Tips for an Inexpensive Residential Move

If you are in the market for packing and storage services in the South Florida area, you are in the right place. Chances are you’d like some tips on keeping your move affordable too. Great news. We can help.

Moving elicits lots of emotions. The fact that you will have to move to a new place of residence, leaving your neighbors and pals can make you sad. Again, you can feel some uplift when you remember that you will meet new people and embrace new opportunities in your new place.

Asides from the emotions that come with moving, the financial implication is another thing you must deal with. From packing to hiring movers and switching your utility to the new place of residence, you need to part with some money to make things happen. In fact, every aspect of moving residence demands money.

Moving on a budget is a possibility. It entails a lot of commitment, however. You need to consciously plan it out and follow your plan diligently. Here, we will share some general tips on how to achieve a cheap residential move.


Don’t Procrastinate the Necessary Arrangements

Early planning is key to a cheap residential move. If you fail to plan in time, you will be unaware and will likely spend more as you try to get a lot done in the few days prior to moving. Even if you are not used to making plans, this is the time for a change. Plan your move ahead of time and make all the necessary arrangements. This will help you to avoid stress and make your move smooth and budget-friendly.


Time Your Move Carefully If It Is in Your Power

If you have full control of your move it is important that you avoid the moving season. People are more likely to move in the summer for several reasons and this makes moving a little more expensive during the season. Unless the impending residential move is impromptu, try to move during the off-season. It will take a lot of planning but it will make the residential move more pocket-friendly.


Check If You Can Get Some Reimbursement from Your Employer

If you are moving because of a new job, it is very likely that your new employer will help you with the moving expenses. Even if this is not offered immediately, you can ask for it. The worst answer you can get is a ‘no’ and it will not really undermine your relationship if you asked the right way. In most instances, companies assist new recruits that need to move in order to take up appointments.


Research about Different Professional Services

Don’t fall for the false assumptions that doing everything on your own will help you to minimize cost always. This is not always the case with moving. Take some time to analyze your options. Check how much it will cost you to hire parkers and the price of rental trucks and other such services. Decide on the things you will do on your own and the things you will hire professionals to handle.

Use This Opportunity to Purge Your Stuff

Moving time is a good time to get rid of certain things that are not too useful to you again. This will save you the cost of moving them to your new place and the chances of them making your new home congested. Sort through all your stuff, pick the most important ones, donate some, and dispose some properly before packing day.


Find Alternative Ways to Move Certain Things

All your properties don’t have to be moved at the same time by the same people. You can find alternative ways of moving certain things to minimize expenses. Books, for instance, are heavy and cost a lot to move. You have the alternative of moving them through the USPS, however. This is most helpful if it is a long distance move though it will take a little longer to arrive at the desired destination.


Don’t Spend So Much on Boxes

It is important to get top quality packing supplies but that doesn’t mean you have to pay so much for boxes. In fact, you can actually get all the packing boxes you need for free. You can find strong empty boxes in your office or workplace. You can also find some in your neighborhood or get from friends. You can also check Freecycle or Craigslist’s free section.


Shop Around Before Hiring a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company will save you from lots of stress. The right moving company will even help you to achieve a cheap residential move. To find the best moving company you need to shop around. Obtain quotes from different reputable movers and compare them to see who offers the best deal.


Optimize Your Utility Shutdown

It will be wasteful to pay for utilities that you did not use so you need to take measures to prevent that. You can cut off certain services (cable, for instance) early to prevent being billed for an extra month that you are not going to use. Research about utility companies in the place you are moving to and choose the best options you have. Make arrangements in time to get your utilities switched-on in your new place just as you move in.


Track Your Moving Expenses

Another important thing you need to do to ensure that you spend less during your residential move is to keep track of your spending. If you are going to get some reimbursement, this will be very helpful. Even if you are financing your move, tracking your expenses will make you make better decisions.

There you have it! Above are some tips for an inexpensive residential move. There are so many things involved with moving and lots of expenses to make. If you are on a budget, you need to find ways to spend less while moving. Here, we have summarized some relevant tips that will help you achieve a cheap residential move.


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