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10 Highly Recommended South Florida Home Inspectors

10 Highly Recommended South Florida Home Inspectors | Moving Squad

If you are looking for a South Florida Home Inspector, then it looks like you are in the middle of purchasing a home in the area. Congratulations! Buying a new home and moving your belongings into that home go hand-in-hand. Of course, we’d love for you to give us a call when you’re ready to move to that gorgeous South Florida home, but in the meantime, let’s get you that inspector to ensure your home is viable for purchase.

The idea of hiring home inspectors is to get valuable insight into the property you are about to buy. It is advisable to even make a purchase contract contingent on a satisfactory home inspection. It is also very important that you hire the right professional home inspector to look at the property you want to buy as that can save you several troubles.

What does a home inspector inspect exactly?

Here is just a taste of the checklist that a home inspector uses to ensure every inch of your property is in goods shape for purchase. For the full home inspection checklist list, click here.


____ Proper grading drainage away from house
____ No evidence of standing water
____ No leaks from septic tank or leech field
____ Yard, landscaping, trees and walkways in good condition
____ No branches or bushes touching house or overhanging the roof
____ Exterior structures (fences, sheds, decks, retaining walls, detached garages) in
good condition, no evidence of termite damage or rotted wood
____ Railings on stairs and decks are adequate and secure
____ Driveways, sidewalks, patios, entrance landings in good condition, and pitched
away from structure
____ Downspout drainage directed away from structure


____ Ridge and fascia board lines appear straight and level
____ Sides of house appear straight, not bowed or sagging
____ Window and doorframes appear square (especially bowed windows)
____ Visible foundation in good condition – appears straight, plumb, with no significant

Exterior Surfaces

____ Adequate clearance between ground and wood siding materials (6″ minimum); no
wood-to-earth contact
____ Siding: no cracking, curling, loose, rot or decay
____ Masonry veneers: no cracks in joints, no broken, spalling or flaking components
____ Stucco: no large cracks (discuss all stucco cracks with a professional inspector)
____ Vinyl or aluminum siding: no dents, damage, no bowing or loose siding
____ No vines on surface of structure
____ Exterior paint or stain: no flaking or blisters
____ No stains on exterior surfaces

Windows, Doors and Wood Trim

____ Wood frames and trim pieces are secure, no cracks, rot or decay
____ Joints around frames are caulked
____ No broken glass (window or storm panes) or damaged screens, no broken doublepaned, insulated window seals.
____ Muntin and mullion glazing compound in good condition
____ Storm windows or thermal glass used
____ Drip caps installed over windows


____ Composition shingles: no curling, no cupping, no loss of granulation particulate,
no broken, damaged or missing shingles, no more than two layers of roofing
____ Wood shingles or shakes: no mold, rot or decay, no cracked/broken/missing
shingles, no curling
____ Flat roofs: no obvious patches, no cracks or splits, minimal blisters/”alligatoring”
and wrinkles, no silt deposits (indicates improper drainage), sealed tar at flashings
____ Flashing around roof penetrations
____ No evidence of excess roofing cement/tar/caulk
____ Soffits and fascia: no decay, no stains
____ Exterior venting for eave areas: vents are clean and not painted over
____ Gutters: no decay or rust, joints sealed, attached securely to structure, no bending
or sagging, no sections of gutter or downspout missing, gutters clean, no mud deposits
____ Chimneys: straight, properly flashed, no evidence of damaged bricks or cracked
joints, mortar/cement cap in good condition

Here is our list of highly recommended South Florida Home Inspectors you can hire:


Allied Building Inspection Service

Allied Building Inspection services started operation around 1993. From then till this moment, the company has distinguished itself in the Greater Miami area, providing comprehensive inspection services for residential and commercial buildings. They offer full home inspection that covers all aspects of the building including roof, structural support, mechanical systems, electrical, plumbing, swimming pools and more. Allied Building Inspection Service also covers such areas as insurance inspections, mold and moisture assessments, detached structure inspection, new construction inspections, Chinese drywall inspections, as well as sewer camera inspections. They have experts in all these areas.

Diversified Home Inspections

This is another business that has some of the very best South Florida home inspectors in their organization. From 1998 till now, the business has been offering professional inspection services to homeowners and businesses. Diversified Home Inspectors offers roof certification, wind mitigation inspections and re-inspection after a repair has been completed. They are also competent when it comes to 4 point inspections, new construction inspections, termite inspections, pool inspections, structural inspections and more. The company is also known for its affordable pricing.

Ibis Home Inspections

Ibis Home Inspection is an InterNACHI Certified home inspection company that is based in Hollywood Florida. Though it is not one of the oldest players in the industry, the company has made a name for itself as a reliable service provider. The state-licensed company has expert and insured inspectors that are adept at the latest home inspection methods. They offer all kinds of home inspections including 4 point, wind mitigation and thermal scan. Ibis home inspection is also known for its thorough inspections at reasonable prices.

Excel Property Inspections Inc.

This is a Fort Lauderdale based home inspection company that has won over several real estate practitioners in its 13 years of existence. It has several experienced home inspectors who are committed to excellence in every aspect of their business. This implies that they are all competent and dedicated to ensuring that every home inspection project is completed in the best manner and the results released to the home/business owner promptly. The company is also particularly interested in protecting their customer’s interests, making their concerns the basis of their inspection duties.

A Better Choice Home Inspections of South Florida

This is another Fort Lauderdale company that has excelled in the real estate industry as a home inspection service provider. It has grown to a premier home inspection company that offers the best quality of service to residential homeowners and intending buyers. Their team of inspectors employ different recognized methods during whole home inspections to ensure that the true condition of the property is unraveled and homeowners and intending buyers know exactly what they are dealing with or have to deal with.

Dade Property Inspections

If you are looking for a company that can help you save on windstorm insurance, Dade property inspection is undoubtedly the best company to contact in South Florida. The company has several experienced professionals who can determine eligibility for a discount after inspecting the home. The company also offers other kinds of home inspection services including 4 point inspections, wall and roof mitigation, shutter mitigation, mold inspection, infrared camera inspection, plumbing sewer line inspections, certificate of use and full home inspections.

AccuPro Building Inspection Services

This is a Miami based company that can stand its ground as one of the best South Florida home inspectors. The company provides comprehensive home inspection services to residents and businesses mostly in the Miami area. They offer such services as 4 point inspection, wind mitigation, builder’s end-of-warranty, termite, pool, spar, sprinkler inspections and more. Some of the services you can look forward to as part of the complete home inspection service from this company include thermal imaging scan, a RecallCheck of major appliances, and phone consultations for the duration of ownership.

Mix Home Inspections

This is another reliable home inspection firm that offers excellent services in a consultative unbiased manner. Primarily serving the Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Broward Counties, this Florida licensed home inspectors will serve as trustworthy consultants when you need them. They will offer full home inspections, comprehensive inspection reports, and home maintenance advice.

Accurate Home Inspections of South Florida

As the name suggests, this is the company you will want to work with when you need accurate home inspection results in any property in South Florida. Based in Port St. Lucie, this is a full-service home inspection company that is committed to providing quality home inspections and excellent customer service. The company has a team of inspectors who are adept in different modern methods of inspections and will perform all kinds of inspections including 4 points, wind mitigation, roof certification and more.

BPG Inspections / South Florida Home Inspections

BPG Inspections is a big name in the real estate industry with a presence in different states. In South Florida, just like in most other places, the company offers the highest quality of home inspection services. It is a highly rated company with so many happy clients and you can always trust them to meet your inspection needs and exceed them in most instances.

There you have it! Above are some highly recommended home inspectors serving the South Florida area. There are several home inspection companies in Florida. Here, we have briefly discussed some of the best South Florida home inspectors and hope you have the best experience by hiring one of these recommended companies.

Are you moving to or from a city in South Florida? Contact us today at Moving Squad of South Florida LLC to get an accurate moving quote. We offer excellent and highly professional moving services. Above all, our moving services are affordable, reliable, and prompt. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and unparalleled moving services that give 100% customer satisfaction.


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