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You’ve found your trusted and reliable local movers, Miami. Considering that moving is always tough for humans, imagine how tough it can be for animals. Pets are easily disturbed when there is unexpected activity in the home and the stress of being moved to a new house can be devastating on them if you don’t handle it the right way. When moving with animals in South Florida, it is important that you take your time to make the transition easier for them. Here, we will discuss some essential tips you must consider if you want to make moving easier for your pet.


Find Out About Laws and Regulations

If you are coming from another state or a foreign country to South Florida, you need to know more about the state laws and regulations. Get familiar with license issues and what the leash laws are. Also, find out about breed bans and other such issues in your neighborhood. Some insurance companies may also have reservations about some pet breeds. Ensure that your pet will be accepted in the area you are moving to.

Visit the Vet and Discuss the Move

It is important that you inform your vet about your intention to move in time. You also need to schedule a visit to the pet a few days before the move. You may need a certificate listing all inoculations to prove that your pet is free from infectious diseases. The vet can also provide other relevant records and any prescription medications. You can also ask the vet if he/she can recommend another vet in the area you are moving to.

Update Identification Information

Pet identification is important in many places and you need to ensure that your pet has all the necessary identifications. Permanent identity and rabies tags may not be enough when you are moving to an entirely new place. You can make an ID tag and include such information as the pets name, your name, your destination address, and any emergency address or phone number. Microchip information also needs to be updated once you move.

Help them Weather the Elements

One of the most important things to focus on regarding the welfare of your pet during the move is the heat. South Florida can be downright brutal when it comes to high temperatures and humidity. You might think it is a good idea to let your dog outside in your yard during the move, but there are a few things to consider. For one, as the homeowner, you will be juggling many tasks on moving day and the reality of time can get away from you. Before you realize it, your dog has been outside in the heat for triple of the amount of time you intended. While it is a good idea to keep your animals clear from the high-traffic moving areas, leaving them outside could compromise their safety.

Instead, you can just corner them off with a pet gate or lock them in a room where they have some familiar items like their bed, toys and bones to keep them happy. Keep moving them from room to room as necessary. Whether your animals are inside or outside during moving day, it’s important to ensure they have fresh drinking water nearby at all times.

Crate Train the Pet Ahead Of Moving Day

It will be necessary to transport your pet with a crate or a carrier as the case may be. If your pet is not accustomed to it, it is important that you start in time to teach it. You wouldn’t want to force the pet into a crate for the first time on moving day. It can cause so much anxiety for the animal. After spending a few times in the crate, your pet will get used to the idea and find it easier on moving day.

Protect the Pet from the Hassles on Moving Day

On the moving day, it can be very tough for your pet to watch the entire house being packed up. Since you can’t easily explain the activities to the animal, it is important that you keep it away from the action and save it the stress. You can leave it with a trusted friend while you pack. Do not make the pet feel they are being left behind or that something is wrong. The feeling can lead to serious anxiety and hyperactivity.

Prepare an Overnight Kit for the Pet

When packing, ensure that there is an overnight kit for your pet. The kit should be easily accessible. There should be enough food, kitty litter, tools, and grooming tools to keep the pet comfortable during the first few days of unpacking and settling in your new home.

Take the Pet in Your Vehicle If That Is Possible

When moving with a pet, it is advisable that you take it with you in your vehicle if you will drive to the new house. This way, the animal will not feel the impact of the move. For cats and small dogs, you can secure them in carriers and secure the carriers with seatbelts. A kennel can be used to move a bigger dog in the back of the car. While some animals will enjoy the ride looking out, others will prefer that you throw a blanket over their carrier. Ensure that the pet is comfortable.

Don’t Let the Pet Out Off-Leash En Route

If you are going to make some stops on your way to your new neighborhood, it is important that you don’t let the animal out until you arrive. Even if your pet is well-behaved, being in a strange environment can have a negative impact. The pet may feel the need to explore the environment and can get lost in the process. You can take the carrier or kennel out for some fresh air but don’t let the pet out without a leash.

Pro-Tip: If your dog gets off-leash and out of your vehicle in a new area, don’t chase after them. When you take off after your dog, they may think you are initiating an exciting game of chase and they will bolt.

Instead, it is best to lay down on the ground as if you are injured. Your dog’s natural instinct will be to investigate why you are on the ground and won’t want to run away from you if he/she believes you are injured. Then you can grab their collar and reconnect their leash safely.

Create a Familiar Space in the New Home

When you finally get to your new environment, it is important that you set up the pet’s home in a familiar manner. This will help the animal to adjust to the new environment easily. It is also important that you stick to the pets previous feeding and walking schedules.

Explore the New Environment Safely

Just as you need to know your new environment, your pet also needs to know the environment if it is going to spend time outdoors. It is not advisable to try to know the entire place all at once. Explore the new environment with your pet bit by bit in a safe manner.

There you have it! Above are some tips for moving with pets in South Florida. Moving with a pet can present some unique challenges, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It is your duty to help your pet go through the process without serious stress. By adopting the tips discussed above, you and your pet will do just fine.

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