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Planning a Move with the Power of the Internet

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If you are planning a move, the internet can empower you to make your move seamless in many ways.

First, planning a move with the power of the internet is easy, fast, efficient, and convenient because it’s a matter of just a few clicks. Also, you can access the internet from practically anywhere in the world today, so you can plan your move when thousands of miles from home. Here are some Internet moving hacks that will simplify the moving process.

1. Use Real Estate Sites to Find a New Home

If you haven’t found your new home, you can start your search over the internet. One way is to launch a search on your search engine using a set of keywords.

If you want a luxurious home in Florida, key in something like “For Lauderdale luxury homes” or “Miami Condominiums for sale” you’ll find a mix of luxury builders who will design and construct a brand-new home, as well as some of the leading real estate brokers who specialize in luxury home sales.

There are also many real estate websites that connect with the MLS (multiple listing service) and can show you which houses (or rentals) are on the market currently. Here are a few of our favorites:

The good thing: nearly all real estate companies post pictures and locations of their new projects online, so a quick search is enough to help you find the best home deal. Moreover, the internet will also give you a virtual trip to the new home and a good view of your new neighborhood. With this in mind, you can weed out many potential homes while saving yourself the hassle of viewing each one personally.

Additionally, planning a move over the internet also gives you a unique opportunity to find out more about the new neighborhood. For instance, you can access:

  • information on schools
  • entertainment spots
  • parks and recreation
  • career opportunities
  • hospitals
  • security
  • cost of living and so much more.

2. Compare Moving Companies

A reliable mover will ensure that you have a safe and less stressful move to your new home. So how can you use the internet to find a reputable moving company?

The simplest way to find a top-rated moving company over the internet is using the moving estimator tool. You’ll enter your moving data, and the company behind the device will provide you with reliable information on the most experienced moving companies around you.

Alternatively, you can launch a search on Google. Google will give you a long list of movers in your city. Click on the links to their websites, read their company information, gauge their experience, read their terms, pricing, and portfolio.

3. Read the Reviews

After finding the best movers around you, it’s now time to vet them, one by one based on their customers’ experience. Take some time to read through the customer reviews on their websites and their social media platforms.

A top-rated company will have happy customers praising them on the reviews section. When you are evaluating your moving companies, it is best to choose a company with the ample reviews that reflect a consistently positive experience for customers, instead of a company with just one or two ratings, because it is hard to determine the extent of their overall experience.   Consumer sites such as Consumer Affairs and The Better Business Bureau are reliable resources to help you find a great mover with a hundreds of happy customers.

4. Find Moving Accessories Online

The moving industry is growing by the days and more people are investing in moving and moving tools. Getting your moving accessories online is another brilliant internet moving hack you’d make use of when planning a move with the power of the internet.

This may be hard to believe; the internet is the best place to find free moving accessories, especially moving boxes—free of charge.

There are resources where you can find moving card boxes around you for free, here are some of them:

5. Reach Out to Your Friends to Help You Move

Planning and executing a move is a stressful and tiring job so you’ll need help from friends and relatives. The internet is a powerful moving tool you can which you can use to reach out to helping hands—your friends and relatives.

For instance, you can create a moving event on Facebook and invite your friends to help you. You can also tweet about the move and post it on Instagram, and you will find many friends willing to help you out with the move.

Additionally, there are many websites where you can create an ad about the move, free of charge, and generate links as well. You can then share links on your social media inviting help from your friends and relatives. Some renowned websites with free resources for creating ads are:

Alternatively, you can send your friends emails, or WhatsApp messages requesting for help during the move. WhatsApp can help you coordinate information that your “crew” will need on moving day.

Pro-tip: Be sure to sweeten the deal for your friends and family by letting them know in the ad that you’ll be ordering some catering to reward them for their hard work. Lots of restaurants will be happy to feed your crew and will supply all the plasticware and disposable plates you need so you don’t have to worry on the big day. Best part of all? You can use your text messenger group to pool what food/restaurant is preferred and you can most likely order straight from the restaurant website.

See how planning your move with the power of the internet is so genius during these times?

6. Create an Online Checklist

A checklist is a vital moving tool which will help you stay organized during the move. There are so many activities to do in preparation for the move, during the move and after the move. The best way to carry out these tasks is to jot them down on a moving checklist. This will save you valuable time by telling you correctly what to do, when to do it, and what to do next. If you use an online moving checklist like ours, you can access it at any time on any smart device.

7. Use a Moving Application 

Apps are the ultimate game changers in today’s e-commerce world. There are few limits to what you can do with a moving app. From cost estimation and creating a moving checklist to real-time tracking of items on transit and arranging your belongings in a virtual version of your new home, moving apps bring order to a disorganized move.

Before you settle on a moving company, download their moving applications and try them out. We are proud to offer the industry’s first in-home estimator in app form! Using this application, you’ll get an even more accurate moving quote. Our Moving Squad moving app, allows you to take pictures and video of your inventory items, order boxes and other supplies, and offers access to moving tools to help make the moving process a breeze. Make sure you check out the versatility of the companies’ services based on the options featured on their apps.

The ideal moving company should have an application that will make your move efficient.

8. Take Care of Other Moving Details Online

Aside from all that’s involved with hiring a South Florida moving company for moves in this part of the world, there are a lot of other details that you’ll need to manage. South Florida movers transfer your belongings, but it’s a good idea to get everything else as organized as possible so that the situation doesn’t become overwhelming. The more you can concentrate on settling into your new home after your South Florida moving company does its job, the more comfortable the overall experience will be for you and your family.

For instance, you’ll have a lot of bills to transfer. Almost every type of bill that exists these days – whether it’s credit card bills, utilities, cable, internet, etc. – has an online interface that allows you to manage your account. Make sure that you log onto those accounts ahead of time and change your address and contact information so that you don’t miss anything. Schedule a time with your cable and/or internet provider for installation before you move so that you’re not waiting for several days to have that done after you move.

9. Join local online groups and get the scoop from them

Nearly every city, town and county has online groups through social media sites like Facebook and Next Door where you can seek authentic perspective from people just like you who already live in the area. If you know you’ll be moving to South Florida, for instance, you could join some groups that share your interests like parenting, dog lovers, foodies, etc and then ask away. The locals can help guide you with information like the best pediatricians in the area, dog parks that don’t have mud, or places to get a late-night bite to eat. These groups can also connect you to babysitters, handyman services, and make other recommendations to help you make selections when you move to a new area.

Work with a Solid Moving Partner

It’s almost impossible to go all the way through a move and not encounter some type of unforeseen circumstance. That’s just part of the deal. That’s also why you need to work with a South Florida moving company that understands the realities, the pressures and the stresses involved with every move. The Moving Squad is a South Florida moving company that’s earned a top-level track record of results and recommendations from our past work. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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