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As the leading South Florida experts in packing and moving services, we heavily rely on a handy checklist. The success of your move is largely dependent on how well you plan and organize the move. All essential tasks must be completed before the moving day. If you know what to do and when to do them, the entire moving and packing will be stress-free. The following are some must-do items on your moving checklist.


Sort out Your Belongings

A very important thing to do on your moving checklist is to sort out your items and belongings. Since you may not need all these items, relocating them will be quite pointless. Go through every room in your home. Create a list of the items you need in your new home. Separate them from the items that are not worth taking. Set aside all the items you don’t need or use anymore.

Also, take the dimensions of the room in your new place. Check if your large furniture pieces and other equipment will fit through the door. If not, you can either sell these items, give them out, or donate them to charity. This will save you from extra moving and packing cost.


Make a Moving Inventory

After sorting out your items and deciding which items to leave or bring along, the next thing is to create a moving inventory. Create a detailed list of all the items and belongings you intend to move. The moving inventory should include detailed information such as types and number of items, estimated value, distinctive features, and destination room.

Likewise, the inventory should contain a statement about the current condition of each item. You can attach sufficient evidence such as photos, warranties, and so forth. The moving inventory sheet will provide you with an estimate of the overall moving cost. Also, keep track of your belongings and provide proper moving insurance.


Get Rid of Unneeded Items

While sorting your items, you will find some unneeded items like outgrown clothes, toys, games, shoes, books, and so forth. There will also be souvenirs and gifts you don’t like, duplicate items, and other things that won’t fit into your new home. You will also find useless items like damaged or torn articles. Get rid of them.

Getting rid of these items will be an amazing way to save time and effort. It will also make your moving and packing cheaper and simpler. A moving sale is an excellent way to get rid of unneeded, unwanted, and useless items before you move.

Here are some local charities that will pick up unwanted items:

Faith Farm Ministries

Habitat Restore of Broward

Salvation Army

Create a Moving Calendar

You probably have a list of things to do before your move. However, creating a moving calendar will help you stay organized. You need to set an appropriate time frame for completing any individual task. Break the moving and packing job into mini goals. Use their significance and difficulties to prioritize them. You can also set deadlines for each task.

With a personalized moving calendar, you can organize your time, monitor progress and speed up preparations. Thus, helping you stick to a planned packing schedule.


Investigate About Moving Companies

Furthermore, it is important to note that moving and packing is quite stressful and overwhelming if you decide to do it on your own. Hiring a professional moving company is the right thing to do. However, do not rely on the online quote or the one you are given over the phone.

Request an on-site estimate from each moving company. Compare the quote and flexible moving options they offer. With this, you can select the right moving company for your relocation. Once you make your decision, get a written confirmation of your moving cost, the moving date, and other details.

At Moving Squad, we have been business for decades and provide the most flexible services to ensure customers can get professional moving help on any budget. We carry insurance, and all the supplies necessary to complete the job efficiently. Our able-bodied team will complete all the heavy lifting for you, plus we are handy at disassembling furniture and electronics.  Our move managers are whizzes when it comes to organizing and inventorying items which creates a seamless moving process that can be over in a flash.


Collect and Organize Important Documents & School Records

Important documents such as personal documents, property-related documents, financial records, and so forth will be required before and immediately after your move. The institution in charge of the document or record will require prior notification to enable them to process them.

Do not wait until the last minute. As soon as you begin planning your move, start gathering and organizing all documents and records. Retrieve your school records and medical records. Ensure that you have all moving paperwork. Make copies of these documents and keep them safe all the time.

What’s more, for families with children, this is an important thing to do. Since your kids will be transferring to another school around your new home, you will need their school records to process their admission. Visit your children’s school. Request that they transfer your children’s record to their new school district.

Start Packing

It is not advisable to leave your packing until the very last minute. Moving conditions can be unpredictable. You may even forget some important items and documents. Hence, it is advisable to pack ahead of time. This will also give you adequate time to box, arrange, or label your items and belongings properly. You can order moving supplies from the moving company of your choice. Most moving companies provide moving supplies as added services. This will help you save cost.

What’s more, packing steadily makes the entire packing process less stressful. You can split your packing into morning and evening sessions. You can start with packing clothes and shoes, followed by the kitchen, the bathroom and bedroom, and so forth. Gradually, you would have packed all your items and belongings. Provided you keep it steady, you will finish packing earlier. Thus, giving you more time to attend to other important things.


Cancel Subscriptions and Switch Utilities

Notify your current service providers to disconnect your utilities on the day after your move. If you subscribe for cable, internet, home phone, or newspaper services, cancel them before you move. Also, cancel your memberships in local gym, organizations, and clubs. No need to continue paying for the services you won’t be using.

On the other hand, ensure that utilities in your new home such as gas, water, and electricity are running on the move-in day. You can connect or subscribe to other less essential services after you relocate. With this, all essentials are in place prior to your move.

Pro-Tip: If you are still trying to sell your old home,  you’ll want to keep on the electricity, water, and consider keeping up with pest and lawn services as well.

You’ll need electricity so realtors can show off your space during evening hours. Home inspectors will need to test the plumbing, so running water is a must to complete this process. If you’ve watched even on home improvement show on HGTV, you know that curb appeal is a huge factor in selling a home so an overgrown yard could hurt your offers. Finally, no one gets a warm fuzzy feeling about a new home if it is occupied by ants, spiders or cockroaches. If you are eager to get your old home sold, keep the bug man on until you get an offer.


Inform Family Members, Friends, and Other Important Parties

Lastly, on your moving checklist, inform family members, friends, and colleagues about your move and your new home/postal address. Alert the bank, your employer, brokerage firms, insurance, credit card, and utility company about your new address. With this, they can change and update all documents to your new address. All mail will be sent to your new home.


There you have it! Above are some of the must-do items on your moving checklist. Once you complete all the tasks mentioned above, you can start your relocation. Contact us today at Moving Squad of South Florida LLC. to help with your move. Our services are affordable, detailed, and can be tailored to your moving needs. With us, you are guaranteed of having a stress-free and enjoyable moving experience. Contact us for a free quote today!


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