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What To Know Before Moving To South Florida

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The Sunshine State has earned its name and reputation for obvious reasons. With an average of 237 sunny days a year (compared to the United States’ average of 205 days a year) it is clear to see why people would want to move to South Florida. But the sunshine isn’t the only thing that Florida has going for it, and there are many people moving to South Florida for different reasons altogether.

If you are interested in moving to South Florida, there are some factors worth taking into consideration, as well as some tips to be aware of.


The Florida sunshine is hard to argue with, and many people move to South Florida for this reason alone. And this doesn’t mean only retirees, which is a common misconception about Florida. There are people of all ages moving to Florida, and especially now that work-from-home lifestyles have become more prevalent, the option to work by the pool or beachside is tempting.

This warmth and sunshine also make additional aspects popular, such as health and fitness. Let’s face it, you are more likely to go for a bike ride if the sun is in the sky and there is never a risk of snow. This encourages people to stay active, which is a strong pull for many who don’t want to be trapped inside for the winter months.

Additionally, the cost of living in South Florida is attractive when compared to the United States as a whole, ranking as the 32nd-lowest state. This is welcome information for many people, old and young alike. And yet, the cost of living isn’t the only financial draw. Florida is also an income-tax-free state, which makes Floridians smile even larger.

Above-average sunshine and financial incentives are just some of the reasons why people are moving to South Florida, but from job transfers to college-bound young adults to relaxing retirement, the list goes on.


Another common misconception about South Florida is that it is all the same wherever you go. While tourists tend to visit beach communities, on the whole, this is not all that South Florida has to offer. Not even close, actually.

From neighborhoods to sprawling cities, there is a way of life in South Florida for everyone. If a beach hut is your thing, there is a place for you. But if Miami high-rise living is your scene, a condo is waiting.

On the other hand, you might be looking for a ranch home to start a family. There is a corner lot available in a neighborhood that suits your needs.

This diversity in ways of life is a big consideration for those making the move to South Florida. People don’t just “move to South Florida,” rather, they move to a new way of life that better suits them. When planning your move to South Florida, keep that in mind.

And another tip for moving to South Florida is to hire South Florida movers.


Partnering with a South Florida moving company is one of the best things you can do for yourself when moving to South Florida. And just as there are many reasons to move to South Florida, there are many reasons to turn to professional South Florida movers.

For starters, moving companies in South Florida know the ropes. They have the muscles, the tools, the quick timing, and the experience to get the job done and get it done efficiently. Not to mention, they have walked the terrain.

If you are moving into a condo, for example, they know the best way to navigate elevators and hallways. And that is what you want, someone who has done it before and can do it right.

Additionally, South Florida moving companies can help you rest, relax, and have a calmer frame of mind about your move to South Florida. After all, there are many considerations when it comes to moving to South Florida. Removing any stress about the move itself can go a long way in making the entire process more enjoyable.


Having peace of mind is crucial when it comes to any big move, and it should stay that way throughout the entire moving process. That’s why we offer free quotes, so you know where you stand when it comes to moving to South Florida. The pros at Moving Squad are ready to make your move a success and get you to your new South Florida home with ease.

Request a free quote today.

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