Top South Florida Companies to Work for in 2019

Are you relocating to South Florida to get a job? South Florida is a subtropical community that holds many career opportunities for prospects. The area boasts top companies with big growth, expansion and happy employees.Over the years, a lot of individuals and families have moved to South Florida to seek better employment opportunities. Below is a list of Top South Florida Companies (in no particular order) compiled from reliable sources that you can work for.

South Florida’s Happiest and Most Prosperous Places to Work

Hyatt Hotels

Occupying the 47th spot on Fortune 100 best companies rank, Hyatt Hotels is one of the best organizations to be its employee in South Florida. Headquartered in Chicago, Hyatt Hotels has over 41,000 employees on its payroll.

At this hotel, the employees are exposed to a comfortable working environment. The recent expansion of its lounge and upgrade of the cafeteria is an illustration of their concern of the employees’ welfare. At the lounge, employees can access TVs, video games and computers. Meals are shared to night-shift workers and promotion of employees is impressive.

Publix Super Markets

With over 175,000 employees in South Florida, Publix Super Markets is a top retail store and one of the best that have the interest of their employees at heart. In this organization, there is a great spirit of camaraderie amongst the workers and employers that have led to over 20,000 workers working for Publix in 15 years. Multiple trainings are offered for different positions to enhance effective and efficient output. Safety measures for the workers are set up and the pay is good.

Ultimate Software

Another top South Florida companies to work for in 2019 is Ultimate Software, located in Fort Lauderdale. Clinching the 15th position on the Fortune’s list, Ultimate Software is the best place to work in terms of impressive benefits package, communication, excellent 401(k) plan and more.

What’s more, this cloud human capital management company, in addition, pays 100% premium of the health insurance of all its employees. All this makes Ultimate Software generous and friendly to its workers. The management team have a cordial relationship with the workers and puts the employees first in everything.

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

With 7,754 employees in South Florida, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants offers its workers a banquet of benefits to see to the catering of their welfare. They include Eldercare, childcare, 6 weeks parental leave, vision, and hearing care.

Kimpton is a lover of pets as they offer their workers pet insurance and gives workers time off to grieve their pet if they die. Human rights are observed as is seen in the grant of benefits for both cisgender and transgender. This initiative has for eleven years on the bounce earned them a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaigns Corporate Equality Index.


This accounting firm is very much talked about by employees for the flexibility it offers its workers. PwC offers 30 days parental leave with payment, allow mothers to work part-time to stay closer to family, lunch at the Disney World theme parks,  where events such as fun games are played to foster unity and improve the workers’ well-being. There are three South Florida locations including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

Hilton Worldwide

This hotel chain company is one of the top South Florida companies for women to work in. Women form the bulk of the workforce of this organization’s workforce in America. There are programs available such as the Women’s Team Member Resource Group, and Women’s Mentoring Program all geared to encourage women’s leadership. Moms are given 10 weeks of parental leave while given paid two weeks leave.

JM Family Enterprises

An automotive enterprise, JM Family Enterprises in Deerfield Beach, FL, focuses on distributing Toyotas to dealers in the southeast and providing a great working environment. In the Florida headquarters, free haircuts and manicure are given to its members. Fitness centers are built with a lap pool to enable members to achieve optimum health. Health centers with nurses, physicians, and physical therapists are available to provide childcare and health care to its workers.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a top tech organization that is favorable to work in for many workers.  There is a culture of communication from the top brass right down to the workers.  Activities are available to create unity and family spirit. The company is inclusive and offers lots of opportunity for the personal growth of the employees. Breakfast, lunch, free drinks and health benefits are offered to their members.

Oasis Outsourcing

Located at West Palm Beach, the innovation and service-based company is highly dedicated to offering quality service to its clients. They do this by providing a comfortable and suitable working environment for their workforce. The employees are entitled to benefits, workers compensations, healthcare reform support, and many more.

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There you have it! Above is a list of some of the top South Florida companies to work for in 2019. However, it is important to note that the list above has been created in no particular order. The organizations, companies, and agencies contained therein are some of the best you will find in South Florida. They have the environment that any employee could dream of for a nice working experience.

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