancer: South Florida

Faith Farm Ministries: Fort Lauderdale South Florida

Secure Important Documents and Items

Also, there are certain essentials and important items you cannot afford to misplace or leave behind. These can include important documents, medical and school records, medications, electronics like your laptop or iPad, expensive jewelry or irreplaceable items like family photo albums. For your photo albums, it’s a good idea to store these in a watertight container so that even if there is rain on your moving day, your photos will remain intact.

Make an Essentials Box

Before you start packing, it’s a good idea to think ahead about the items you will need right away when you arrive at your new home. There are certain belongings that you won’t want to be buried in moving boxes for days or weeks. For example, the first morning in your new home you will want your coffee pot and supplies ready to go. This way you won’t have to run out for Starbucks and waste 20 dollars a day until your coffee maker shows up.

Another thing to consider with moving into a new home is whether or not there are window treatments already installed. If there are no blinds or curtains shielding your family from the view of the street, it is important to have a plan for a temporary fix. You can always tack a sheet over the windows until you have time to install blinds or curtains. Another low cost option is to purchase accordion paper shades that stick on and can be removed when you have time to install a more permanent solution.

There should be an essentials box for practically every room in your home. Your bedroom will need your pillows, blankets, sheets, pillow cases, phone charger etc. your bathroom box will need handsoap and towels, toiletries, waste basket bags and toilet paper.

Remember, things usually get messy and more exhausting during a last minute move. Once you have put together your essentials boxes, you can continue packing other items.

Start Packing

In a last minute move, you will need to pack in a hurry. Pay less attention to organization. The goal is to move your useful items from your current home to your new home intact. Due to the short notice, you may not be able to sort out the items in each moving box.

In fact, don’t worry about packing like items together. Put your items where they fit. You can also pack using your suitcases, trunks, and baskets. These containers can help hold and transport heavy items.  Once everything is packed safely and securely, you can sort them out later.

However, to keep your fragile items safe, you can wrap them using towels, socks, and blankets. Wrap breakable items like glassware, glass cups, vases, and so forth with towels and clothing. Also, ensure that all boxes are filled up. This will prevent the items from getting crushed or damaged. By doing this, you will be filling two needs with one deed. Thus, saving you money on packing supplies.

Leave Clothes on Hangers

In the last minute move situation you find yourself in, every minute counts. You don’t have to waste time folding and arranging clothes. Leave them on the hangers and pack them as they already are. Wrap a strong garbage bag around clothes hanging in your closet starting from the bottom. Tie the strings of the garbage bag around the hangers.

Likewise, keep your dresser drawers intact. All you need to do is to remove each drawer and wrap them in packing bags carefully. So far the dresser drawers are not too heavy, you can keep them as they are. By packing your clothes as they are, you can save a lot of time and boxes.

Take photos of electronic wiring

One super helpful piece of moving advice is to take a picture of how your electronics are connected so that there is no guessing or relearning how to set this up at your new home. Taking a picture will ensure everything is set up the same way as before and you can easily get back to your last minute move. It’s also a good idea to pack your electronic wires neatly. You may have good luck organizing these using small plastic lunch bags. Be sure to label your wires so you know what goes with your tv, DVD player, gaming consoles, computers, surround sound and more. Keep all wires taped in their bags to the electronics they go with and we promise your setup will be a cinch.

Ask For Help

Moving is a huge task, especially when you have to do it quickly. It is completely okay to ask some of your friends and family members to help out. With more helping hands, you will be able to stay on track. You will be able to pack faster.

Also, there are some tasks that require more time. They include dropping items off for donation, packing up the kitchen cabinets, and so forth. With someone helping you out, you can assign them the task while you handle other packing to-dos.

You can save yourself a great deal of time and energy in your packing by asking for help from friends and family. However, be sure to show appreciation to anyone who helps you out. You can order them a meal, bake them some cupcakes, and so forth.

Stuff it in Storage

  • Maybe you are unsure what will fit in your new space.
  • Maybe you have some items of value that you would rather sell than move to your new South Florida home.
  • Maybe you are starting a job ASAP and don’t have time to divide your items between keep, sell, donate and throw away.

Luckily, Moving Squad has climate-controlled storage facilities so you can ensure your items are safe until you can sort them out. Ask about our rates for long-term and short-term options. Now you have one less thing to worry about during your last-minute move.

Leave Some Tasks for the Professional Movers

One amazing benefit of hiring professional moving companies is the assistance that will be provided by their moving crew. With the last minute move situation you find yourself in, assistance from professional movers is exactly what you need. The movers can handle tasks such as disassembling electronics, wrapping furniture, and so forth. Some moving companies also provide personalized moving solutions including packing materials and labor. With a last minute move, this is definitely the best way to go.


There you have it! Above are a couple of useful tips to help with your last minute move. No matter how much time you have, moving is very stressful and overwhelming. If you find yourself in a last minute move situation, focus on the big picture. Your aim is to get your items and belongings to your new home as safely as possible. The tips provided above will be very helpful with your last minute moving and packing.


Did you find yourself in a last minute move situation? Contact us today at Moving Squad of South Florida LLC. We provide affordable, reliable, well-detailed, and professional moving services. Our experts will handle everything involved in your moving and packing. With us, you are guaranteed to get a stress-free and enjoyable moving experience.

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